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Channel Island Fox at the Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, CA

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Nature in the News contains interesting, entertaining and educational articles about wildlife, nature and ecology issues. This news page contains information on everything from Yosemite rock slides and mountain lion legislation, to global warming, climate change and tiny little hummingbirds.

If you aren't sure where you stand on the issues, don't feel alone. The world we live in becomes more complex every single day. Is the earth as fragile as some would have us believe or has it endured because it's quite resilient? You decide. These issues are not going away and will continue to plague us with complex problems that will require us all to make hard decisions.

You will find plenty of food for thought and information to contemplate. Be sure to check back often.

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by Natasha Noman

February 19, 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Ethan Tippa put it best on his Facebook post: "What the fuck is it?" Tippa reposted a photo taken by a fisherman in New South Wales, Australia, who stumbled upon the mysterious creature of the deep, the Newcastle Herald reported. Naturally, it didn't take long for the image to go viral.

by Marking Them Offensive

February 18, 2016

wo recent oil pipeline spills in Peru's part of the Amazon hit areas rich in wildlife and it will take them a year to recover, the government said on Monday.

The spills released a total of 2,000 barrels of petroleum, energy and mining minister Rosa Maria Ortiz said. She and other government officials flew over one of the areas blackened by a spill from a pipeline run by state-owned PetroPeru.

February 18, 2016

Peru's government has declared a 90-day water quality emergency in several northern jungle districts where two oil spills occurred due to ruptures of a pipeline operated by state-owned oil company Petroperu.

The first rupture of the North Peruvian Pipeline occurred on Jan. 25 in the municipality of Imaza-Chiriaco, Amazonas region, where between 2,000 and 3,000 barrels of crude were spilled over the three days it took Petroperu to repair the conduit.

February 17, 2016

More than 90 percent of the crude spilled in the Peruvian Amazon due to two breaches of an oil pipeline has now been recovered, President Ollanta Humala said.

In a visit to the Las Bambas mine in the southern Andean region of Apurimac, Humala lamented the spills and pledged to identify those responsible and determine the appropriate penalty for state-owned oil company Petroperu, the operator of the North Peruvian Pipeline, the conduit affected by the ruptures.

February 15, 2016

WEST YELLOWSTONE, Mont. - Protestors with the Buffalo Field Campaign fan out across southeastern Montana this week to raise awareness about the planned hunt and slaughter of about 900 Yellowstone bison by the National Park Service.

The herd numbers around 4,900 and every year, some animals migrate into Montana, where they're either shot or spooked with all-terrain vehicles or helicopters to drive them back into the park, mostly by cattle ranchers who say they're concerned the bison might spread brucellosis.

by Dan Joling

February 9, 2016

Murre die-offs have occurred in previous winters but not in the numbers Alaska is now seeing. It may be a sign of ecosystem changes that have reduced the forage fish that murres depend upon.

A closer look revealed that the white patches were emaciated common murres, one of North America's most abundant seabirds, washed ashore after apparently starving to death. "It was pretty horrifying," Irons said. "The live ones standing along the dead ones were even worse."

by Dane Wigington

February 5, 2016

The propensity of the human race to deny unpleasant and frightening realities until the last possible moment is truly profound. The power structure (and the mainstream media they control) are using every imaginable means at their disposal.

The current facade is disintegrating on every front and even now the vast majority are completely oblivious to what is unfolding. As the horizon grows ever darker, we must all examine our priorities. What can we yet accomplish at this late hour that would have the most impact toward the greater good?

by Mac Slavo

February 5, 2016

In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material.

A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that "breathable" radiation levels have hit "lethal levels" according to a Nuclear Expert group.

by Chelsea Harvey

January 23, 2016

Human activities have plenty of obvious impacts on wildlife. Overhunting and overfishing, habitat destruction and the side effects of climate change are all notable forces that have cause wildlife populations to shrink or move.

Perhaps a less talked-about, but nonetheless significant, impact of humans on wild animals, however, is our ability to alter - and even destroy - their migration patterns, a phenomenon that could have serious ecological consequences. The newest instance of humans versus wildlife migration has cropped up in a new paper, just published in the journal Science Advances on Friday.

by Design?

January 23, 2016

Chemtrails have been sprayed for at least 15 years and now we know what they are doing it for.

There has been more speculation about the purpose of these "streaks in the sky" than any other apparent phenomenon. And the "mis-information" minions have been hard at work to convince the public of chemtrails just being a fabrication of conspiracy theorists.

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