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This is an extensive list of resources, which are continuously being updated. I've included everything from camping tips, recipes, anatomy, biology, pet care, natural health, civics lessons, holiday fun, parenting helps, biology, and so much more. You are sure to find something for everyone. Just keep digging! Or use the search box at the top of the page to find exactly what you need.

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    • Homeopathic Kit with People's Repertory Bookby Dr. Luc De Schepper Ages: 18+We present to you a 50 remedy emergency kit approved and remedies selected by Dr Luc in a 200 C potency at a very affordable price. While Dr Luc has approved these kits for his patients, he does not make any money from people purchasing these kits.Subjects: homeopathic, remedy, kit, emergency, treatment, Bengal Allen Medicine

    • Homeopathic for Health Remedy Guideby Elixirs Ages: 18+There are many symptoms that each homeopathic remedy can balance. When choosing a remedy for first aid and sudden health concerns you are matching the most troublesome symptom with the remedy.Subjects: links, pictures, symptoms, remedies, acne, allergy, anger, anxiety

    • Educate-Yourself - Forbidden Curesby Ken Adachi Ages: 18+There are a number of alternative healing therapies that work so well and cost so little (compared to conventional treatment), that Organized Medicine, the Food & Drug Administratino, and their overlords in the Pharmaceutical Industry (The Big Three)...Subjects: links, articles, healing, therapy, cures, diet, treatment, homeopathic

    • Homeopathic Materia Medicaby William Boericke, M.D. Ages: 18+The book contains the well known verified characteristic symptoms of all our medicines besides other less important symptoms aiding the selection of the curative remedy. I have tried to give a succinct resume of the symptomatology of each medicine used...Subjects: resource, Materia Medica, armanentarium, observation, proved, remedies

    • Homeopathic Remedy Finderby Lau Scientific Ages: 18+Our goal is to make the task of selecting remedies easier and faster. As many have already found, the Homeopathic Remedy Finder is a breeze to navigate and understand, especially for those new to homeopathy.Subjects: software, homeopathy, remedies, potency, dosage, products

    • Guide to Homeopathic Remedies Ages: 18+Pour the remedy into the cap; from the cap, place remedy under the tongue. Tablets will dissolve almost immediately - pills take longer. Avoid placing the remedy in your hands. Do not take the remedy with liquid although it can be dissolved in water...Subjects: links, remedies, homeopathic, treatments, side effects, therapy, yoga

    • Classical Homeopathy Ages: 18+Do you have physical or emotional problems that limit your health and happiness? You can do something to improve your health and your life naturally, with classical homeopathy. Have you been running from doctor to doctor, yet are still suffering?Subjects: natural, health care, ADD, ADHD, asthma, biopolar, autism

    • Homeopathic Glossaryby Stephen Barrett, M.D. Ages: 18+Worsening in the patient's condition after getting a homeopathic remedy. Homeopaths claim this can signify that the remedy was appropriate. Critics note that the concept helps them deny failure when the patient feels worse.Subjects: links, aggravation, allopathy, history, theories, electrodermal screening

    • Homeopathy What is itby Dr. R. Donald Papon Ages: 18+Homeopathy is a system of energy healing using minute amounts of safe, non-toxic, natural substances derived from the vegetable, animal, and mineral kingdoms, dispensed according to the "Law of Similars"-an age-old principle that recognizes the body's...Subjects: articles, definition, healing, benefits, remedies, drugs, treatment

    • ABC Homeopathyby Influenca ltd Ages: 18+To find a remedy for an acute condition, enter your symptoms, answer a few questions, and the homeopathy remedy finder will show you which homeopathic remedies best match your symptoms. Takes 5-15 minutes.Subjects: Remedy Finder, software, flu, medical, acute, symptoms

    • British Homeopathy during two centuriesby Peter Morrell Ages: 18+The British Royals are very closely related to the German Royals, all of whom used homeopathy. There is some anecdote about one of the German Kings who came to Queen Victoria's Coronation in 1837 and was taken ill due to overindulgence...Subjects: history, homeopathy, royalty, The British Royals, Europe, medical, Dr. Quin

    • Dog Owner's Guide: Homeopathic medicine Ages: 18+Veterinarians and dog owners alike are intrigued with the concept of holistic (1) medicine for pets and are investigating such folksy treatments and preventives as homeopathic doses and herbs as alternatives to modern medicines.Subjects: articles, homeopathic, medicines, doses, veterinarians, treatments, preventions

