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The Republican (MA)

by Holly Angelo

July 16, 2011

How can a $1 million endowment turn into a $40 million research center that's expected to yield $100 million in 10 years, creating new products and new jobs, and save lives?

It's not easy, but it's being done at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus at the new Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA).

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

by John Vidal

July 16, 2011

Scientists investigating a spate of illnesses among people living close to GM maize fields in the Philippines believe that the crop may have triggered fevers, respiratory illnesses and skin reactions.

The scientists' findings were immediately challenged by Monsanto, the world's leading GM company, and by the Philippine government.

Public Policy Institute of California

by Mark Baldassare

July 16, 2011

Full text of report available in PDF

This is the 38th PPIC Statewide Survey and the 14th in a series of large-scale public opinion polls that PPIC is conducting on a periodic basis throughout California's election cycles. The purpose of this series is to develop an objective, in-depth profile of the social, economic, and political forces affecting public policy preferences and ballot choices in California.

Public Policy Institute of California

by Mark Baldassare

July 16, 2011

Full text of report available in PDF

This survey - the first in a series of special surveys on the California state budget, conducted in collaboration with The James Irvine Foundation - is a special edition of the PPIC Statewide Survey. The intent of this series is to raise public awareness, inform decisionmakers, and stimulate public discussion about the current state budget and the underlying state and local finance system.

The Washington Post

by Michael Barbaro

July 16, 2011

Companies Want More Protection From Financial Loss

Project Bioshield, which sets aside $5.6 billion for the government to stockpile a medical arsenal against biological weapons, gives Human Genome Sciences exactly what it needs: a buyer.

Wired News

by Michelle Delio

July 16, 2011

"The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest," according to the architect of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab unveiled the Government Information Awareness, or GIA, website Friday. Using applications developed at the Media Lab, GIA collects and collates information about government programs, plans and politicians from the general public and numerous online sources. Currently the database contains information on more than 3,000 public figures.

Reason Online

by Renee Moilanen

July 16, 2011

The old failures of new and improved anti-drug education

It remains to be seen how this revamped DARE curriculum is going to be any different from the old one -- or, for that matter, how any of the new prevention programs are different from the old DARE. Many of the DARE tactics now scorned by educators are quite similar to those used in the new, supposedly revised programs. Project ALERT and Life Skills Training have "Ways to Say No" almost identical to the ones taught in DARE.

Richard P.

by Richard P. Phelps

July 16, 2011

As Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy said to his boss, 'It isn't easy to prove a negative.' Real-life prosecutors, on whom the U.S. Constitution places the burden of proof in criminal court cases, would concur with their television counterpart.

Generally, it is far easier to prove that something exists than that it does not. Proving the former requires looking only until a thing is found; proving the latter requires looking everywhere a thing could possibly be found.<br><br>Nonetheless, one finds research reporting replete with statements like 'there is no research on...' or 'little research evidence exists that would support...' 'my study is the first to....' Statements of this sort beg the question: have they really looked everywhere they could- Or, as is often appropriate, have they done anything more than a perfunctory keyword search-

San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

by Rob Waters

July 16, 2011

What parents aren't being told about their kids' antidepressants

The risk Paxil may pose to children and teenagers burst into the news this summer, when British regulators issued a warning urging doctors not to prescribe the drug to children. They were acting on new data presented to United States and British authorities showing that among 1,100 children enrolled in clinical trials of Paxil, those taking the drug were nearly three times as likely to consider or attempt suicide as children taking placebos. "There is an increase in the rate of self-harm and potentially suicidal behavior in this age group," said a statement from the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). "It has become clear that the benefits (of Paxil) in children for the treatment of depressive illness do not outweigh these risks."

by Russell Blaylock, M.D.

July 16, 2011

I was asked to write a paper on some of the newer mechanisms of vaccine damage to the nervous system, but in the interim I came across an incredible document that should blow the lid off the cover-up.

In this shocking letter Congressman Weldon referrers to Dr. Verstraeten's study which looked at the data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink and found a significant correlation between thimerosal exposure via vaccines and several neurodevelopmental disorders including tics, speech and language delays, and possibly to ADD.

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