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.imf application/x-incredimail 1
.imi application/x-incredimail 1
.imk application/x-incredimail-license 1
.imn application/x-incredimail 1
.ims application/x-incredimail 1
.imw application/x-incredimail 1
.inc text/plain 8
.infopathxml application/ms-infopath.xml 16
.inl text/plain 8
.ins application/x-internet-signup 57
.ipa application/x-itunes-ipa 13
.ipg application/x-itunes-ipg 14
.ipproj text/plain 3
.ips application/x-ipscript 2
.ipsw application/x-itunes-ipsw 14
.ipx application/x-ipix 2
.iqy text/x-ms-iqy 39
.isp application/x-internet-signup 57
.itb application/x-itunes-itb 4
.ite application/x-itunes-ite 9
.iti application/iti 1
.itlp application/x-itunes-itlp 9
.itls application/x-itunes-itls 2
.itms application/x-itunes-itms 14
.itpc application/x-itunes-itpc 14
.IVF video/x-ivf 5
.ivr i-world/i-vrml 1
.jad text/ 2
.java java/* 8
.java text/java 1
.jfif image/jpeg 62
.jfif image/pjpeg 3
.jiaf application/x-jiafilm-download 1
.jias application/x-jiafilm-vod 1
.jnlp application/x-java-jnlp-file 47
.jpe image/jpeg 64
.jpeg image/jpeg 64
.jpg image/jpeg 64
.JS application/x-javascript 9
.js application/x-js 4
.jsx text/plain 12
.jsxbin text/plain 10
.jsxinc text/plain 4
.jtx application/x-jtx+xps 48
.kci text/plain 1
.kml application/ 17
.kmz application/ 17
.la1 audio/x-liquid-file 1
.lar application/x-laplayer-reg 1
.latex application/x-latex 65
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