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World Net Daily

by Joe Kovacs

November 10, 2005

Wal-Mart officials are standing by their policy of encouraging employees to use the "Happy Holidays" greeting rather than "Merry Christmas," but the worker responsible for an e-mail describing the pagan origins of Christmas no longer works for the company

"Wal-Mart is proud to welcome customers of all faiths, and celebrants of all holidays," Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogleman said in a bulk response e-mail to WorldNetDaily's original story. "We sincerely apologize to any person or organization that was offended by the inappropriate and inflammatory comments made by this former associate."

Netscape News

November 10, 2005

MADRID (AFP) - Newspapers have no future without online and digital services, media executives heard at a World Association of Newspapers meeting in Madrid.

"Digital revenue is serious business ... Online business is a growth business, while newspapers are not," echoed Helmar Hipp, regional director of Austria's Voralberger Nachrichten, which draws 15 percent of its revenue from the Internet and related activities.

The Hartford Courant (CT)

by Peter Svensson

November 8, 2005

CHARTREUSE REGION, Second Life -- Kasi Nafus' clothing store has bucolic surroundings. There's a maple tree in fall colors outside, right across a brook. A little farther away, a zebra munches on a bush.

The clothes Nafus sells aren't physical, either - they merely cover the virtual bodies that people make for themselves in Second Life. But that does not mean the store, called Pixel Dolls, is not a real business. This is Nafus' full-time job.

Sebi Meyer

October 19, 2005

The dollar’s downward trend has not been broken since I wrote a column about the subject in December.

In fact, the trend seems to be accelerating. Bill Gates openly stated yesterday he is pulling out of the dollar and is instead investing in euros.

Outsourcing Pipeline

by Paul McDougall

October 11, 2005

While offshoring call center work to India can save businesses millions, the practice can very quickly become a boondoggle if quality of service slips. The latest example of this came last week when a British Telecom executive called those customers who c

With those words, Bushell flunked marketing 101. She is effectively blaming the customer for a problem of BT's own making. How else does she expect customers to respond if they're forced to deal with an agent who, in the worst case, is unintelligible and, in the best case, is restricted to walking callers through a forest of scripted responses that may have little bearing on the problem at hand' This isn't just an issue for BT. In my own experience of late, I've noticed a sharp decline in the English proficieny of the Indian call center workers I deal with in my daily life. I think the reason is fairly obvious. More and more businesses are rushing to place call center work in India but the country's supply of workers capable of conversing freely in English as it is spoken in the West is limited. More and more, Indians with marginal English skills are being put into customer facing call center positions with predictable results--frustration at both ends of the call. This bodes ill for the growth of the Indian call center industry. IT outsourcing to the country will continue to skyrocket because technical work is not as dependent on language and heavy accents don't matter so much when writing, say, a Web services application. But call center work is quite different. As more and more businesses receive complaints about poor customer service from India, I suspect many of them will reevaluate whether the savings are worth it. There are plenty of middle-cost areas where English is the first language, such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, or middle America, that may provide better overall value for a company's call center dollar. Those are places with which Meryl Bushell and BT should become more familiar, instead of just blaming their customers for refusing to accept poor service.

C Net News

by Ina Fried

September 2, 2005

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer vowed to "kill" Google in an expletive-laced, chair-throwing tirade when a senior engineer told him he was leaving the company to go work for Google, the engineer claimed in court documents made public on Friday.

The allegation, filed in Washington state court, is the latest salvo in an increasingly nasty court fight triggered when Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee jumped to Google in July in what Microsoft claims is a violation of a one-year, non-compete agreement. In a sworn statement made public Friday, Mark Lucovsky, another Microsoft senior engineer who left for Google in November 2004, recounted Ballmer's angry reaction when Lucovsky told Ballmer he was going to work for the search engine company.

San Francisco Chronicle

by Ilana DeBare

August 21, 2005

Many small family-run businesses rely on help from a child or two, but Sweet Sisters takes this a step further. Cafe owner Deborah Lyse Quenneville- Clairmont is homeschooling her six children and conceived of the restaurant as a part of their education.

Her teenagers spend 25 hours each week at the cafe and 25 hours each week on academics, while the younger children accompany their mother to the cafe and help out more informally. "This gives our children more of a real-life experience rather than a book experience," Quenneville-Clairmont said. "It gives them the opportunity to meet so many different people. And it gives them a sense of belonging to something -- they feel the restaurant is theirs."

Chicago Tribune [Free Subscription Required]

by Michael Higgins

August 18, 2005

J. Matt Barber, a born-again Christian from Villa Park, hoped to get some reaction in December when he wrote a fiery online essay denouncing same-sex marriage and the "destructive nature ... of the homosexual lifestyle."

But the strongest response, Barber said, came from his employers at Allstate Corp. He said two supervisors slapped the article down in front of him, told him he was suspended without pay and had him escorted from the company grounds in Northbrook.

Las Vegas Sun (NV)

by Emily Richmond

August 5, 2005

The job description for the next superintendent of the Clark County School District will include a base salary of $290,000 plus benefits.

That's an increase of nearly $78,000 over Carlos Garcia's salary at the time of his resignation as superintendent in July. The School Board also approved spending up to $99,950 on the nationwide search.

Universal Preschool

by Diane Flynn Keith

August 5, 2005

Dear Mr. Reiner,
I am a fan of your films including When Harry Met Sally, Ghosts of Mississippi, and This Is Spinal Tap. I am not a fan of your politics.

Rumor Has It that you have introduced a Preschool-For-All initiative that will be on the California ballot in 2006. While I realize that you have great concern for every little Alex & Emma whose parents cannot properly care for them (as demonstrated in your movie North, about a boy who divorces negligent and self-absorbed parents who are always too busy with their careers to give him the attention he needs), I fail to see the logic in your push to provide taxpayer funded preschools for every child regardless of want or need...

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