Reliable Answers - News and Commentary

Reliable Answers - News and Commentary

Scam of the Day

If life wasn't hard enough these days, beware the scam artist. Have you had the call yet? The one where Microsoft is calling you, telling YOU that your computer has a virus...


Computer Update Service Subscription

Are you sick and tired of viruses on your computer? A SaferPC subscription is just what you need. Shawn will login to your computer and install updates ensuring that only those features you need are installed and that no crapware is included. There's more about this and my motivation here: Find out more...

Passing on the skills of life

I just love that people are finally appreciative of homemade items. There was a time when it was considered old fashioned, and thrifty but certainly not preferred.

Eco-Friendly Burials

For a burial to be considered green it must meet three requirements set by the Green Burial Council: the body cannot be preserved with traditional embalming fluid, man-made vaults are prohibited and only biodegradable burial containers or shrouds can be used.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth!

You can't begin to understand the effects sugar and more specifically High Fructose Corn Syrup has on your body and this is the part I like because he actually tells you what to do about it. You don't have to be sluggish and overweight but if you follow the USDA and FDA's advice you will be.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Water is life. No water, no life. We don't hear anything about it on the news but our water is being stolen, our access is drying up. Heck, here in California they are talking about relocating a large portion of the population. I'd like to know how they plan on doing that...

Why Real Salt Is Essential!

I've had many people tell me, "Oh, I don't use salt." I look at them in wonder. Salt is essential for the body to maintain health. Why do you think the first thing they do when you go to the hospital is start a saline drip?...

Surrounded by Soybeans...

My late husband and I dreamed of having a farm. You know, a little piece of earth that we could pass along to the kids and they could always call home. Eventually, we got it. Then came the crop dusters, and half our garden died. We managed to save most of the tomatoes and broccoli but the corn: complete disaster. That night I broke out in hives. I was itching and my lips swelled, my face swelled...

12 Ways to Prevent a Biotech Take Over!

Stop the Mass Death of Bees!

Offsite Links In a New Window

Some clients just absolutely demand that links to other sites should open a new window, in order to provide external links, while also keeping their own visitors on their site. The method typically relied on to do this is to add a target attribute to each individual link. Posted April 19, 2012

Pressured Into Silence

I do not generally like talking about politics. However, I have needed to let this out for three years — since I started college. I am not going to beat around the bush, talk down how I really feel, or try to be polite. In fact, I am going to be blunt. I am a very Conservative Republican. Posted April 21, 2012

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Coney Island Hot Dog

If you can't find it to buy, making it is the only other alternative. I combined several recipes and added a few additional ingredients and created my own recipe.

Homeschool News

LocalHS provides links to homeschooling, charter school and virtual education news items of interest to homeschoolers. Keep informed about the latest homeschooling issues.

Death By Chocolate!

I think I've been watching too much of the Food Network because yesterday I made carrots with cherries. Last night I made Chocolate Chip Brownies. They were so chewy and moist and deeply satisfying.

Health Links!

Teaching children about Health is important. We've provided links to articles on how to get your children to eat healthy; assist you in teaching about table manners, etiquette and more.

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Big Brother is Watching YOU!

Useful iPhone Accessories

When my husband suggested we order a new iPhone accessory called, "In Your Face," I really didn't think too much of it. He is always finding accessories and tools that he believes we will find useful in our everyday lives... Posted March 05, 2011

Bulk Shopping Saves $$$

Our family firmly believes in buying local and for most of the year we do. We know where to shop to stretch our money as far as we can and still eat good wholesome food... Posted November 4, 2011

Addiction to Internet Pornography

Addiction to Internet Pornography

Addiction to Internet pornography is a growing problem in the U.S., because of the easy accessibility to the Internet and the considerable amount of websites available. Each year the porn industry grows by millions of dollars. Porn Harms National Awareness Campaign kicks off today...

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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