    • Glossary of Homeopathy Termsby Whole Health Now Ages: 18+Homeopathy is a well-described, scientifically based system of approaching health and disease. "Scientific" because the insights are based on reproducible experiments. "Well-described" because from these observations a number of precise fundamental rules.Subjects: resource, homeopathic, terms, definitions, Centesimal, symptoms, antidote

    • Learn How Homeopathy Cured a Boy of Autismby Dr. Mercola Ages: 18+As I said in the last newsletter, in "Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy," author Amy Lansky tells the incredible story of how she used homeopathy to cure her son of autism. Although Lansky is not a medical professional...Subjects: articles, links, homeopathy, cures, autism, studies, books

    • Herbs for Kids - Botanical Laboratories Ages: 18+Herbs for Kids is dedicated to providing great tasting herbal formulas and extracts to support the delicate needs of growing children. Herbs for Kids formulas are manufactured according to strict pharmaceutical standards...Subjects: articles, support, digestive, respiratory, products, natural, remedies

    • Homeopathways Classical Homeopathyby Karen Cohen Ages: 18+Homeopathy is a system of health care which concentrates on care of the whole person by methods that are specific, gentle and sympathetic to the body's needs. The word "homeopathy" is derived from two Greek words: homoios (like) and pathos (suffering).Subjects: articles, homeopathy, doses, symptoms, effects, therapies

    • Homeopathy Home Remedy Shop - Worldwideby Homeopathy Ages: 18+Remedies are mentioned here to introduce a few of the possibilities homeopathy can offer, and not as recommendations for self-treatment. Homeopathic remedies can be useful in many cases, to soothe the itching, inflammation, and discomfort.Subjects: links, remedies, potencies, homeopathy, asthma, backache, burns

    • Hyland's Homeopathic Home Ages: 18+Hyland's develops homeopathic formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients following the strictest standards for preparation. With a century of commitment to homeopathy. Hyland's tradition of excellence consistently provides quality...Subjects: links, articles, homeopathic, stages, products, formulas, natural, ingredients

    • Hahnemann's Organon Ages: 18+As long as men have existed they have been liable, individually or collectively, to diseases from physical or moral causes. In a rude state of nature but few remedial agents were required, as the simple mode of living admitted of but few diseases...Subjects: articles, medicine, cure, diseases, therapeutics, treatments, homeopathy

    • History of Homeopathyby Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Ages: 18+Homeopathy's roots emerge from the findings, teachings and writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Hahnemann graduated from medical school in 1779 and started his own medical practice. He soon began his first homeopathic experiments in 1790..Subjects: articles, homeopathy, foundings, school, software, books, training

    • Home & First Aid Kitsby Hahnemann Labs Ages: 18+The Home Remedy kit is the one that most homeopathic practitioners want their patients to have. The Home Remedy kit has all of the first aid remedies and also remedies for acute illnesses such as headaches, coughs, colds, fevers, flu...Subjects: remedies, products, first aid, preparation, homeopathy

    • Homeopathy - The Ultimate Fakeby Stephen Barrett, M.D. Ages: 18+Homeopathic "remedies" enjoy a unique status in the health marketplace: They are the only category of quack products legally marketable as drugs. This situation is the result of two circumstances. First, the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act...Subjects: articles, remedies, products, drugs, herbs, minerals, diseases

    • Homeopathy FAQSby Whole Health Now Ages: 18+Homeopathic treatment encourages the body to return to a natural state of balance and health. Like the missing pieces of a puzzle, homeopathic medicines help "fill-in" the gaps in the body to stimulate a personís own healing potential...Subjects: homeopathy, allopathic, medicine, treatment, symptoms, detective, clues, patient, natural

    • Homeopathy Resource Guideby Alternative Medicine Foundation Ages: 18+The name, homeopathy, comes from the Greek word homio, meaning like, and pathos, meaning suffering. Homeopathic medicines treat illness by going with, rather than against, symptoms that are seen as the body's natural defenses. Subjects: articles, medicines, research, books, homeopathy, organizations

    • Homeopathy: An Introductionby Frederik Schroyens, M.D. Ages: 18+The founder of homeopathy was Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Based on his observations, he formulated the so-called PRINCIPLE OF SIMILARITY, which states that a given substance can cure in a diseased person the symptoms that it produces or causes...Subjects: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, health, disease, medical, Principals of Similarity, history

    • Introduction to Homeopathy Online Courseby Well Within Ages: 18+Homeopathy is a very complete medical system that works with the whole person and helping the body get rid of the disturbance that the vaccine may have caused. Homeopathy works best if you work with a qualified Classical Homeopath...Subjects: links, articles, cures, courses, books, remedy kits, homeopathic

