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October 13, 2004

The Austin Independent School District lost almost $27,000 Wednesday. The district barred 983 students from school because their immunizations were not up to date.

Just to give you an idea of how much we're talking, Wednesday the district lost $26,541 that almost covers a starting teacher's salary. (AL)

by Sean Reilly and Joe Danborn

October 10, 2004

A high-profile federal crackdown on gun crimes is producing uneven results in Alabama, a new analysis has concluded.

The report singles out Alabama and three other Southern states -- all known as significant sources of illegally trafficked firearms -- that brought no prosecutions against gun dealers who broke the law.

The Saginaw News (MI)

by Joe Snapper

October 9, 2004

When the armed teen made a break, Officer Don Koski tackled him, wrestled him, handcuffed him and took a small-caliber pistol from his pocket.

It's a routine scene from the streets, but on Friday it played out in the central office of Heritage High School, Saginaw Township police said.

Berkshire (UK)

October 7, 2004

A former music teacher has been jailed for eight years for a string of sex attacks on boys in his care.

Mark Petersen, aged 46, was arrested while working at the private Sunningdale School where indecent images were found on his computer. None of the attacks happened while he worked at the school.

St. Augustine Record (FL)

by Bryan Noonan

October 6, 2004

State law allows arrests and prosecution

A St. Augustine woman recently became the first county resident arrested this school year for allowing her grandchild to skip school, but she probably won't be the last, authorities said.

World Net Daily

by Vox Day

October 4, 2004

"An Iraqi man with suspected links to terrorism had a computer disk containing crisis planning information for San Diego and other school districts when he was arrested by U.S. authorities in Iraq."

...Then again, if one considers how TV shows such as "Law and Order" see fit to preach that homeschooled children are malnourished and abused little freaks, it seems only reasonable to point out in like manner that public schooled children are brainwashed, quasi-illiterate savages, with targets painted on their chests to boot.

Black Hills Pioneer (SD)

by Dan Carlson

October 4, 2004

A public school teacher who spends his/her own money to purchase supplies, materials, texts, and learning aids for the classroom may deduct the money spent on those items on their itemized federal tax return.

Parents who educate their children at home with materials purchased using their own money may not deduct the cost of those materials on the family tax return. These parents are no less teachers than those working in a local school, but current tax laws treat them as if they are.

Newark Star Ledger (NJ) - [Archive Subscription Required]

by John P. Martin

September 29, 2004

Teacher, psychologist and school janitor are among the latest arrests in global crackdown on Internet sites

Federal authorities arrested nine more New Jersey men yesterday in connection with downloading child pornography, the latest roundup in a global investigation that has charged nearly 1,000 people with arranging, viewing or profiting from the sexual exploitation of children.


by Stephanie Douglass

September 29, 2004

A 14-year-old boy was brought into custody after a gun was found in his locker on Wednesday.

The .25 caliber automatic handgun was found in the student's locker. The handgun was unloaded. The student is in the custody of juvenile services.

ic Wales (UK)

September 29, 2004

A high school student wielding a 9mm pistol shot and killed four classmates and wounded five more yesterday in Argentina's worst school rampage, police said.

The 15-year-old suspect began his attack without uttering a word, spraying intermittent bursts of gunfire as students cowered beneath their desks, authorities said.


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