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by Chuck Baldwin

August 24, 2006

I well remember back in the 2000 elections many conservatives attempting to assuage my trepidation and misgiving regarding candidate GW Bush by saying, "Chuck, don't worry; Bush cannot act like a conservative, because he wouldn't be able to get elected.

Well, we waited and waddled through Dubya's first term in office, and there was precious little indication of his "true conservatism." Then, those same conservatives said, "Chuck, don't worry; G.W. couldn't act like a conservative his first term, because he wouldn't be able to get re-elected..." Now, nearly six years into Bush's presidency, I'm still waiting to see his "true conservatism."

Washington Post

by Dan Eggen and Griff Witte

August 21, 2006

...[T]he collapse of the attempt to remake the FBI's filing system stemmed from failures of almost every kind, including poor conception and muddled execution of the steps needed to make the system work.

But the problems were not the FBI's alone. Because of an open-ended contract with few safeguards, SAIC reaped more than $100 million as the project became bigger and more complicated, even though its software never worked properly. The company continued to meet the bureau's requests, accepting payments despite clear signs that the FBI's approach to the project was badly flawed. Lawmakers and experts have faulted the FBI for its part in the failed project. But less attention has been paid to the role that the contractor played in contributing to the problems. A previously unreleased audit found that the system delivered by SAIC was so incomplete and unusable that it left the FBI with little choice but to scuttle the effort altogether.

The Washington Post

by Zachary A. Goldfarb

June 28, 2006

To determine what it would take to hack a U.S. election, a team of cybersecurity experts turned to a fictional battleground state called Pennasota and a fictional gubernatorial race between Tom Jefferson and Johnny Adams.

It's the year 2007, and the state uses electronic voting machines. Jefferson was forecast to win the race by about 80,000 votes, or 2.3 percent of the vote. Adams's conspirators thought, "How easily can we manipulate the election results?"

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

June 8, 2006

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides should begin the general-election campaign by asking himself why so many of his party brethren are expressing such little enthusiasm for his nomination.

The low turnout was not the only signal that Angelides might want to rethink strategies between now and November. The resounding defeat of Proposition 82, which would have taxed upper-income earners to subsidize universal preschool, suggests that voters statewide are looking warily at tax increases and government expansion.


by Annette M. Hall

June 7, 2006

Today California preschoolers can breath a sigh of relief as the dust settles on the California Initiative - Proposition 82, otherwise known as the 'Preschool-For-All' initiative.

Prop. 82 was soundly defeated 39.1% to 60.9% during the primary elections last night. For the past two years Diane Flynn Keith producer and editor of, has been pouring her heart and soul into rallying opposition forces, in what at times seemed like David vs. Goliath.

The Mercury News (CA)

by Dana Hull

June 7, 2006

California voters soundly rejected Proposition 82 Tuesday, crushing the hopes of early childhood education advocates who hoped to make universal preschool public policy in the nation's most populous state.

Throughout much of the evening, returns showed that 60 percent of voters statewide opposed Prop. 82 while just 40 percent supported it, making it nearly impossible for the measure to ever get the simple majority it needed to pass. "It doesn't look good," admitted Hollywood director Rob Reiner, who spoke to about 200 supporters at a Los Angeles hotel ballroom shortly after 10 p.m. But he vowed to fight on, saying that the push for universal preschool would not go away. "This is important, and if it is not today the train has left the station."

Marin Independent Journal

by Richard Halstead

June 6, 2006

A citizens watchdog group will attempt today to gauge the accuracy of Marin's electronic voting system. The group distributed paper exit polls to the households of about 980 registered voters in Novato over the weekend.

The idea is to have voters duplicate their votes on the paper ballots, which will later be hand-counted in public. All of the voters belong to the same voting precinct and will cast their ballots at the Pleasant Valley Elementary School. "We left it on the doorstep. We didn't ring the bell or anything," said Linda Bagneschi Dorrance of Novato, a publicist who is coordinating the effort with the assistance of about 22 volunteers.

Times Online (UK)

by Chris Ayres

June 6, 2006

WARNING: the story you are about to read is so cringe-inducing that readers sensitive to embarrassment might want to turn the page. It concerns a man called Cruz Bustamante, once the most senior Latino elected to office in the United States, and once

Bustamante, who does not seem to belong in California - what with his moustache, George Constanza hairdo and tubby frame (he once weighed close to 300lb) - has struggled to keep the public's attention since being terminated. Hence he turned his continuing campaign to become the state's next insurance commissioner into an Opray Winfrey-style weight-loss programme.

Contra Costa Times (CA)

June 6, 2006

CALIFORNIA VOTERS soundly rejected an effort to create universal preschools throughout the state.

In defeating Proposition 82, Californians wisely ended a two-year effort by actor Rob Reiner and other backers of creating state-operated preschools with revenue solely from high-income taxpayers. Evidently voters realized that Prop. 82 was unfair taxation of a mobile sector of the population and that the measure was a highly inefficient way to provide preschools for children who were not already attending classes. Proposition 81, the statewide library bond measure, also went down to defeat even though Democrats, who usually favor such issues, came out in larger numbers than Republicans.

World Net Daily

May 17, 2006

WASHINGTON - With Republicans nationally quaking in their boots over control of the House and Senate in this fall's midterm elections, there is one potential bright spot on the horizon for the GOP.

It comes in the form of a gubernatorial race in the battleground state of Ohio - yes, that Ohio, the one Democrats still accuse Republicans of stealing in 2004. Meet Kenneth Blackwell, the secretary of state and a candidate for the highest office in Ohio - a conservative black official and proven statewide vote-getter.

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