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Thanks for visiting "Annette's Favorites"! I am so excited about all my new features. We've added age ranges, subject tags and a short description to make a good resource even better. Can't find what you need? Use the Google search box at the top of the page to search the database. It's quick and easy.

This is an extensive list of resources, which are continuously being updated. I've included everything from camping tips, recipes, anatomy, biology, pet care, natural health, civics lessons, holiday fun, parenting helps, biology, and so much more. You are sure to find something for everyone. Just keep digging! Or use the search box at the top of the page to find exactly what you need.

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    • Pizza Stones: the Roundup Finale Ages: 18+Whenever the subject of pizza baking stones comes up, people chime in with their favorites. But how many people have owned more than two - or maybe three - pizza stones? Over the course of 12 weeks, I tested a variety of baking surfaces with the same pizza recipe, photographed the results, judged the textures, and ate the pizzas. After making and eating the same pizza every week for 12 weeks, I'm ready to wrap up this series on pizza baking surfaces and eat some different pizzas.Subjects: resource, pizza stone, Parchment on Stone, Fibrament Stone, baking surfaces, generic Pizza Stone, Quarry Tiles, Emile Henry Glazed Stone, Pizza Screen

    • How to make (aluminum-free!) baking powder from scratch Ages: 18+A lot of people are nervous about a possible connection between aluminum / aluminium and Alzheimer's disease. While nothing about the connection has been conclusively proven as yet, there seems to be no harm in eliminating aluminum from places where it doesn't really need to be... like baking. Subjects: resource, aluminum, Alzheimer's,baking powder, cream of tartar, cornstarch, cornflour, baking, homemade, proof

    • Knife Anatomy, Materials, Use, and Care Ages: 18+Arguably, the first cooking implement created was the knife. Knives were used for hunting and gathering, as well as for food preparation. Skipping forward a few millennia, the knife remains one of the most important tools, if not the most important tool, in the kitchen. Find basic information on knives, the anatomy of, how to use and the care of various kitchen knives. Subjects: professional kitchen, knife skills, sharpening, storing, caring, cutting edge, bolster, handle, paring knife, tang

    • Age Appropriate Kids Cooking Lessons Ages: 5 - 18Children from any age can help in the kitchen and learn culinary skills. Our kids cooking lessons are divided into age appropriate groups. We've divided 5 different age groups with more than 10 basic cooking lessons for kids in each. Subjects: culinary skills, children, lesson plans, teach cooking, recipe contest, cook books

    • Making the Most of Cheap Cuts of Beefby J.D. Roth Ages: 16+You don't need to buy a side of beef to get cheap, great-tasting meat. Excellent inexpensive steaks and roasts are available at every supermarket. Here's a brief guide to common cuts.Subjects: bargain, inexpensive, steaks, roasts, cheap cuts, flank steak, skirt steak, top blade steak, bottom round, tip steak

    • Lingerie for Your Vegetablesby Marie Greene Ages: 14+Make a fashion statement by knitting a reusable produce bag for your trips to the grocery store or market. I'm all about reusable bags. Why? Because they're good for the environment, good for the planet, and WAY cuter than white plastic.Subjects: craft, activity, knitting, pattern, instructions, mother, daughter

    • 36 Butcher's Suggestions For Cutting Meat Billsby Pioneer Thinking Ages: 15+Buy beef by the "half" or "quarter". Have it professionally cut and store in your freezer. Sell or trade excess with your neighbors. Well trimmed meat weights less, costs less.Subjects: save, money, budget, stretcher, cooking, beef, chicken, roast, stew, casserole

    • How To Boil Eggs Ages: 12+The simple and classic boiled egg, is one of the finest and easiest edible delights known on earth, with just 70 calories, and full of nature's most perfect form of protein. Boiling an egg is really very simple!Subjects: cooking, eggs, boiled, hard, soft

    • Tips for Quick Breadsby Diana Baker Ages: 15+If your quick breads rise unevenly there may be several problems. Make sure you place your quick breads in the center of the oven where there is the most even heating. The bread may also have been baked at the wrong temperature.Subjects: basics, muffins, cornbread, batter, leavening, baking soda,

    • How to Cook a Turkey in a Paper Bag Ages: 16+Why, you ask, would anyone ever cook a turkey in a brown paper bag? Because Paper Bag Turkey comes out crispy-skinned, golden brown and juicy every time. And there's no basting; put it in the oven and forget it.Subjects: cook, turkey, paper bag, recipe, leftovers

