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.hxh application/octet-stream 41
.hxi application/octet-stream 41
.hxq application/octet-stream 41
.hxr application/octet-stream 41
.hxs application/octet-stream 41
.hxw application/octet-stream 41
.pkinfo application/octet-stream 3
.osdx application/opensearchdescription+xml 4
.aut application/pbautomation 2
.pdf application/pdf 61
.bub application/photobubble 2
.prf application/pics-rules 61
.p10 application/pkcs10 66
.p7c application/pkcs7-mime 66
.p7m application/pkcs7-mime 66
.p7s application/pkcs7-signature 66
.cer application/pkix-cert 1
.crt application/pkix-cert 1
.der application/pkix-cert 1
.crl application/pkix-crl 66
.ai application/postscript 66
.eps application/postscript 66
.ps application/postscript 63
.psc1 application/powershell 21
.rat application/rat-file 66
ratfile application/rat-file 2
.sc2 application/schdpl32 28
.scd application/schdpl32 28
.sch application/schdpl32 28
.sdp application/sdp 35
.cbo application/sha 12
.m3url application/smil 3
.smi application/smil 23
.smil application/smil 21
.ssm application/streamingmedia 15
.acrobatsecuritysettings application/vnd.adobe.acrobat-security-settings 29
.acsm application/vnd.adobe.adept+xml 5
.air application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip 32
.edn application/vnd.adobe.edn 20
.pdfxml application/vnd.adobe.pdfxml 29
.pdx application/vnd.adobe.pdx 56
.rmf application/vnd.adobe.rmf 33
.awf application/vnd.adobe.workflow 1
.xdp application/vnd.adobe.xdp+xml 56
.xfd application/vnd.adobe.xfd+xml 14
.xfdf application/vnd.adobe.xfdf 56
.bci application/vnd.belarc-bci 1
.bcf application/vnd.belarc-cf 1
.dpg application/vnd.dpgraph 1
.dpgraph application/vnd.dpgraph 1
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