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.dlm text/dlm 11
.doc application/msword 60
.docm application/ 37
.docx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document 37
.dot application/msword 60
.dotm application/ 21
.dotx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.template 21
.dpg application/vnd.dpgraph 1
.dpgraph application/vnd.dpgraph 1
.dpk text/plain 2
.dpkw text/plain 2
.dpr text/plain 2
.dsp text/plain 6
.dsprototype text/plain 2
.dsw text/plain 6
.dtd application/xml-dtd 26
.dtsconfig text/xml 8
.dv video/x-dv 35
.dwf model/vnd.dwf 1
.dwfx model/vnd.dwfx+xps 48
.dxr application/x-director 29
.easmx model/vnd.easmx+xps 3
.edn application/vnd.adobe.edn 20
.edrwx model/vnd.edrwx+xps 3
.eml message/rfc822 62
.emm application/x-emms-content 1
.enews application/x-mobipocket-subscription 1
.eprtx model/vnd.eprtx+xps 3
.eps application/postscript 65
.epub application/epub+zip 5
.eta application/earthviewer 15
.etd application/x-ebx 20
.etp text/plain 1
.evr audio/evrc-qcp 11
.evrc audio/evrc-qcp 11
.exe application/x-msdownload 65
.ext text/plain 1
.f4v video/mp4 1
.f4v video/x-f4v 21
.fdf application/vnd.fdf 59
.fif application/fractals 65
.fky text/plain 1
.flc video/flc 1
.fli video/flc 1
.flv video/x-flv 27
.flw application/x-letter-creator 1
.fml application/file-mirror-list 1
.fo text/xml 1
.fpx image/x-xbitmap 1
.fs application/x-powercam-fs 1
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