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Find the latest in immunization, vaccine news and research. Parents across the country are concerned about the mass injections our national health community inflicts on our children and rightly so. Immunization News provides current news articles, covering issues ranging from HIV and Cancer vaccines, to routine innoculations for children as well as the latest Swine Flu scare.

Get the facts before you or your children are vaccinated with any shot or nasal spray. Having a child vaccinated is the most important decision most parents will ever make. It's a decision your child will live with the results of his or her life. It's one decision you can't "do over" or take back — so make an informed one.

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United Press International

by Dan Olmsted

February 9, 2006

WASHINGTON -- As doctors and health authorities fight state bans on mercury in vaccines and keep giving it to kids and pregnant women, one fact stands out: their certainty.

The image of pediatricians and public officials as valiant defenders of mercury takes a bit of getting used to, given their longstanding efforts to keep the toxic element out of our food, our bodies and the environment. No reasonable person -- let alone health professional -- would advocate keeping mercury in childhood vaccines unless they were absolutely certain it was an exception to this lethal legacy.

United Press International

by Dan Olmsted

February 2, 2006

A Columbia University scientist plans to test whether gold salts improve the functioning of "autistic mice" -- a step toward finding whether they could help children with autism.

Dr. Mady Hornig of Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health will give the compound to mice that have been bred to be susceptible to thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in children's immunizations until recently. Some researchers and parents believe thimerosal is implicated in the explosion of autism diagnoses over the past decade, though federal health authorities say that theory has been discredited.

United Press International

by Dan Olmsted

December 7, 2005

CHICAGO -- It's a far piece from the horse-and-buggies of Lancaster County, Pa., to the cars and freeways of Cook County, Ill.

But thousands of children cared for by Homefirst Health Services in metropolitan Chicago have at least two things in common with thousands of Amish children in rural Lancaster: They have never been vaccinated. And they don't have autism. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated.

United Press International

by Steve Mitchell

October 23, 2003

Across the United States, cases of the deadly disease whooping cough are appearing more frequently than in decades and public health officials worry the increases are due at least in part to the reluctance of some parents to vaccinate their children.

Oregon has seen 347 cases so far this year, on track to a 30-year high. Seattle has 189 cases, including the highest number of infected infants in 25 years. Texas has had 32 cases in its panhandle region, the most there in 35 years.

US News and World Report

by Dr. Lawrence Rosen

January 30, 2009

He's not antivaccine, he says, but he'll work with parents who have safety concerns.

My main argument for supporting a flexible approach is that it is more likely to increase overall vaccination rates at a time when were are seeing a critical drop in public trust in government agencies, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that set the recommended schedule.

US News and World Report

by Margaret Fisher

January 30, 2009

She sees no reason to leave any child unprotected against a vaccine-preventable disease.

There was a lot of research involved in establishing this schedule endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and other medical organizations. Parents who deviate from it are choosing to err on the side of unknown health risks against actual proven benefits.

USA Today

by Julie Schmit and Rita Rubin

November 16, 2004

The flu vaccine shortage might stretch into 2005 if one key U.S. supplier cannot resume manufacturing in time.

Fauci and others say the government needs to fatten incentives for vaccine makers. The government is considering liability protection, tax incentives and buying excess flu vaccines if consumer demand comes up short.

by Christopher Doering

July 7, 2015

Egg and poultry groups Tuesday criticized the Agriculture Department's handling of the worst avian flu outbreak in U.S. history, with one Iowa turkey producer charging the response allowed the deadly virus to spread.

At a Senate Agriculture Committee hearing about the bird flu outbreak that has devastated producers in Iowa and 14 other states, Brad Moline, a third-generation turkey farmer from Manson, Iowa, told lawmakers that state and federal officials were slow to sit down with poultry groups to outline how they planned to combat the disease and what would be required of the industry.

Vaccination Liberation

by Ingri Cassel

March 8, 2007

Some doctors are giving patients who chose not to vaccine their children a form to sign created by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

This form varies from state to state but basically it is a total propaganda sheet about the alleged value of vaccines, the alleged "risk" of not vaccinating and even worse the parent who signs the form is falsely "admitting" that they are putting their children at risk.

August 28, 2013

Question: When is a legal case really newsworthy? Answer: When it's never covered by the mainstream media. Yet the ongoing Merck MMR case - which no-one is being told about - is even more important than VIOXX was.

I wonder how Merck has managed to so skillfully keep it out of mainstream media.... So let's update the news, .... that isn't being told. An ARTICLE planted recently in the pro-corporate website Law360 says pretty much what Merck's lawyers wanted it to say. Naturally, it was ignored by mainstream media. It said: 'Eric Sitarchuk of Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP emphasized that the suit brought by two former employees of the company does not hold up because they failed to demonstrate that the label of its mumps vaccine was false and that the FDA was misled about the efficacy of the vaccine...

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