    • James Tyler Kent - A Great Homeopathby Whole Health Now Ages: 18+Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.Subjects: articles, homeopathy, cures, symptoms, teachings, pholosophy

    • Organon of Medicine 5th editionby Hahnemann Samuel Ages: 18+ACCORDING to the testimoney of all ages, no occupation is more unanimously declared to be a conjectural art than medicine; consequently none has less right to refuse a searching enquiry as to whether it is well founded than it, on which man's health...Subjects: links, books, medicines, opinions, physicians, health

    • Practitioner Directory How to find a Homeopathic Physicianby The Holistic Internet Community Ages: 18+Homeopathy is a 200-year-old medical system that involves using extremely diluted substances of vegetable, animal or mineral origin to stimulate a healing response. A trained practitioner of homeopathy, called a homeopath...Subjects: articles, homeopath, healing, vegetables, symptoms, remedies, principles

    • The Quintessence of Hahnemann’s Organonby Peter Morrell Ages: 18+One might say that homeopathy started with the empirical investigations by Hahnemann in using drugs on himself (1790s) and then with his matching the symptoms so produced to the symptoms observed in sickness, which thoroughly confirmed...Subjects: articles, symptoms, therapeutic, drugs, homeopathy, experiments

    • Just Call Me Jamin! - Homeopathyby Homeschool Blogger Ages: 18+I have promised at least a half a dozen people that I would write a post on homeopathy. So here it goes... Twelve years ago when my oldest son was one, my father passed away. My son and I spent 3 months in Kansas with family and during that time my son...Subjects: links, articles, homeschool, homeopathy, natural, remedies, symptoms

    • 'The insider's guide to natural health'by What Really Works Ages: 18+Homeopathy as a system of medicine was first devised by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He graduated in medicine from the University of Leipzig in 1779 and very quickly made a name for himself in his chosen field.Subjects: articles, homeopathy, methods, treatment, disease, symptoms, orthodox

    • Homeopathic Materia Medicaby Kathryn Jones DiHom & Elixirs Ages: 18+The Remedy Reference Guide page is called a Materia Medica. Materia Medica is Latin for medical material. Materia Medicas differ from Repertories by listing the Remedy's name and description. Whereas, Repertories list illnesses first. Subjects: links, articles, remedies, symptoms, bryonia, homeopathic

    • Homeopathic Remedies Informationby Natural Health Web Ages: 18+Our company's mission is to provide informative, quality Self Improvement and Natural Health information to help people improve their lives. We provide information ranging from Goal Setting and Stress Management to Natural Health and Alternative Medicine.Subjects: links, herbs, remedies, homeopathic, products, treatment, diet

    • Homeopathy Boiron Group - homeopathy Ages: 18+Pharmaceutical laboratories - Homeopathy - Boiron corporate website is dedicated to the company, Group information, financial information, shareholders...Subjects: links, research, health, medicines, homeopathy, values

    • Homeopathy, The Art of Healingby Dr. Andre Saine Ages: 18+Homeopathy is the essence of the art of healing. When homeopathy is well practiced, it is the medicine of choice to recover one's health from the great majority of acute and chronic problems. Homeopathy is a scientific method of treatment...Subjects: articles, links, healing, homeopathy, laws, history, medicine, symptoms

    • Homoepathic Library Indexby Internet Health Library Ages: 18+The Internet Health Library contains a full index of homoeopathic remedies & their uses. A terrific resource for the entire family.Subjects: links, library, homeopathic, allium, byronia, drosera

    • How are Homeopathic Remedies Made?by Healthy New Age Ages: 18+Homeopathic remedies are made from the elements found in nature --mineral, animal, and plant extracts are the base of these natural remedies which are then diluted through altering the degree of concentration to avoid creating side effects...Subjects: articles, remedies, homeopathic, substances, potencies, mixture

    • Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy by James Tyler Kent Ages: 18+These lectures were delivered in the Post-Graduate School of Homeopathics and published in the Journal of Homeopathics, and, new in somewhat revised form are given to the profession with the hope that they will prove useful to some in giving a clearer...Subjects: articles, books, cures, disease, disorder, laws, symptoms, principles

    • Medical Control, Medical Corruptionby Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. Ages: 18+The vested interests are sick over it: Americans are beginning, just slightly, to take charge of their own health care. Such best-sellers as the Doctor's Book of Home Remedies, the Physician's Desk Reference, and the Merck Manual...Subjects: articles, remedies, books, treatments, physicians, organizations

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