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This is an extensive list of resources, which are continuously being updated. I've included everything from camping tips, recipes, anatomy, biology, pet care, natural health, civics lessons, holiday fun, parenting helps, biology, and so much more. You are sure to find something for everyone. Just keep digging! Or use the search box at the top of the page to find exactly what you need.

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  • SOS Sport Solar Oven Comboby Energy Independence Ages: 15+One of the first things to pack-up every summer when camping comes around to Northern Calif. Place my uncooked evening meal in one of the pots in the a.m., head out on the river prospecting all day, return to camp 6 hours later, dinner's done! Tasty, no fuss, no burnt food, one pot to clean! I have made everything from beef stew, French bread, beans and ham hocks, brownies, chili and rice...Subjects: survival, solar oven, baking, sun, oven, reflector, technology, thermometer, water pasteurization, cook, heat, self-reliant, energy, solar energy

  • How to make a solar power generatorby Phil Heiple Ages: 18+Using parts easily available from the internet (see helpful links) and your local stores, you can make a small solar power generator for $250 to $300. Great for power failures and life outside the power grid.Subjects: rollable solar panel, batteries, battery box, dc meter

  • Residential Solar Panel Installationby Real Goods Solar Ages: 18+The decision to go solar is the first step. Now you must choose an experienced, reliable partner to walk you through the process - from design to installation to rebate paperwork - we're with you every step of the way.Subjects: case studies, solar answers, economics, financing, installation

  • Science Fair Project Ideasby Make it Solar Ages: 15+A solar panel needs direct sunlight in order to work best. When clouds or trees block the sun, the solar panel generates less power than if it had full sunlight. When engineers design solar powered homes or applications...Subjects: science fair project idea, tips, hypothesis, materials, set up, procedure, results

  • Solar Panel Resourcesby SPI Renewable Solutions Ages: 18+Solar panels (arrays of photvoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy. Here at solar panel information...Subjects: install, panels, guide, resources, photovoltaic, energy, source

  • Toyota plans Prius with solar panelsby CNET News Ages: 18+Toyota plans to install solar panels on the roof of the next generation of Prius hybrid cars. The panels, which are expected to begin appearing on the high-end version of the gasoline-electric hybrid car as early as next spring, will supply...Subjects: solar, transportation, panels, hybrid cars, toyota prius

  • The Amount of Direct Sunlight your House Receivesby The Roofery Ages: 18+As you might guess, the amount of sunlight that you receive changes year-to-year, based on the season, your location on the planet, how many trees you have in your yard, and a host of other factors.Subjects: peak sun hours, solar panel brands, solar maps

  • Build Your Own Solar Panel Generate Electricity from the Sunby Phillip J. Hurley Ages: 18+This book will show you how to design and build PV panels, customize panel output, make tab and bus ribbon, solder cell connections and many, many other great things to learn in this book.Subjects: material, build, make, create, solar panel, repair

  • How to install solar electric panelsby AMECO Ages: 18+Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. Panels can be flush mounted as well as tilted up. When ever possible it is best to install solar panel mounts while a home is being roofed.Subjects: mount, solar, photovoltaic, panels, roof, secure

  • Solar Panel Informationby Solar Home Ages: 18+Solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) panels make use of sunlight to provide for a variety of needs. The area of photovoltaics is concerned primarily with converting sunlight into electricity.Subjects: technology, faq, incentive, inverters, fountains

  • Solar Panel tutorials and design tools for solar powerby Free Sun Power Ages: 18+Solar panels generate free power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, zero emissions, and no maintenance. The perfect situation for a Solar Power energy system is a small remote location...Subjects: tutorials, design tools, interactive, solar simulator, energy

  • Solar Panels and Solar Power Kitsby Solar Home Ages: 18+Did you know that the very sunlight which provides energy to growing plants can easily supply enough electricity to meet all human needs? Battery chargers, water pumps, and home electricity are just a few examples...Subjects: indoor, outdoor, lighting, batteries, chargers, heaters, pumps, solar panels

  • How Solar Cells Workby How Stuff Works Ages: 12+In this article, we will examine solar cells to learn how they convert the sun's energy directly into electricity. In the process, you will learn why we are getting closer to using the sun's energy on a daily basis...Subjects: batteries, light, satellites, solar panels, vehicle, quiz

  • Optimum Orientation of Solar Panelsby Charles R. Landau Ages: 18+To get the most from solar panels, you need to point them in the direction that captures the most sun. But there are a number of variables in figuring out the best direction. This page is designed to help you find the best placement for your solar panels.Subjects: optimum tilt, winter, energy, direction, calculations

  • Saving Energy Saves Moneyby Energy Hog Ages: 9+Learning about energy is fun when you include energy hogs! The Energy Hog Challenge is a set of classroom activities that guide children through lessons about different sources of energy, how we use energy at home, and how to bust energy hogs...Subjects: learn, energy-saving, habit, home, energy, checklist, energy audit

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