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    • Cancer: the Forbidden Cures Ages: 18+In the last 100 years dozens of doctors, scientists and researchers have come up with the most diverse, apparently effective solutions against cancer, but none of these was ever taken into serious consideration by official medicine. Most of them were in fact rejected out-front, even though healing was claimed in the thousands, their proposers often being labeled as charlatans, ostracized by the medical community and ultimately forced to leave the country.Subjects: Essiac Herbal Supplement, cancer treatment, tea, scientists, life, medicine, medical authorities, FDA, researchers, alternative, therapy, treatment, cure, cancer, clinics, natural remedies, radiation,

    • Suppression of Natural Remediesby Foster Gamble Ages: 18+There are multiple natural treatments that hold enormous potential for curing cancer. Most people haven't heard about them because they were suppressed by those whose money making abilities and control were threatened - namely the American Medical Association, the FDA, pharmaceuticals, and influential private Foundations - Foundations which also get their money from the same people who own the pharmaceuticals.Subjects: cancer, growth, profitable industry, tumor shrinkage, research, funding, alternative cancer cures, natural treatments, non-toxic,

    • Essiac Tea- the Original Authentic Formula and Recipeby Spirit of Health Ages: 18+The following formula is Rene Caisse's Essiac formula and recipe which Rene's best friend, Mary McPherson, filed, under Oath, with the Town of Bracebridge in 1994. This was also the same formula and recipe that Dr. Gary Glum published in 1988. The preparation of Essiac is as important as the formula itself. Essiac is a decoction, not an infusion. An infusion is what people do when they put a tea bag in a cup of hot water. Generally speaking, an infusion tends to extract vitamins and volatile oils. Subjects: slippery elm, turkish rhubaru root, alternative, therapy, treatment, cure, cancer, clinics, Muskoka, burkdock rood

    • Mesothelioma Cancer Networkby Seeger Weiss LLP Ages: 18+Since this cancer has such a great latency period, most cases are not diagnosed until later stages. Early detection remains key regarding survival with mesothelioma. Medical book, "Mesothelioma" states that patients complaining of breathlessness tend to have a longer survival as opposed to those reporting pain. This can be true because those with pain tend to have solid tumors rather than just pleural effusions common in those reporting breathlessness.Subjects: mesothelioma, diagnosis, treatment, cancer, exposure, symptoms, treatment options, clinical trials, free information packet

    • Potent Natural Cancer Cures and Alternative Treatments... Ages: 18+Dr Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in medicine back in 1931 for his ground-breaking discovery on cancer whilst looking into alternative cancer treatments and therapies. What he discovered was cancer cannot survive in any way, shape, or form in an aerobic (oxygenated) environment. But it will survive and flourish very nicely in an anaerobic (acid) environment. So what exactly does this mean? Subjects: alternative, therapy, treatment, cure, cancer, clinics

    • The Truth About Essiac Ages: 18+Essiac tea has become well known for it's effectiveness in treating a wide variety of chronic illnesses as well as being an excellent natural detox method. Essiac tea helps release toxins that build up in fat and tissues into the blood stream where they can be filtered and excreted by the liver and kidneys. These are the chemicals and poisons causing cells to mutate and are in our air, food, and water, and everywhere around us. Subjects: Essiac Tea Formula, free, alternative, medicine man, indian, Royal Cancer Commission, Canadian nurse, therapy, treatment, cure, cancer, clinics, Rene Caisse, herbal cancer treatment, ESSIAC

    • The Gerson Institute Ages: 18+The Gerson Therapy regenerates the body to health, supporting each important metabolic requirement by flooding the body with nutrients from about 15- 20 pounds of organically-grown fruits and vegetables daily. Most is used to make fresh raw juice, up to one glass every hour, up to 13 times per day. Raw and cooked solid foods are generously consumed. Oxygenation is usually more than doubled, as oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to many degenerative diseases. The metabolism is also stimulated through the addition of thyroid, potassium and other supplements, and by avoiding heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium and other toxins.Subjects: treatment, cancer, cure, non-toxic treatment, chronic degenerative diseases, Diabetes, Gerson Therapy, raw food, diet, whole-body, nutrients, enemas, organically-grown fruits

    • National Cancer Instituteby U.S. National Institute of Health Ages: 18+Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer is not just one disease but many...Subjects: cancer, types, treatment, research, clinical trials, topics, news, prevention, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lun cancer, technology

    • One answer to cancerby Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S Ages: 18+For the greatest majority of us, we are born in perfect health. Our health and aging process after birth is largely influenced by genetics, culture, geography and, of course, the foods and liquids we consume. These things are all that distinguish who willSubjects: cancer, therapy, book, detox, evaluation, testimonials, Olestra

    • Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users Ages: 18+Regardless of the area exposed to the continuous radiation emitted by your cell phone, there's the potential for harm, although certain areas are clearly more vulnerable than others. As a general rule, you'll want to avoid carrying your phone anywhere on your body. Keep in mind that the most dangerous place to be, in terms of radiation exposure, is within about six inches of the emitting antenna. You do not want any part of your body within that proximity.Subjects: cellphone, research, radiation, danger, Reuters, caution

    • The Milk Letter: A Message to My Patientsby Dr. Robert M. Kradjian Ages: 18+You may be surprised to learn that most of the human beings that live on planet Earth today do not drink or use cow's milk. Further, most of them can't drink milk because it makes them ill.Subjects: article, milk, diet, dietician, nutrition, dairy products, BGH, hormones, USDA, trust, intestinal, irritation

    • Mammography (Breast Imaging, Mammogram)by Radiology Info Ages: 18+Mammography plays a central part in early detection of breast cancers because it can show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them. Current guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the American Cancer Society (ACS), the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American College of Radiology (ACR) recommend screening mammography every year for women, beginning at age 40. Research has shown that annual mammograms lead to early detection of breast cancers, when they are most curable and breast-conservation therapies are available.Subjects: mammography, medical, testing, digital, benefits, risks, detection, diagnosis, ionizing radiation, FFDM, evaluation, radiologist

    • Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogsby Online Security Authority Ages: 18+Eleven articles previously published in toxicology and pathology journals are evaluated in the report. In six of the articles, between 0.8% and 10.2% of laboratory mice and rats developed malignant tumors around or adjacent to the microchips, and several researchers suggested the actual tumor rate may have been higher.Subjects: microchip, research, report, RFID, toxicology, tumors, mice, rats, VeriChip implant, malignant tumors, cancer, safety

    • Microchips and Cancer Reportby Caspian Ages: 18+In almost all cases, the malignant tumors, typically sarcomas, arose at the site of the implants and grew to surround and fully encase the devices. These fast-growing, malignant tumors often led to the death of the afflicted animals. In many cases, the tumors metastasized or spread to other parts of the animals. The implants were unequivocally identified as the cause of the cancers.Subjects: RFID Technology, implants, Cancer, report, research, document, dogs, tumors

    • Soy Alert: Health Food or Danger?by Debi Pearl Ages: 18+In the course of my research, I discovered that I had been swallowing a lot of propaganda. If you say something loud enough, often enough, and convincingly enough you can make anyone believe anything you say. The commercial side of the health food industry in America has vigorously promoted soy products and additives, turning a deaf ear to research that should throw up red flags.Subjects: soy, dangers, birth control, female hormones, tofu, diet, estrogen, thyroid medication, infant formula, phytoestrogens

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