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After watching several documentaries about our food supply and learning just how deficient in nutrients the food we consume has become over the past 30-years, our family has decided to make some serious changes. We are buying organic, eating in season and buying locally. Our meat is grassfed, our bread in homebaked and I feel good about what my family is eating.

If you aren't aware of the danger genentically modified corn and soy products present to your families diet, continue reading. Find out the latest news and commentary on GMO food sources, eating and buying organic foods, nutritional news, food related health issues and much more.

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by Neil Pedoe, Cycling Plus

March 16, 2009

Grains, fruit and nuts are good for you, right? So cram them all into a bar and you get a powerful snack packed with wholesome fibre, carbohydrate, protein, essential oils and more, and you get a natural energy boost.

Avoid anything with 'benzoate' in it - the preservative sodium benzoate breaks down to leave the carcinogen benzene. Sulphur dioxide keeps fruit 'fresh' but is a known pollutant. Avoid synthetic food colourings such as tartrazine, Sunset Yellow and Ponceau 4R too. The first is made from petroleum, while the other two are synthetic coal tars. No thanks.

Blog Fish

March 6, 2009

Buying organic food does not ensure that the food is safe. It might be contaminated with--for example--salmonella. But organic food buyers expect more from organic food.

But organic food buyers expect more from organic food. What this means is that a safety problem with organic food probably undermines the value of organic food even more than safety issues affect non-organic food. This is an important point for us advocates of sustainability.

The Chicago Tribune

by Monica Eng

March 6, 2009

I was astounded yesterday to read an article by Abby Ellin in The New York Times Health Section about how a dangerous trend is developing in America: Our kids are becoming too concerned about healthful eating habits.

Some are even reading labels and eating organic food. Egads! One 8-year-old even mentioned sodium. I think the only solution for good parents is to pack up and leave this health-food obsessed country. Or call this trend a load of baloney--and not that organic kind either.

Well Fed Netword

by Sarah Caron

March 5, 2009

When people say they only eat organic, or only cook organic food, I can't help but wince a little. It's a distinction that is thrown around, as if doing so makes you a better cook or smarter or healthier. Newsflash: it doesn't.

When something is organic, it means that the product's ingredients have met a government-set standard for growing practices. That means less pesticides in the food. But if the organic item is processed, it is still a processed food. So whether you are serving up organic sandwich cookies or Oreos, your kids are still eating junk food.

Agriculture Information

by Lois Heyman

March 1, 2009

Despite the recession, consumers are expected to buy more natural and organic foods, a study shows.

In Central Jersey, that trend is much in evidence, as new organic businesses and shopping outlets continue to open, even as the job market weakens.


March 1, 2009

Many people eat genetically modified foods without being consciously aware of it. But the question is are genetically modified foods safe for human consumption?

Many of the processed foods readily available on grocery shelves have genetically modified ingredients. The most common genetically modified foods are soybeans, maize, cotton, and rapeseed oil. So many foods containing field corn or high-fructose corn syrup such as cereals, snack foods, foods made with soybeans (including some baby foods) and foods made with cottonseed and canola oils may have genetically modified components.

Market Watch

by Matt Andrejczak

February 19, 2009

Shares of Whole Foods Market surge 37% after two analysts upgraded the largest U.S. organic grocer to a buy in the wake of its earnings report.

"In summary this quarter we saw much better-than-expected cost containment, leveraging of labor costs, further capex cuts, plans to rationalize the store base and positive free cash flow," wrote Pali Capital analyst Bob Summers, who raised his rating to buy from sell and lifted his stock-price target to $15 from $8.

The New York Times (NJ)

by Julie Bosman

February 19, 2009

As the recession continues, more people who are unused to asking for help are picking up free groceries.

Once a crutch for the most needy, food pantries have responded to the deepening recession by opening their doors to what Rosemary Gilmartin, who runs the Interfaith Food Pantry here, described as "the next layer of people" - a rapidly expanding roster of child-care workers, nurse's aides, real estate agents and secretaries facing a financial crisis for the first time.

Times Online (UK)

by Jeremy Page

February 11, 2009

Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? India's Hindu nationalist movement apparently has the answer: a new soft drink made from cow urine.

The bovine brew is in the final stages of development by the Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India's biggest and oldest Hindu nationalist group, according to the man who makes it.


February 7, 2009

What's new? What's great? What's weird? Our columnist samples offerings from supermarket aisles and fast-food menus.

Babies do not have to eat baby food. After seeing how my sister fed my niece (steaming veggies, cutting them up in a small dice and putting them on her high chair tray to feed herself), I wonder why anyone buys insanely expensive little jars of food...


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