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El Humbre Dumbo

by Karen Rice

October 29, 2003

We all know it's there.

<strong>Eye Off The Wall</strong> presents this shocking expose of the inside of a homeschool family domicile. Not for the feeble minded, dim witted, or faint of heart. This is not a pretty site.

The Mercury News

by Mercury News Editorial

October 28, 2003

Supportive Governor and reorganized association could bring huge growth in number of students

The next few years could see substantial growth in the charter movement. That should benefit not only families looking for more education choices but also public schools, which will face pressure in the form of competition to improve.<br><br>There are now 471 charter schools serving 170,000 -- 2 percent -- of the state's students. The reorganized California Charter Schools Association has set an ambitious goal of adding 1,000 schools, with a half-million more students, in five years.

by Art Moore

October 23, 2003

Refutes 'socialization' concerns posed by thinkers in academia

76 percent of homeschool graduates surveyed between the ages of 18 to 24 voted within the last five years, compared to only 29 percent of the corresponding U.S. population. <br><br>"Homeschooling will tend to develop students with strong independent thinking and critical-mindedness," he said.

The San Diego Union Tribune (CA)

by Chris Moran

October 22, 2003

Eleven years after California became the second state to allow charter schools, a new association has called for a tripling of the number of these schools and a quadrupling of enrollment to 670,000 over the next decade.

Association leaders want to add 1,000 charter schools statewide and increase enrollment by 500,000 students. <br><br>Charter school leaders say their schools are under more pressure to produce than traditional public schools. Most public schools continue to operate regardless of performance, while charter schools can be closed instantly if they fail to fulfill their pledges. Charter school applications are typically reviewed every five years by local school boards.<br><br>In California, 31 schools have had their charters revoked for fiscal improprieties, substandard academic performance or other shortcomings. Sixty-five closed on their own.

Pacific Justice Institute

October 19, 2003

Just before the election, Governor Gray Davis signed a bill into law (SB71), which will allow public schools and teachers to question children at any age about their parents and family, or about personal sexual issues, without parental consent.

Before SB71, public schools were required by state law to obtain prior written parental consent before any student could be given or posed any questions regarding sex, family life, morality or religion. The new California law will now only require written notice, which may be placed in a stack of other materials at the beginning of the school year. Fortunately for parents in California, a federal statute sponsored by President Bush, the No Child Left Behind bill, will still put the requirement of prior written consent on all public schools that receive federal money.

Southern Baptist Convention, Baptist Press

by Kelly Boggs

October 18, 2003

If thinking Americans did not realize it already, they should now. CBS's "Evening News" is "Rather" biased.

In order to convince the viewer that homeschooling is a dangerous practice fraught with child abusers and in need of government oversight, CBS' Evening News focused on a few extreme cases from the past decade involving families who claimed to homeschool their children.

St. Petersburg Times (FL)

by Rebecca Catalanello

October 18, 2003

The failed Deerwood Academy's debt is unknown, possibly $200,000, most of it owed to the school district.

Port Richey - The Pasco County School District will absorb much of the debt left by the newly defunct Deerwood Academy charter school, the district's top financial leader said Monday.

National School Safety and Security Services

by Kenneth S. Trump

October 18, 2003

We have been quite surprised to note that upon sharing the incidents of school-related violent deaths that we have identified below, the majority of people we meet with can only recall hearing of only one or two of these at the most. We do NOT want to be alarmist, but we DO want members of our school communities to be aware and prepared, not scared.

by Shawn K. Hall

October 14, 2003

CBS has taken the very worst events in the history of homeschooling and painted them as the hidden culture and agenda of parents who choose to educate their own children.

I do not deny they happen, no more than I deny the existence of Adolf Hitler. However, the assertion that these are common events is no less ridiculous than saying that every politician is as bad as Hitler; using Dr. Zhivago as the poster child for the entire medical community; implying that every public school suffers from the same traumas and disasters as Columbine; or that every news organization is as irresponsible in their reporting as CBS. I don't claim that any of these are untrue, but very unlikely.

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling

by Ann Zeise

October 13, 2003

CBS Evening News dredged up an old murder suicide story in order to once again sell fear disguised as a news story tonight.

This is much more of a case of social workers NOT doing their jobs! This family was well known to both Arizona and North Carolina social workers! These people were already being investigated for child abuse... a SECOND time, after already having been convicted in Arizona.


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