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After watching several documentaries about our food supply and learning just how deficient in nutrients the food we consume has become over the past 30-years, our family has decided to make some serious changes. We are buying organic, eating in season and buying locally. Our meat is grassfed, our bread in homebaked and I feel good about what my family is eating.

If you aren't aware of the danger genentically modified corn and soy products present to your families diet, continue reading. Find out the latest news and commentary on GMO food sources, eating and buying organic foods, nutritional news, food related health issues and much more.

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January 30, 2012

It's official. Monsanto Corporation is out to own the world's food supply, the dangers of genetic engineering and reduced biodiversity notwithstanding, as they pig-headedly set about hog-tying farmers with their monopoly plans.

We've discovered chilling new evidence of this in recent patents that seek to establish ownership rights over pigs and their offspring. One way or another, Monsanto wants to make sure no food is grown that they don't own -- and the record shows they don't care if it's safe for the environment or not. Monsanto has aggressively set out to bulldoze environmental concerns about its genetically engineered (GE) seeds at every regulatory level.

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January 26, 2012

Thailand's revered national symbol, the elephant, may face a new threat of extinction: being poached not just for their tusks, but for their meat.

Two wild elephants were found slaughtered last month in a national park in western Thailand, alerting authorities to the new practice of consuming elephant meat "The poachers took away the elephants' sex organs and trunks ... for human consumption," Damrong Phidet, director-general of Thailand's wildlife agency, told The Associated Press. Some meat was to be consumed without cooking, like "elephant sashimi," he said.

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January 25, 2012

Expect to see fewer "newsy" online advertisements hawking acai berry diet pills.

Federal regulators announced settlements Wednesday with six online marketers who were accused of using fake news sites on the Internet to entice customers to buy acai berry weight-loss products. They promised rapid and substantial weight loss, sometimes claiming people could lose 25 pounds in four weeks without changing their diets or exercising. The Federal Trade Commission says it was all a scam.

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January 23, 2012

The Supreme Court on Monday blocked a California law that would require euthanizing downed livestock at federally inspected slaughterhouses to keep the meat out of the nation's food system.

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January 10, 2012

A biotechnology company says it has developed a machine that will decode a person's DNA in a day for $1,000. That price has long been cited as a key step toward making a person's genome useful for medical care.

January 9, 2012

HARDWICK, Vt. — With nine crockpots going in her kitchen at once, Lisa Johnson feared she would short out her circuit breaker.

She knew her home business of making roasted sweet potato dips had outgrown her Norwich home. But she was nowhere near ready to build her own food processing building. The new Vermont Food Venture Center, which had its grand opening Friday, saved her from giving it all up.

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January 8, 2012

Customer Minhee Cho posted a message on Twitter along with an image of the receipt from a Manhattan location describing her as "lady chinky eyes."

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January 5, 2012

Monsanto says its fiscal first-quarter earnings soared on strength of its seed business. The company also brightened its outlook for the full fiscal year.

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January 4, 2012

A British medical journal says a worrying number of drug studies are being suppressed by researchers and that the lack of public data could threaten patient safety.

December 31, 2011

A Ledyard farmer has recruited powerful government allies in his drive to get Connecticut to become the first state to require labeling of genetically modified foods.

Burns wants genetically modified fruits and vegetables labeled, including foods shipped into Connecticut. The most important issue is "the public's right to know," Burns said. California is considering such labeling, and congressmen from Maine and Vermont are supporting federal legislation known as House Bill 3553. Labeling efforts are being stymied nationally by St. Louis, Mo.-based Monsanto Co., Burns said.


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