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    • Father's Day Poemsby I Love India Ages: 5+A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry.Subjects: poem, poetry, dad, kids

    • Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Makeby Danielle's Place Ages: 3 - 8This site is dedicated to teaching children through crafts and activities. You will find hundreds of inexpensive crafts and activities including complete Sunday school lessons and Bible-based lessons for Christian home schools.Subjects: cards, holder, weights, nuts, frame, wallet

    • Father's Day Picture Frameby Our Crafts-N-Things Ages: 2 - 5Here is a very fun and messy activity for the youngest to do for dad on father's day. The kids will have fun getting messy and the dad's will absolutely adore this special gift...Subjects: activity, picture, frame, sticks, paint, glue, craft, gift, art work, child, fun

    • Poems for Dadsby Roots Web Ages: 4 - 10It seems like only yesterday, you wiped away my tears, and late at night I called your name, to chase away my fears. Oh, do I thirst for years gone by, to be that growing lad, re-living all of the memories, of growing with my dad.Subjects: dad, toddlers, tree, sun, poetry, love, bruises

    • Father's Day Songs For Toddlersby Indo Base Ages: 3 - 5Father's Day is celebrated throughout the world, though on different dates. It is a festival of cheerfulness and merrymaking, a universal festival for everyone who has a loving and caring dad. Toddlers also love to take active participation...Subjects: songs, toddlers, daddy, papa, d-a-d, celebrate

    • Fathers Day Celebrations Around The Worldby Holiday Spot Ages: 10 - 18Surprisingly, the dates of the celebration of Father's Day are not the same everywhere. The customs and traditions differ from one country to another. With the earliest record of Father's Day found in the ruins of Babylon...Subjects: celebrate, activities, customs, traditions, honor, secular, gifts, gratitude, picnic, fishing, suggestions, ideasLocation: Argentina, France, Netherlands, U.S., Australia, Germany and more...

    • Father's Day Recipesby Kaboose Ages: 10+Make Dad's day special with a day-long feast he'll never forget. From his favorite breakfast and lunch to a dinner he'll love, we have the recipe ideas you need to make this a Father's Day he will remember for years.Subjects: breakfast, lunch, dinner, BBQ, dessert, cooking, kids, meals, preparation, food videos, celebrate, Father's Day

    • Fun Father's Day Couponsby Family Fun Ages: 6+Here is a fun activity for dad and child to enjoy and to have a little fun with. You print it, cut it and write on it and hey kids dads can even write on this too...Subjects: printable, coupon, cut, gift, kids, honor, dad, creative gift

    • This Father's Day -- think fishingby Washington County News Ages: 18+Make this Father's Day one for families, summer fun and tradition by going fishing in Florida, the Fishing Capital of the World. Surprise Dad with a family fishing outing and a 5-year freshwater fishing license, or give him an opportunity to catch a Florida bass worth a million dollars.Subjects: article, fishing, gift ideas, fishing goodies, tackle, tournament, surprise, recreation, outdoors, familyLocation: Florida

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