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    • Just the Facts: Gun Controlby James D. Agresti Ages: 18+This listing of facts is derived from over 200 hours of research and analysis of more than 100 articles, documents, and books. Every statistic from a given year was chosen based on availability, and not to slant the results.Subjects: resource, gun control, gun rights, freedom, documentation, independent, statistics

    • Anti-gun advocate's son facing weapons charges - CTV News, Shows and Sportsby Canadian Television - Toronto Ages: 18+A Toronto mother who helped found a group dedicated to fighting gun violence watched in shock as police raided her home, searching for guns.Subjects: article, Toronto, United Mothers Against Violence Everywhere

    • Gun Rights Radio Networkby Mark Vanderberg Ages: 18+Gun Rights Radio Network is dedicated to the preservation of our individual Second Amendment freedoms as placed on parchment and affirmed by the United States Supreme Court in June 2008.Subjects: resource, gun rights, podcast, radio, network, freedom

    • List of U.S. Militia Groupsby Dark Government Ages: 18+Are you searching for a local militia group? Find like minded people with the interest of preparing a local citizens militia group for the people of their home state. Join your local militia. Freedom for all Americans. Our plan is simply to train and prepare for what is inevitable: the destruction of our society from it's own apathy and greed. Our strategy is simple. Prepare to rebuild America on the ashes of that destruction.Subjects: resource, militia, liberty, states, gun rights, freedom, civil, public safety, liberty, defense, education, participation, property, militaryLocation: Nationwide

    • Supreme Court Schedules Major Gun Rights Caseby Declan McCullagh  Ages: 18+The U.S. Supreme Court has set a date (March 2, 2010) to hear the landmark civil liberties case that will determine whether the Second Amendment prohibits state and local governments from enacting stiff anti-gun laws.Subjects: article, gun rights, Supreme Court, lawsuit, civil liberties

    • Armed Females of Americaby Carma Lewis Ages: 18+Gun control in America has been a colossal failure and is becoming a national embarrassment. AFA will help prove that there are well-educated, "thinking" women, wives, and mothers who do not support this insanity...Subjects: articles, archives, gun control, gun rights, freedom, Tea PartyLocation: Nationwide

    • MCRGO - Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownersby Charles Perricone Ages: 18+MCRGO can assist its members with firearms-related legal matters and questions. If you need help or would like to ask a question, contact our corporate counsel. You can help other responsible Michigan firearm enthusiasts by joining the largest State-based firearms advocate in America. Our membership is what keeps us strong and active in the courts, fighting for our firearms rights and confronting those who attack our 2nd Amendment. Subjects: resource, membership, organization, gun rights, firearms advocate, CPL classes, news, Michigan gun clubs, concealed weapon, handgunsLocation: Michigan

    • National Association for Gun Rightsby Executive Director Dudley Brown Ages: 18+The National Association for Gun Rights, often referred to as "NAGR", was founded to assist the growing movement of pro-Second Amendment organizations, especially state-level gun rights groups.Subjects: articles, news, gun control, gun rights, freedom, Second Amendment

    • Bear Identification Programby Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Ages: 11+Black bear hunters in Montana are required to complete a bear identification test to obtain a black bear license. The identification program is intended to prevent the killing of grizzly bears as a result of mistaken identity.Subjects: bear, hunter, education, grizzly, black, hunting, identification, testingLocation: Montana

    • Bush v. the 2nd Amendmentby Chris Powell Ages: 18+Bush appointee Judge Reggie B. Walton, of the D.C. District Court, tells us that the Second Amendment is not an individual right in Seegars v. Ashcroft. The Bush Administration opposed Supreme Court review of U.S. v. Emerson...Subjects: article, Second Amendment, freedom, gun rights

    • Consitution Deniedby Michael LeMieux Ages: 15+Our nation was founded on the concept of individual freedom, where the individual was sovereign and the government was the servant. With individual freedom came individual responsibility. One of those responsibilities was to control errant government...Subjects: constitution, freedom, justice, balance, authority, rights

    • Guillory vs. Gates - critical case law Ages: 18+Unsuccessful applicants for permits to carry concealed weapons brought civil rights action against sheriff, police chief, city, county, and others. The United States District Court for the Central District of California, David W. Williams, J...Subjects: federal case, CCW, law, concealed weapons, federal court, appeals

    • Gun Owners of Americaby Larry Pratt Ages: 18+The united voice of GOA members has been successful in defeating restrictive legislation designed to disarm our population, and GOA has won much praise on Capitol Hill for its legislative accomplishments. Thirty Senators have signed onto a letter opposing any UN treaty that infringes on the Second Amendment. But a global small arms treaty could still pass unless more Senators stand in opposition.Subjects: resource, take action, gun rights, GOA, legislation, lobby, freedom, United Nations, UN, UN gun grabLocation: Nationwide

    • Gun Owners of California Ages: 18+Gun Owners of California is subtly and sometimes markedly different from other pro-gun structures. We have specific methods of operation that set us apart from other gun organizations. Although all gun groups support the Second Amendment, the manner in which each group politically approaches the subject can vary substantially.Subjects: resource, take action, gun rights, GOC, legislation, lobby, freedom, Second Amendment, pro-gun, legislation, political, NRALocation: Nationwide

    • Gun Rights News Ages: 18+Legislation around the country including North Carolina, Louisiana, Nevada, California, Oregon, and finally Wisconsin. The government can only prevent people from buying guns for any of 11 reasons. Convicted felons and illegal immigrants, for example, cannot buy weapons. But the terrorist watch list is different. People become convicted felons only after a court process and an opportunity to defend themselves. The watch list is secret and generated at the government's discretion. It is not a list of people convicted of terrorism crimes.Subjects: resource, take action, gun rights, news, legislation, lobby, freedom, CCW, firearms owners, privacy, small arms, treaty, UNLocation: Nationwide

    • Militia held abroad to detriment of citizensby Janne Perona Ages: 18+Whether or not we know it, every state has a militia. They evolved from the times of the Revolutionary War - in which they often consisted of farmers with pitchforks - to modern times, as much more technologically advanced National Guard units.Subjects: opinion, article, militia, National Guard

    • Ohioans for Concealed Carryby OFCC News Ages: 18+Shortly after HB12 became law in 2004, Ohioans for Concealed Carry began to hear horror stories about the way law enforcement had reacted during traffic stops. Computers in some police departments generated a felony warrant indicator when processing a license plate linked to a Concealed Handgun License. This caused multiple police vehicles to converge on a licensee in order to perform a felony traffic stop. Those days, for the most part, are behind us. They've been replaced with occasional stories of rogue cops who have abused the concealed carry law in one way or another. Subjects: article, video, gun rights, freedom, police conduct, notification law, video, legal defense, illegal, office suspended, criminal behaviorLocation: Canton, Ohio

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