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Pittsburgh Live

by Chuck Biedka

October 31, 2003

"The downside to the bill is that the district has little control over home-schooled students.

Higgins likes a bill in Harrisburg to allow home-schooled students to take part in extra-curricular events in the school district where they live if it's monitored. <br><br>Leyland, too, wants any home-schooled student to meet Kiski Area academic and other requirements to take part in sports or other extra-curricular activities.

The Oregonian

by Melissa L. Jones

October 31, 2003

Janice Tarlecki, who home-schooled her daughters, says the school won't award Amy full transfer credits

Barlow officials say most of Amy Tarlecki's home-school work doesn't qualify for credits. Without the proper number of credits to get a diploma, she is not allowed to walk in ceremonies, school officials said.

by Annette M. Hall

October 30, 2003

World Net Daily reports that homeschoolers are a new political force citing a new study recently released.

Homeschoolers are, first and foremost, parents. By and large the vast majority of whom want the very best for their children and are willing to put forth the effort to achieve that goal. Many have sacrificed employment opportunities, a second income, larger homes, newer cars and more. They are putting the family first, ahead of material needs and are focused on what matters most.

The Jackson Sun (TN)

by Rachael Myer

October 30, 2003

Madison Academic has attracted 67 students who previously attended home school or private school, Principal Tommy Allen said.

Madison is supposed to be 36 percent to 66 percent black, but only 20 percent of its students are black. Nova and nine other Jackson-Madison County schools are failing to meet racial makeup requirements set in the school system's desegregation agreement, according to recently released figures. Eight elementary schools were out of compliance last year. This year, Arlington Elementary is added to the list. Madison Academic Magnet High School, which opened this year, also fails to meet compliance.<br><br>The School Board earlier this year approved paying a grant consultant $40,000 to find funding for magnet programs to attract more students to the imbalanced schools. Depending on which school zone they live in, parents already have the option to apply to some magnet schools or schools with extra programs.

News With Views

by Jon Christian Ryter

October 30, 2003

At 2:00 a.m. Daylight Savings Time ended for another year as most Americans turned their clocks back before they went to bed last night.

A few, of course, forgot and went to church this morning an hour early. None of them will likely arrive at work tomorrow an hour early. Even the dumbest of us aren't really that stupid. And because, as a nation, we've been living with Daylight Savings Time for sixty years, few Americans wonder how the practice began.

World Net Daily

by Diana Lynne

October 30, 2003

33 House members 'deeply offended' by 'biased' report

Congressman Todd Akin, R-Mo., who homeschooled -- and currently homeschools -- his five children spearheaded the effort. Akin's son, Perry, recently graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. <br><br>The letter points out what CBS left out of the report and questions its conclusion that more regulation over homeschooling is needed.

Hillsboro Free Press (KS)

by Cynthia Martens

October 29, 2003

No questions are asked about need, and income restrictions do not exist.

Her main goal is to help those in need, but Dicks said that's not her only goal.<br><br>"I home school my children, so that's my main job," Dicks said. "I'm an instructor for Creative Memories, and I also teach sign language part time for Butler County Community College." <br><br>No mention is made of payment for the clothing, but she keeps a coffee can by the front door if guests want to make a free-will donation.

icWales (UK)

by Jenny Rees

October 29, 2003

POOR parenting skills, dysfunctional families and television have been named by teachers as the three most significant factors in the decline of pupil behaviour in schools.

Research for NASUWT reveals teachers in both primary and secondary schools believe some parents need classes in how to tackle their children's bad behaviour. <br><br>Teachers also suggest that dysfunctional family life causes indiscipline, as well as other difficulties, in children and that school provides the only stable place for many young people.

Jackson Sun (TN)

by Rachael Myer

October 29, 2003

Local officials: Students shift from private to public schools

Almost 22 percent of Madison Academic Magnet High School's students previously attended private school or home school, said Principal Tommy Allen. The high school opened in August.

by Jim Brown

October 29, 2003

The first large-scale study of adults who were home-schooled as children has been released, and among other revelations, it debunks the notion that home schoolers become socially isolated.

The survey found that nearly 75% of adults who were home educated have gone on to take college courses, while only 46% of their peers who were not home schooled went on to study at the college level. Ray says home-schooled adults are, "at a higher rate than the national average, interested in continued formal education, college and so forth." And the researcher adds that home-schooled adults are also "very active in their local communities -- more so than the general population, and they appear to be very civically engaged -- again more so than the general population."


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