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    • Defending False Allegations of Abuseby Cowling Investigations Ages: 18+The following material has been prepared and provided by Allen Cowling and Cowling Investigations, Inc., for educational purposes and was designed to assist anyone who is facing a false accusation, false allegation or false allegations of child abuse...Subjects: policy, questions, medical reports, legal research, how to research

    • False Allegations of Abuseby The Custody Coach Ages: 18+False allegations of abuse have become an epidemic in the family court system. Whether a false allegation of abuse is made maliciously, or if the false allegation is made out of genuine concern for the welfare of a child... (not a free resource)Subjects: false allegations, resources, hellp stop allegations

    • False Allegationsby Barbara C. Johnson, Esq. Ages: 18+True or not, allegations of sexual abuse and/or rape of child ignite a chain reaction of events in administrative agencies, a police detective bureau, a district attorney's office, lawyers' offices, one or more criminal courts...Subjects: assault, abuse, child, parental rights, family court

    • Introduction to False Allegations of Abuse Investigationsby Allen Cowling Ages: 18+When facing false allegations, it is not uncommon for the accused to take the accusation as a joke. Your survival is based on your ability to educate yourself and take an active part in your own defense.Subjects: allegations, molestation, abuse, innocent, accused, investigation

    • False Allegations of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Parental Alienation Syndromeby Edward S. Nunes Ages: 18+Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a collection of behaviors where one parent turns a child against the other parent. When one parent deprives a child of a healthy relationship with the other parent...Subjects: PAS, divorce, parenting, custody, mother, father, advice, fear

    • False Accusations of Child Abuseby Men Stuff Ages: 18+We believe that those who are empowered to protect children must be accountable, professional, and uphold the highest standard of care. Towards achieving this goal, we are actively involved in public education (conferences, public speaking, writing) ...Subjects: false, report, abuse, accusations, children, NASVO, VOCAL

    • False Allegations Support Organisationby FASO Ages: 18+In the UK today ordinary people like you, with nothing to hide, can be accused of abuse on almost no evidence, and without any proper witnesses to support the story. The strain of "child protection" intruding into your family can make you depressed or ...Subjects: resource, false allegations, child abuse, child protection, fear, parentsLocation: United Kingdom

    • False Allegations of Child Abuseby Truth in Justice Ages: 18+Our instincts are to protect and defend defenseless children. It is a measure of a civilized society. It is equally instinctive to presume guilt. That tendency is even stronger when the accused must prove a negative...Subjects: defense, guilt, physician, caregiver, evidence, investigation, Shaken Baby Syndrome, legal

    • Do's and Don't's When Falsely Accused Of Sexual Abuseby NASVO Ages: 18+Knowledge is power. Knowing how the system works and what is required of social workers can help you put them on the defensive when you force them to do their job properly!Subjects: SPARC, men, custody, battle, false allegation, abuse, attorney

    • Abuse-Excuseby Dean Tong Ages: 18+Dean Tong is now offering his consultative or expert witness services for all Indigency (Insolvency or In Forma Pauperis) Juvenile - Dependency and/or Criminal Child Sex Cases at a 50% discounted retainer fee rate. (not a free resource)Subjects: law, consult, advice, services, witness, criminal, civil

    • The Effects of a False Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse on an Intact Middle Class Familyby Darrell W. Richardson Ages: 18+The effects of false allegation on a family of 4 were studied. The experience destroyed the family and the parents and children all suffered depression, stress, rage, distress, hurt, and alienation.Subjects: false allegations, depression, family, study, research, traumatic, destructive, clinical evaluation

    • Assessing the Costs of False Allegations of Child Abuse A Prescriptiveby The Institute for Psychological Therapies Ages: 18+False allegations of child abuse result in considerable costs to all aspects of the criminal justice and social service systems and to society as a whole as well as the falsely accused. The factors behind these costs are explored and suggestions...Subjects: attorney, quotes, victims, counseling, child abuse, allegations

    • Assessment of the Accused Adultby Institute for Psychological Therapies Ages: 18+No psychological test nor evaluation procedure can ascertain whether a given individual has, in fact, abused a child or committed any other specific behavior.Subjects: article, false allegations, justice, MMPI profile, minor, abuse

    • False Allegations of Child Abuseby Dr. Friedlander Ages: 18+When I was an associate medical examiner for Jackson County, I got a lot of enjoyment from assisting with the prosecution of real criminals, and putting bad people where they belong. My concern is with errors by examining physicians and sex-abuse nurse...Subjects: child abuse, allegations, overdiagnosis, criminals, innocent, physicians, SANE, medical, evidence

    • Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers (FACT) Ages: 18+F.A.C.T. (Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers) is a UK wide voluntary organisation. It exists partly to support carers, teachers and other professionals falsely accused or wrongly convicted of abuse...Subjects: UK, injustice, reform, professionals, education, teachers, clergy, court

    • False Allegations of Abuseby Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. Ages: 18+Many experts and family law practitioners believe that the increase in false allegations of abuse in the divorce and custody context are a direct result of the move to "no-fault" divorce.Subjects: custody, divorce, no-fault, vindication, abuse allegations

    • Suspected child abuse: false positives or false negatives?by Richard Heller, Konrad Jamrozik and David Weller Ages: 18+The UK government is reviewing 258 cases in which a parent was convicted of murder, manslaughter or infanticide, following the overturning of the conviction of one mother for the murder of her two children, and the collapse of the prosecution...Subjects: article, UK, abuse, Australia, evidence, infanticide, murder, conviction

    • The True Cost of False Witnessby Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse Ages: 18+It is the nightmare scenario for foster parents. It can be the end of a teaching or child-care career. What is it? It is a false allegation of child abuse.Subjects: article, foster parent, vindictive, foster home, investigation, charges, custody, dispute

    • Falsely Accusedby Patrick E. Clancy Ages: 18+In an effort to correct the inadequacies of the courts, legislators, prosecutors and many powerful interest groups have created laws that now make it easier than ever to be falsely accused and convicted of rape, physical abuse and child molestation.Subjects: resource center, laymen, attorneys, litigation, law

    • Allegations of sexual abuse of children in divorce cases probably trueby Bernie DeGroat Ages: 18+Although allegations of child sexual abuse in cases of divorce may appear revengeful, about two-thirds of these accusations probably are true, according to U-M researchers. Subjects: article, divorce, custod, allegations, research, charges, court

    • Sudden Infant Death & False Allegationsby Debbie Grater Ages: 18+I was a child care provider with a great love for children when I was accused and criminally prosecuted for alleged Shaken Baby Syndrome. I am innocent and have always maintained my innocence.Subjects: SIDS, Debbie Grater, testimony, allegations, vaccinationLocation: Pennsylvania

    • Casualties Of Sexual Allegations FAQby Masculinist Evolution New Zealand Ages: 18+COSA was formed by a group of professionals and individuals concerned about, and in response to, the increasing number of false allegations of sexual abuse being made in New Zealand...Subjects: false allegations, COSA, justice, support, education, research

    • Child abuse has eluded family law reformby Adele Horin Ages: 18+The Family Court lacks the independent power and resources to investigate allegations of abuse. This deficiency is putting Australian children at risk.Subjects: article, family court, dispute, divorce, allegations, investigateLocation: Australia

    • Molested Children Placed with Perpetratorsby Teresa & Ken Marlowe Ages: 18+We reported our children's allegations of molestation by extended family members to the child protective services and the police. CPS claimed that we fabricated the allegations of molestation.Subjects: police, weapons, assault, lawsuit, federal, court, false allegations

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