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Find the latest in immunization, vaccine news and research. Parents across the country are concerned about the mass injections our national health community inflicts on our children and rightly so. Immunization News provides current news articles, covering issues ranging from HIV and Cancer vaccines, to routine innoculations for children as well as the latest Swine Flu scare.

Get the facts before you or your children are vaccinated with any shot or nasal spray. Having a child vaccinated is the most important decision most parents will ever make. It's a decision your child will live with the results of his or her life. It's one decision you can't "do over" or take back — so make an informed one.

Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal

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This is Money

by Jim Armitage

July 16, 2011

Acambis, the Cambridge-based drugs company that supplies the US government with smallpox vaccines to protect the population against biological attack, today suspended trials on the medicine after finding serious side-effects among some volunteers.

Now, intense monitoring has discovered that some of those used in the test suffered a major heart condition. The drug has not been given to anybody outside the trials.

by Mike Adams

June 1, 2015

The CDC whistleblower story is exploding, and despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to maintain a total media blackout on the story, the truth is spreading like wildfire across the internet and social media.

The essence of the story is that CDC scientist William Thompson has admitted to committing scientific fraud over the last ten years in conjunction with other CDC scientists. They retroactively altered study data to hide the proven fact that MMR vaccines cause a huge increase in autism risk in African-American children, and the CDC's top criminal, Dr. Julie Gerberding, orchestrated the entire fraud.

September 5, 2012

We've heard it time and again from small business owners how red tape and regulations are choking California's growth and tamping down the rights of the people who live here.

Wednesday, we heard it from a Hollywood actor who was in Sacramento. "Gov. Brown, this is a bad piece of legislation. Gov. Brown, veto this bill. You can do it; veto this bill," said Rob Schneider at a protest against AB 2109. Actor and comedian Schneider traded a camera for a crowd Wednesday, giving his support for a topic he calls no laughing matter.

July 30, 2013

The mainstream media and Big Pharma are continuing their pro-vaccine media blitz while independent researchers, concerned parents and activists alike have been railing against the dangers of vaccines and their effects on child health.

A simple Google search will show the thousands of mainstream news articles which seek to demonize and marginalize anyone who wishes to learn about or promote alternatives to vaccines and talk about their proven health risks. In fact, there was a recent 61 million dollar settlement for a child injured by a vaccine which has become common place according to the FDA's own vaccine side-effects reporting website as noted by "The horrible vaccine reaction endured by this baby girl is fairly common in the FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). When I examine VAERS reports, I see many rapid-onset cases like this of stopped heartbeat (sudden death), seizures and encephalopathy (brain injury) associated with all vaccines (this one was DTaP). Encephalitis is the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction and VAERS is full of reports like this. No one at the FDA, CDC or American Academy of Pediatrics cares."

January 8, 2016

Have you ever seen an adult autistic person? Not one who has been autistic from childhood, but a previously normal, healthy person whose mental/emotional/intellectual/social/physical function declines to a shadow of its former self?

Here's what is about to happen: Large numbers of adults will receive new hyped and mandated vaccines. They will start becoming ill if healthy, or rapidly become sicker if they already, like more than 70% of US adults, have sufficient chronic illnesses so that they are taking 5 or more prescription drugs (we are already seeing the Vaccine Holocaust, we just don't call it that - although its profiteering and predatory perpetrators know exactly what is happening).

by Theresa Wrangham

July 5, 2015

Privacy is guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. Adults should examine the US adult vaccination plan carefully because its objectives include electronically harnessing personal medical information to increase adult vaccine uptake.

During the National Vaccine Advisory Committee's (NVAC) February meeting, American adults were put on notice by Big Brother that non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations will not be tolerated. Public health officials have unveiled a new plan to launch a massive nationwide vaccination promotion campaign involving private business and non-profit organizations to pressure all adults to comply with the adult vaccination schedule approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).1 (India)

July 16, 2011

One million polio vaccinators, 80 million children, 23 countries: Africa launches largest ever immunization campaign

Tens of thousands of traditional and religious leaders, school teachers, parents and Rotary club members will join nurses and a vast array of other volunteers and health workers to systematically go house-to-house and village-to-village, to hand-deliver the vaccine to every child under the age of five years.

CNS News

by Mike Stobbe

April 9, 2012

More than $1 billion has been spent over the past decade searching for the causes of autism.

In some ways, the research looks like a long-running fishing expedition, with a focus on everything from genetics to the age of the father, the weight of the mother, and how close a child lives to a freeway. That perception may soon change. Some in the field say it's the beginning of a wave of scientific reports that should strengthen some theories, jettison others and perhaps even herald new drugs.

by Catholic Communications

August 9, 2011

BANGALORE, India (CNS) -- A network of charities working in Pakistan wants the U.S. government to investigate a short-lived CIA-run vaccination clinic allegedly used for counterterrorism and intelligence-gathering purposes.

The Pakistan Humanitarian Forum, a coalition of 40 charities including the U.S. bishops' Catholic Relief Services, said it was "gravely concerned by reports that the CIA organized a fake vaccination program in Abbottabad," the Pakistani city where Osama bin Laden was killed in May. The intelligence-gathering effort, uncovered by the London-based Guardian newspaper, was devised in an attempt to verify that bin Laden was living in the city in northeast Pakistan.

Fayetteville Online (NC)

by Kevin Maurer

January 17, 2005

ch. Sgt. Lavester Brown almost died last year when his heart swelled to twice normal size hours after he received an anthrax vaccination.

A few months later, he had to have a heart transplant. Brown said he believes the shot caused his heart problem and that adverse reactions to the anthrax vaccination are more common in blacks.

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