    • 10 Things Your Butcher Won't Tell Youby Jane Black Ages: 18+Many meat departments don't even have butchers anymore. Thanks to an innovation known as "case-ready" meat, staff are often little more than glorified stock handlers. Case-ready meat is prepackaged in plants and delivered to vendors ready for sale. "Don't take a butcher's advice on how to cook meat," Andy Rooney once quipped. "If he knew, he'd be a chef." Subjects: article, butterfly cut, organic, butcher, kabobs, chicken, lamb, beef

    • High Altitude Bread Baking Tipsby Russell Fletcher Ages: 12+At high altitudes above 3,000 feet, dough rises faster. Therefore, when baking at high altitudes some experimentation is required. Follow the suggested guidelines. Use one suggestion at a time and remember to write down which suggestions work best for you. Subjects: baking, tips, high altitude, experiement, trial and error, bread, dough, yeast, tricks

    • Ingredient Substitutions: Bakingby Thrifty Living Ages: 14+Have you ever made a recipe and found that you were out of an important ingredient? Instead of spending time and money running to the store, you can sometimes use a substitution. This fact sheet lists some easy ways to change the recipe.Subjects: baking, substitutions, recipe, ingredients

    • A Guide To Beef Cuts with Steak and Roast Names Ages: 16+A guide to beef cuts with steak and roast names. If you are befuddled by the names butchers and grocery stores give for various beef cuts then this chart will be a useful tool.Subjects: butcher, beef cuts chart, chuck, rib, short loin, sirloin, round, filet, meat

    • Bread Machine Baking Tips for Experimenting Ages: 15+Recipes and tips on bread machine baking. The key to bread-making success is proper dough consistency. Generally, dough should feel smooth and soft, not tacky or moist, and definitely not dry or crumbly. It should be elastic and resilient, so that when you push your hand into it, it tries to resume its original shape. Subjects: recipes, tips, bread machine, dough, ingredients, yeast, baking, recipe conversion, flour, liquids

    • Identifying Old Eggs: Here’s Howby Clair Schwan Ages: 8+You might be aware that old eggs are sold in the grocery store. How old? It's anyone's guess, but they didn't start putting sale dates on the egg cartons for no reason at all - they got complaints about eggs that weren't fresh.Subjects: eggs, freshness, weight, sink, crack, frying pan, farm fresh, organic

    • Baking With Brown Sugar Compared to White Sugar by Kay Miranda Ages: 14+Brown sugar is used in recipes requiring a deeper, stronger molasses flavor. There are two varieties of brown sugar, light and dark. Lighter brown sugar has less molasses in it and is used for baked desserts, such as butterscotch or toffee. Subjects: article, white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, granulated sugar, substituting,

    • National Center for Home Food Preservationby The University of Georgia Ages: 15+The National Center for Home Food Preservation is your source for current research-based recommendations for most methods of home food preservation.Subjects: canning, freezing, seasonal, dry, cure, smoke, jam, pickle

    • Sugars Ages: 12+Demerara sugar is a raw sugar that has been purified. It comes from Guyana and is a dry, coarse-textured amber sugar that has a toffee-like flavor. Muscovada or Barbados sugar is another raw sugar that has been purified. It has a finer grain that Demerara and very moist. Its color ranges from light to dark brown and it has a strong molasses taste.Subjects: sugars, white gold, cane sugar, honey, beets, sugar cane, sugar beet, baking, moisture, molasses, granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, Demerara sugar, Muscovada, Barbados, Tubrinado

    • 10 Worst and Best Foodsby Nutrition Action Ages: 15+On average, a cup of Campbell's Condensed soup has 760 mg of sodium. That's half a day's worth - assuming you eat only one of the 2 1/2 servings that the label says the can makes. Find more tips...Subjects: sodium, saturated fat, restaurants, yogurt, vitamin C, omega-3, calories, weight loss, diet

    • Beef Recipes Ages: 18+Whether you are looking to make a quick and easy meal or a sophisticated dish, these recipes will give your dinner a kick! Roasted, in soups or in stew, recipes with beef are always delicious! Serve beef with rice or pasta and make a perfect meal, every time.Subjects: recipes, tips, brisket, sirloin, tenderloin, roasted, crock pot, meals, soup, stew, roast, easy meals, dinner

