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Technology is constantly changing and providing the casual user with challenges never dreamed of. Technology in the News is provided in an effort to assist you in getting the most out of your computer, while avoiding some of the pitfalls. Your computer really isn't out to get you. Why not learn to be friends?

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The Real Revo

by Kenneth

July 20, 2011

But that doesn't mean they won't try. Philly is now fining walkers that text while moving. I wish I was joking, but I am not.

I can understand a driver being fined for texting. If they don't pay attention to the road as they should, they can cause serious injury or death to others. It has been proven that texting while driving is actually more dangerous than drinking and driving. Well, sort of. It's only more dangerous while you're actually texting. As soon as you hit send and pay attention to the road, you go back to the same level of safety you enjoyed before. With drinking, you don't have that luxury.

January 3, 2013

The ability to block incoming calls on the iPhone is missing on the OS side, and though there were once rumors that a call block feature would arrive with newer versions of iOS, those rumors ended up being about the Do Not Disturb feature.

Do Not Disturb is excellent, but it's not really blocking unwanted calls, it just sets a time period where any calls won't bother you. So what can you do if you want to actually block a phone call on the iPhone? You have a few options. You can attempt to contact your cellular carrier and request a specific number be blocked, but not all carriers support that option and you'll be spending plenty of time on hold and bouncing around tech support menus to even find out if it's possible. That's not really viable for evryone though, which leaves a few iOS features as the next best thing, allowing you to create your very own do-it-yourself "block" list of sorts that is centralized and configured to be easily ignorable and also easy to add to.

Personal Liberty Alerts

by Bob Livingston

December 3, 2012

Your best defense against abusive law enforcement officers is a video recorder. Almost everyone now has a recorder with them at all times, thanks to advances in smartphone technology. People should use them.

The recorder is bane to the abusive badge-wielding enforcers who resort to force, intimidation, Tasers or worse if their subject doesn't immediately comply with all demands, no matter how ridiculous or illegal. Because of this, many civilians who have recorded their own or other people's encounters with police have found themselves handcuffed and sitting in the back of a patrol car. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed a citizen's right to record encounters with law enforcement by letting stand a Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling making the practice legal. It overturned an anti-eavesdropping law in Illinois that made it a class 1 felony - punishable by up to 15 years in prison - for anyone to record individuals performing their duties as law enforcement officers.

The Real Revo

by R.D. Walker

July 18, 2011

The Department of Justice says you can be forced to reveal your computer password.

The Obama administration has asked a federal judge to force a defendant to decrypt an encrypted laptop that police found in her bedroom during a raid of her home.

April 10, 2013

The Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau has announced a new mobile App to assist travelers heading to Yosemite with everything from lodging and dining to finding things to see and do.

The new app allows travelers to have access to all the information available on their website, such as lodging, dining and activities, in Yosemite National Park and surrounding southern gateway of Madera County, even if they are in an area with limited to no data service.

CNS News

July 11, 2012

A California yoga instructor has been fired for her disapproving stink-eye glare at a Facebook employee using a cellphone in class.

Alice Van Ness, who was hired to teach hour-long yoga sessions at Facebook's Menlo Park campus, says she tells students before class to turn off their cellphones. But a female employee pulled out her cellphone in the middle of a Monday session and began texting.

Hot Air

by Ed Morrissey

June 5, 2011

Those providing on-line services take security very, very seriously, because any hint of vulnerability will have users running to competitors almost instantly in the highly competitive Internet world.

When Rep. Anthony Weiner and his defenders began blaming Yfrog for a mysterious tweet on his stream that included a photo of a crotch that Weiner couldn't say "with certitude" wasn't his, Yfrog responded by suspending all e-mail uploads until it could fully check security. On Friday, Yfrog announced the results of its investigation...

F-Secure Weblog

by Karmina

May 3, 2012

Somehow these SQL Injections targetting ASP/ sites just never seem to abate.

First there was Lizamoon... Surprising us with the millions of websites that got injected. Then came a few others with the recent ones being and Now came njukol...

Hot Air

by Ed Morrissey

July 26, 2012

Where were you in the Great Twitter Blackout of July 26, 2012?  Me, I was at my desk ... having to do status updates on Facebook.

Tragic. As of now, the Twitter website and the Tweetdeck services have been down about 20-25 minutes. Tech Crunch says Twitter is working on the problem. Maybe we can expect updates on their progress ... via Myspace.

Hot Air

by Erika Johnsen

February 21, 2013

The plot thickens: The latest batch of (significantly redacted!) emails released last week revealed that, not only did former EPA chief Lisa Jackson make frequent use of an alias "Richard Windsor" email account to conduct government business, but that she supplemented that account with yet another account registered with the New Jersey government from her old job.

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