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Find the latest in immunization, vaccine news and research. Parents across the country are concerned about the mass injections our national health community inflicts on our children and rightly so. Immunization News provides current news articles, covering issues ranging from HIV and Cancer vaccines, to routine innoculations for children as well as the latest Swine Flu scare.

Get the facts before you or your children are vaccinated with any shot or nasal spray. Having a child vaccinated is the most important decision most parents will ever make. It's a decision your child will live with the results of his or her life. It's one decision you can't "do over" or take back — so make an informed one.

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by Cdc Global Health

October 15, 2015

An 8 year old boy in Laos is now dead after taking a polio oral vaccine. The child immediately suffered paralysis after the vaccination and ended up dying 5 days following.

Laos has been polio free since 1993, which begs the question: is the vaccine reviving the illness? If so, get ready, because the WHO and CDC have activated emergency immunization efforts which means we can expect a lot more vaccinating.

October 12, 2015

Illinois: "To Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Seminar," will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Nov., 14 at the Historic Dixon Theatre, 114 S. Galena Ave.

Doors open at 4:30 p.m. A cost-benefit analysis of vaccines will be presented, as will information on the immune system's building blocks, adverse reactions to vaccines, mandatory vaccine laws and exemptions, and more.

October 12, 2015

BEFORE inviting parents via secret Facebook groups to send children to "vaccination-free" Victorian kinders you wonder if anyone consulted people such as Toni and David McCaffery or Catherine and Greg Hughes.

In March, after his little boy died in his parents' arms, Greg Hughes wrote on Facebook: "I'm an absolute shell of a man without my baby boy and I'm truly not sure how I'll cope".

by The Washington Times Http://www.Washingtontimes.Com

October 12, 2015

Farmington education officials have updated policies regarding vaccination and immunization in compliance with new state requirements.

The New Mexico Department of Health issued a call in July for school districts to follow state statutes following a nationwide measles outbreak. Farmington school board policy also will allow for the district to dis-enroll students who are not immunized on Dec. 1.

by Marcia Frellick

October 11, 2015

SAN DIEGO, California - Many Americans are not getting the recommended vaccines before traveling to avoid infections such as measles and hepatitis A, according to two new studies.

Lack of vaccination was due to both provider (52%) and patient (48%) decisions. Providers most frequently deemed the vaccination "not indicated" because of the itinerary or referred the patient to a primary care provider. Patients often refused vaccination because they were not concerned about illness, the study authors report.

by Celia Farber

October 11, 2015

When her son Bently was six months old, she took him in for a round of vaccinations to his local clinic, in Fort Worth, Texas, where she lived then...

She began to speak, and tell her shocking story. When her son Bently was six months old, she took him in for a round of vaccinations to his local clinic, in Fort Worth, Texas, where she lived then. She had delayed giving him his two-month shots, so his immune system could develop a bit more, and she felt confident that he would fare better now that he was six months old. The pediatrician that day was telling her how important vaccinations were, and how many children died without them in his native country in Africa. He described how mothers would line up to get the shots for their babies, and that many had to have 10 children, just to have a few that survived infancy. Totally unbeknownst to his mother, Bently received a staggering 13 vaccinations that day, including two triple doses of DTap, Hepatitis B, a polio shot, three oral rotavirus doses, and a pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine. It was all compressed into three shots and one oral dose. It took the nurses half an hour to prepare all the shots Bently received. The pediatrician told Alisa that her boy perfectly healthy-that he showed above average strength in his stomach and legs.

October 11, 2015

Daesh Takfiri terrorists have disrupted a national polio vaccination campaign in three districts of Afghanistan's eastern province of Nangarhar, local officials say.

Kamawal added that Daesh terrorists have shut down 10 health care centers in the districts, "and people there face a lot of issues." A number of religious leaders and civil society activists in Nangarhar have denounced the move by Daesh terrorists as "an act of oppression against the children."

by Vicky O. Misa

October 11, 2015

Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has announced that county health departments will begin offering flu vaccines statewide on Monday in preparation for the flu season.

Of the 114 flu deaths reported in Oklahoma, 86 of them were seniors over age 65. In the same age group, there were 1,354 hospitalizations in the state as a result of flu. The total of Oklahoma flu-related hospitalizations numbered 2,299 for 2014-2015. In the United States, flu season generally starts in October and tapers off around May. Seasonal flu activity usually peaks in January or February.

by Clicking This Button

October 4, 2015

DR BOB SEARS, a paediatrician from Orange County, California, does not like to call his patients "free-riders". True, he specialises in treating vaccine-sceptics, those families who resent being told to immunise their children against nasty diseases.

What Dr Bob does like to say is that, right now, many parents are very upset. This is because state legislators recently passed America's strictest vaccination law. This not only mandates a fixed regime of vaccinations for children who wish to attend public or private school. It also eliminates a parent's right to a Personal Belief Exemption (PBE), a claim that they cannot vaccinate children for religious or philosophical reasons.

by Megan Heimer

September 27, 2015

If you're young, and you don't support vaccines, you've probably been told at least a few dozen times that the reason you don't vaccinate is because you've had the luxury of living in a time where "vaccine preventable diseases" aren't prevalent.

Just ask a grandparent or someone who had polio and they'll tell you the story of how vaccines saved the day and just how devastating measles and chicken pox really were. Their testimonies are valid...unless of course you actually have a grandparent whose lived an entire century and can tell you how things really were, or you have a friend who had polio and doesn't support the polio vaccine. Their testimonies don't count.

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