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Find the latest in immunization, vaccine news and research. Parents across the country are concerned about the mass injections our national health community inflicts on our children and rightly so. Immunization News provides current news articles, covering issues ranging from HIV and Cancer vaccines, to routine innoculations for children as well as the latest Swine Flu scare.

Get the facts before you or your children are vaccinated with any shot or nasal spray. Having a child vaccinated is the most important decision most parents will ever make. It's a decision your child will live with the results of his or her life. It's one decision you can't "do over" or take back — so make an informed one.

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Times Colonist (Canada)

by Sharon Kirkey

February 5, 2007

Parents are being encouraged to vaccinate their children against chickenpox to reduce their risk of contracting a drug-resistant superbug.

"There's a lot of reasons to give children the (chickenpox) vaccine so that they don't get these massive skin lesions that can get infected with other things." Doctors stressed community-acquired MRSA is rare.


February 5, 2007

State Representative Kathy Stein wants lawmakers to pass a bill that would require middle-school girls to be vaccinated against a virus that causes cervical cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is a sexually-transmitted virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer. Stein said her proposal would help spare girls from the threat of cervical cancer which claims the lives of nearly 4,000 women nationally every year.


by Karolyn Davis

February 2, 2007

Governor Rick Perry issued the order making Texas the first state to require the shots to protect against strains of the Human Papilloma Virus.

This means girls will have to get Merck's new vaccine- Gardasil. The vaccine, would be required for girls 11 or 12 years old before they enter school in September of 2008.

Guardian Unlimited (UK)

by Gaby Hinsliff,

December 23, 2006

Schoolgirls as young as 12 are to be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease linked to cervical cancer, under controversial plans being drawn up by the Department of Health.

Millions of girls would be immunised at school against human papilloma virus (HPV) before they become sexually active. Research has shown the virus is one of the key causes of cervical cancer, which kills around 1,000 women a year.

Daily Times (Pakistan)

December 23, 2006

DHAKA: Bangladesh hopes to have vaccinated 24 million children by Saturday as it strives to stamp out polio, the incurable disease which re-emerged in March this year.

Bangladesh, declared polio-free in August 2000, now has 17 cases after a 2-year-old boy in a village near Sylhet, 350 km (219 miles) northeast of Dhaka, was found to have the virus.

The Toledo Blade (OH)

December 15, 2006

Legislation that would have made Michigan the first state to mandate a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer has died in the House.

The state Legislature ended its 2005-06 session without acting on the bill first proposed by outgoing Sen. Bev Hammerstrom, (R., Temperance). The Senate had passed a version of the bill in September.

The Toledo Blade (OH)

December 13, 2006

A bill introduced by a Toledo legislator would require all sixth-grade girls in Ohio be vaccinated against the virus that causes cervical cancer.

The bill, introduced earlier this week by State Rep. Edna Brown (D., Toledo) includes an opt-out provision for parents unwilling to vaccinate their daughters.

News With Views

by Elissa Meininger

November 7, 2006

Some months ago, I learned that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was going to stage another hearing about the safety of dental amalgam (aka mercury) fillings scheduled for September 6 and 7, 2006.

Immediately, like thousands of other victims of mercury poisoning who had monitored the last major FDA hearing in 1991, I wondered if this time the hearing would be objective, or if we would experience the same attempt to cover up what we all knew was a major health crisis fifteen years ago.

Science Daily

September 16, 2006

For the more than one million Americans with type 1 diabetes and the 35,000 children newly afflicted with the disease each year, a new vaccine tested in a human clinical trial holds a great deal of promise.

The research that established the foundation for this vaccine was conducted in UCLA research laboratories. The drug is still being tested and is not likely to be available for at least a few years.

Baltimore Business Journal (MD)

by Stephanie Wentworth

August 9, 2006

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Center for Vaccine Development a $27.9 million grant to study diarrheal diseases.

The money will be used to gather information to develop vaccines and distribute them in the world's poorest countries, the medical center said Wednesday. Diarrheal disease is the second deadliest disease for children worldwide, according to the Institute for OneWorld Health, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company. Nearly 2 million deaths are attributed to diarrheal disease annually, the organization said.

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