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    • Home remedy for cysts/abscesses Ages: 18+Thank you so much for sharing! I thought I would let you know that there is an online support group where you can exchange your home remedies for bartholin cysts and share stories with other women going through the same horrors. It's also free. Subjects: natural, alternative remedy, bartholin's gland cyst, calamine lotion, liver, kidney flushes, drainage, relief, pain

    • Bartholin's abscessby MedlinePlus Ages: 18+A Bartholin's abscess forms when a small opening (duct) from the gland gets blocked. Fluid in the gland builds up and may become infected. Fluid may build up over many years before an abscess occurs.Subjects: Medical Encyclopedia, painful, abscess, fever, discharge, symptoms, treatment

    • Management of Bartholin's Duct Cyst and Gland Abscessby American Family Physician (AAFP) Ages: 18+Bartholin's duct cysts and gland abscesses are common problems in women of reproductive age. Bartholin's glands are located bilaterally at the posterior introitus and drain through ducts that empty into the vestibule.Subjects: resource, duct, cysts, gland, abscess, vestibular, Cowper's glands

    • Vulvar Diseases in Primary Care The Visible Lesion: Is it Cancer?by D. Ashley Hill, M.D.  Ages: 18+Although the vulva only comprises a small amount of the body's surface area, it is host to a surprisingly large number of diseases and ailments. Although many vulvar conditions cause symptoms such as burning, pruritus, other discomfort, or discharge...Subjects: resource, biopsy, precancerous, lesions, diagnosis, surgical, Cadida, bacteria

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