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Thanks for visiting "Annette's Favorites"! I am so excited about all my new features. We've added age ranges, subject tags and a short description to make a good resource even better. Can't find what you need? Use the Google search box at the top of the page to search the database. It's quick and easy.

This is an extensive list of resources, which are continuously being updated. I've included everything from camping tips, recipes, anatomy, biology, pet care, natural health, civics lessons, holiday fun, parenting helps, biology, and so much more. You are sure to find something for everyone. Just keep digging! Or use the search box at the top of the page to find exactly what you need.

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    • 3 Game-Changing Tips for Baking Your Own Sandwich Breadby Laughing Lemon Pie Ages: 16+It took me years -- literally, years -- to figure out the techniques and find a bread recipe that would work for me every time, without fail. And I realized that just giving you guys the recipe wasn't enough; I really needed to invite you all over and show you how to do it. Well, I couldn't do that. But I realized that what I could do was videotape myself doing it! So I did!Subjects: resource, sandwich bread, baking, techniques, high altitude, weigh flour,

    • Baking Bread 101by Jill Ages: 14+Baking Bread 101 shows you how to make bread - delicious, gourmet bread - from simple ingredients in your cupboards! Learn tips and techniques for yeast bread from sourdough starter to fabulous gourmet artisan bread - there's no need to be intimidated!Subjects: bread, yeast bread, gourmet bread, artisan bread, baking, equipment, flour, German pumpernickel, pita, bagels, challah

    • Braided Cheddar Pear Bread Recipe Ages: 14+You can attempt mixing this recipe by hand or use your favorite sweet dough recipe. I used my bread maker on the dough setting. At least this way I knew they bread would be edible.Subjects: bread, sweet bread, scratch, bake, cheddar cheese, dough

    • Amish Friendship Breadby Recipe Land Ages: 10+I had received a starter, for Amish Friendship Bread, from a friend many years ago. I used and gave away all my starter. Another friend of mine tried to replicate the starter, with no luck...Subjects: Amish, starter recipe, friendship, baking, bread, yeast

    • Handmade Flour Tortillasby Jennifer Armentrout Ages: 12+I'd always heard that making flour tortillas by hand is pretty simple, but I'd never tried it until recently, when Fine Cooking decided to do a feature on quesadillas. Here was the excuse I had been waiting for to give it a shot. Using various ingredient combinations, I tested several batches of tortillas before arriving at a recipe that made just what I was looking for: light and tender tortillas with soft, flaky layers. And you know what? They really are easy to make.Subjects: resource, tortillas, quesadillas, flour, ingredients, recipe, freeze, lard

    • The Fresh Loaf Baker's Handbookby The Fresh Loaf community Ages: 14+You can jump right in and start baking without knowing much about the ingredients or how the process works, but if you'll take the time to learn a little bit about the baking process you'll find baking to be much more rewarding. You'll also be equipped to modify recipes to fit your taste if you first understand how those modifications will change the results.Subjects: bread basics, scoring, lame, math, recipes, handbook, artisan, levain, baker, preferment, brotform, folding, gluten, whole grains, sugars

    • World's Best Cinnamon Raisin Breadby Lydia Holton Ages: 12+Absolutely scrumptious- this cinnamon raisin bread turned out beautifully! After comparing a number of different recipes, I decided to give this one a try and I couldn't have been happier with the results. The loaves were fluffy, moist, and flavorful...Subjects: raisin, bread, baking, fun, yeast, cinnamon, recipe

    • Bread Worldby Steve the Bread Guy Ages: 14+You can make homemade bread, just like your grandmother did. She did it with a spoon, a bowl and an oven, and so can you. Today. On this website, you can find all my videos that show how to make great bread in your kitchen. All you need to do is have the same ingredients, and then just follow along as I take you through each step, from start to finish. No bread machines! Subjects: resource, bread, yeast, history, politics, dark rye, sourdough, sourdough starter, Bread World, blog, pizza, white breat, focaccia, baguettes

    • Quick Breads Ages: 15+Looking for quick bread recipes? Try these top-rated recipes such as zucchini, pumpkin, and banana bread. With a large collection of recipes you will find something for everyone in your family.Subjects: quick bread, banana, zucchini, pumpkin, baking

    • Amish Friendship Bread Recipeby Group Recipes Ages: 12+The "Starter Recipe" is the first five lines of the ingredients section and the first three lines of the instructions section. Recipe includes variations. Subjects: yeast, share, friendship, starter, variation

    • Basic Sourdough Starterby Exploratorium  Ages: 12+Out of yeast? Don't worry: It's not hard to find. The feisty critters that make bread rise actually live all around us. In fact, the use of yeast in bread-making probably got its start accidentally, when "wild" yeast caused doughs meant for unleavened flatbreads to ferment. Subjects: recipe, bread, sourdough, yeast, flatbreads, acidic, bacteria, Berkeley sourdough, baker, bakery, sourdough starter, grape sourdough starter

    • 5 Tips for Perfect Homemade Flour TORTILLAS (With Recipe)by The Farmer's City Wife Ages: 12+Flour tortillas. Oh soft, tender goodness. Oh light, delicate, bready warmth. Oh perfect holder of all things edible: fajitas; tacos; Greek chicken; Nutella; leftover casserole with sour cream (don't diss it 'til you try it); banana, with peanut butter and honey; and even (lightning, please don't strike me)... hot dogs with Cheez Whiz.Subjects: resource, tortillas, flour tortillas, lard, cooking skills, bubble, Crisco, kneading, tortillas press

    • How to Make Flour Tortillas (with Mixed Results)by Patricia Mitchell Ages: 12+My research revealed that flour tortillas originated in Sonora, a northern Mexican state which shares a long border with the US. Mexican cooks there had access to white flour and incorporated it in their tortillas. Rolling out tortillas in perfect circles is harder than it sounds; the dough wants to draw up. So if perfectly circular shapes are important, you can trim away the excess with a sharp knife.Subjects: resource, tortillas, corn tortillas, flour tortillas, lard, cooking skills, bubble, kneading, thick and chewy Texas kind, thin and delicate Sonoran type

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