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    • Tardive Dyskinesia: Reglan Use in Preemies and Breastfeeding Mothersby Amy Philo Ages: 18+Terry P, a nurse in Georgia, worked with premature babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She says she cannot remember a single premature baby in her care who was not given Reglan, despite the fact that there is still little information availablSubjects: articles, attachment parenting, blog, breastfeeding, parenting, Reglan, infants

    • How Irresponsible! Thoughts on unassisted home birthby Epinions Ages: 18+Choosing to birth without a doctor or midwife in attendance is probably as personally responsible a choice as one can ever make. It means that you accept all the responsibilit for your birth. It means that if something goes wrong there is no one...Subjects: article, home birth, unassisted birth, eclampsia, midwives, dangers, pregnancy, safety, midwife, choice

    • Giving Birth the Old Wayby WebMD Ages: 18+Laura Shanley not only had her four children at home, but she birthed them without a doctor or midwife. Hunkered over a plastic tub, she even tugged out a breech baby by herself while her husband was away.Subjects: links, home birth, unassisted birth, risks, delivery

    • The Homebirth Choiceby Jill Cohen Ages: 18+This document discusses homebirth as one of many avenues toward a successful birth-one that results in a happy and healthy mom and baby. We offer this in support of education, freedom of choice and empowerment of women and their families.Subjects: links, articles, homebirth, midwives, prenatal, labor, complications, birth, resources

    • The Natural Family Site Natural Childbirth Ages: 18+A natural birth (also known as an unmedicated birth) is just that - it is the delivery of a baby without using drugs or surgery during birth. A common phrase heard when talking with people about natural birthing practices is...Subjects: links, articles, books, midwives, doulas, childbirth, remedies, unassisted birth

    • Planning a Responsible Home Birthby Lynelle Dawson Ages: 18+When you first mention home birth, many people cringe. Does this matter to you? You must find out because one of the first steps to planning a successful and responsible home birth is discovering beforehand how the "inner you" reacts to others'...Subjects: links, homebirth, lamaze, healthy, midwives, medications, episiotomy

    • Home Birth Reference Site and links Ages: 18+The great advantage of planning a waterbirth at home, as opposed to in a hospital, is that you know the birth pool will be available when you want it, that nobody else will be using it, and that you will not be denied the chance to try it...Subjects: links, articles, Homebirth, hypnotherapy, waterbirth, breastfeeding, support

    • Home Birthing - Natural Birthby Devi Khuit Ages: 18+In a toxic world with a toxic body, it isn't easy to have a natural birth. It isn't always wise to choose a homebirth. But a home birth is certainly the nicest place to birth. I had my three daughters at home, and my last unassisted. Subjects: links, articlse, homebirth, unassisted birth, natural birth

    • Home Birthing Safetyby MetaFilter Ages: 18+My wife does not like hospitals. Period. There is no doubt that we'd have our children anywhere but and she was persistent enough to get what she wanted. In our favor was that both pregnancies were uncomplicated and risk was minimal...Subjects: links, articles, research, home birth, safety, sterilization, risks

    • Midwife Archivesby Ronnie Falcao Ages: 18+Pregnancy and childbirth from a midwifery perspective. The Midwife Archives is a collection of excerpts from messages that have appeared on birth-related distribution lists or newsgroups. Not all of the opinions here are those of midwives-some are from...Subjects: links, articles, midwives, parents, prenatal, postpartum, newborn

    • The Medical Literature on the Safety of Home Birthby James J. Hughes Ph.D. Ages: 18+Home birth can be a safe option for 90% of mothers, with appropriate prenatal care and attendant personnel. It makes both financial sense and medical sense for state laws to permit home birth attended by midwives...Subjects: links, articles, studies, books, prenatal, delivery, reports, risks

    • My Unassisted Home Birthby Casey Makela Ages: 18+The subject of unassisted birth is being talked about now more than ever before. It is a topic that is represented as an important choice in the realm of birthing options. What is being discovered by those who are unfamiliar with the concept...Subjects: links, home birth, unassisted birth, midwives, births, complications

    • Waterbirth: Easier for Moms...Better for Babies!by Waterbirth International Ages: 18+Warm luxurious water to cradle you and give you complete freedom to move during the greatest achievement of your life. Read the comments on the pages of this site - "In Mother's Words" - The women who have experienced the support and comfort of water...Subjects: links, articles, videos, waterbirth, homebirth, education, training, programs

    • Bornfree! Unassisted Childbirth by Laura and David Shanley Ages: 18+Welcome to Bornfree! This site is based on the belief that childbirth is inherently safe and relatively painless provided we don't live in poverty, and do not interfere either physically or psychologically. Drugs, machinery, and medical personnel...Subjects: links, articles, unassisted birth, bornfree, videos, stories

    • Planned Home Birthby BabyCenter Ages: 18+If you're a healthy expectant mother having a normal pregnancy and you have no medical or obstetrical risk factors, giving birth at home may be an option for you. Giving birth at home allows you to labor and deliver in familiar and comfortable...Subjects: links, risk factors, home birth, delivery, surroundings, complications

    • All About Waterbirth and Water Babiesby Karil Daniels Ages: 18+The Waterbirth Website provides in-depth information on the use of water for labor, childbirth, and early childhood development. Learn all about this wonderful new innovation that enables safe, gentle, joyous, empowering birth.Subjects: links, stories, baby, waterbirth, materials, videos, educate

    • Emergency Home Birthby BabyCenter Ages: 18+It's highly unlikely that you'll find yourself unexpectedly giving birth at home or in the backseat of a taxi - particularly if it's your first baby - but it can happen. In less than 1 percent of births, a woman who's had no labor symptoms...Subjects: links, home birth, emergency, symptoms, contractions, labor

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