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.wax audio/x-ms-wax 66
.m3u8 audio/x-mpegurl 13
.m3u audio/x-mpegurl 35
.swa audio/x-mpeg 3
.acp audio/x-mei-aac 6
.mka audio/x-matroska 5
.m4r audio/x-m4r 13
.m4p audio/x-m4p 3
.m4b audio/x-m4b 3
.m4a audio/x-m4a 3
.lavs audio/x-liquid-secure 1
.lqt audio/x-liquid-file 1
.la1 audio/x-liquid-file 1
.lav audio/x-liquid 1
.lmsff audio/x-la-lms 1
.gsm audio/x-gsm 34
.flac audio/x-flac 1
.caf audio/x-caf 28
.weba audio/webm 1
.wave audio/wav 21
.wav audio/wav 62
.rnx audio/vnd.rn-realplayer 1
.rp audio/vnd.rn-realpix 3
.rm audio/vnd.rn-realmedia 1
.ram audio/vnd.rn-realaudio 2
.ra audio/vnd.rn-realaudio 25
.ac3 audio/vnd.dolby.dd-raw 1
.adts audio/vnd.dlna.adts 1
.adt audio/vnd.dlna.adts 4
.aac audio/vnd.dlna.adts 1
.aax audio/ 13
.xpl audio/scpls 6
.pls audio/scpls 29
.mpga audio/rn-mpeg 6
.qcp audio/qcelp 11
.xpl audio/mpegurl 1
.m3u audio/mpegurl 31
.mpga audio/mpeg 1
.mpa audio/mpeg 1
.mp3 audio/mpeg 59
.mp2 audio/mpeg 16
.mp1 audio/mpeg 1
.m4a audio/mp4 1
.mp3 audio/mp3 7
.mp2 audio/mp2 4
.mp1 audio/mp1 2
.rmi audio/midi 3
.midi audio/midi 3
.mid audio/midi 3
.rmi audio/mid 62
[ASP] - learn and discuss Active Server Pages

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