    • Bread Recipes and Tipsby The Kitchen Link Ages: 12+Find sourdough and bread machine recipes along with bread baking tips. Bake From Scratch... It's As Easy As 1-2-3-4! Bread machines generally do stuff sorta backward. You add salt, sugar, liquid, THEN the flour and FINALLY the yeast. Just start with the yeast, liquid & sugar, then add salt and whatever else, then the flour. Flour is the big variable.Subjects: links, resources, bakers, baking, tips, recipes, coffee cake, bread, muffins, quick breads, bread mix, amish friendship bread, sour dough starter

    • Cake Baking Tips Ages: 16+Tips from top chefs on how to make the perfect cake. Invest in good chocolate, fruit fillings, nuts etc. You will taste the difference if you start with the best ingredients. Always use fresh eggs. Eggs separate best when cold, but egg whites whip up best at room temperature. Butter gives the best flavor. Subjects: resource, baking, cake, tips, chocolate, fruit filling, nuts, butter, ingredients, shortening

    • Color Changes in Meatby A.W., Berkeley  Ages: 18+I was buying some meat for a stew from our local butcher. The stew meat was in a display case alongside other cuts, and all were different shades of bright red. When the butcher scooped out the amount I needed, the meat underneath was darker. Subjects: resource, meat, butcher, freshness, oxygen, color, carbon dioxide, suggestion, air, healthy, quality

    • Guide to Natural Sweeteners Ages: 16+Fruit concentrates are thicker than fruit juice concentrates and are made by cooking whole fruits at very low temperatures until they have been reduced to a thick syrup. These are a combination of the simple sugars, fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Fruit sweeteners work well in most baked goods except white cakes and recipes using chocolate.Subjects: resource, substitute, maple syrup, brown sugar, sweeteners, nectar, honey, sucrose, turinado, sugar, molasses, cane, barley, malt

    • How to Select Meat Ages: 18+Step by step instructions on how to select the right grade of meat. There are really only two cuts of meat: tough and tender. Tough cuts of meat contain the muscle, which requires braising or stewing to become tender; tender cuts demand quick cooking to retain their texture and seal in their flavor. Look for high-quality cuts of whatever type of meat you are buying.Subjects: meats, selection, grades of meat, marbling, quality, prime, USDA, beef, lamb, pork

    • Ingredient Substitutionsby Julie Garden-Robinson Ages: 18+Have you ever been all set to prepare a food and suddenly discovered you were missing a certain ingredient? Sometimes it is inconvenient to go to the store to purchase the necessary ingredient. It may be more convenient to try a substitute from supplies available in your kitchen. Subjects: recipe, ingredient, substitution, emergency, alternative

    • Kitchen Fixes and Cheats Ages: 18+Cooking tips for almost anything that could happen in a kitchen.Subjects: cooking tips, slicing cake, avocado, cake tips, candles, fudge hints, gravy tips, onions, lettuce, meatloaf, Miracle Whip

    • Knivesby Home and Farm Supply Ages: 18+While most of us have one good knife in the kitchen, most people use that knife for everything. While a good, sharp knife can be used for many things; specific knives are designed for specific tasks in the kitchen. By using the correct knife for the task, you can be more efficient, safer, and, in many cases, achieve results that are impossible with the wrong knife. We sell what be believe to be the best knifes made.Subjects: knives, carving, Victorinox, paring, slicing, utility knives, cheese knife, tomato knife, cleaverLocation: Jackson, California

    • Meat Charts by Chris A. Allingham LLC Ages: 16+These meat charts for beef, pork, lamb and goat are a great resource to help you understand where various cuts of meat are located on the animal. Subjects: meat charts, Angus Beef, retail beef cuts, Identifying tri-tip, pork, hog carcass breakdown, pork primal cuts

    • Turkey – The Perfect Portion Ages: 9+Everything you want to know about turkey, from recipes and preparation tips to cooking demonstrations. Technical advances in turkey genetics, production and processing have helped create turkeys that produce a pound of meat using a smaller amount of feed and in less time than most other domestic meat-producing animals. The following information is general background of the turkey life cycle, genetic developments and improvements in commercial productions.Subjects: turkey, protein, recipes, videos, chefs, facts, trivia

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