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    • Resources for divorce in your area. Ages: 18+Divorce Resources by Region -- Select your state to find organizations, divorce professionals, and resources in your area. Lots more stuff too.Subjects: resource, custody, litigation, strategy, family law, evaluation, parenting time, visitation, custody tracker, tools, custody battle strategy, advice, advocates, attorney, court systemLocation: Nationwide

    • Child Custody & Visitationby FreeAdvice Ages: 18+I live in Alabama. I am currently in the middle of a divorce. My husband is an alcoholic. He has been to jail on many occasions for DUI. He lost his job and his house because of his drinking. We have a 2 year old daughter together. In my divorce...Subjects: free, advice, forum, divorce, custody, visitation, children, parenting

    • Child Custody Evaluationsby Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. Ages: 18+Child custody evaluations are intended to provide the court with information regarding what custody and visitation arrangement will be in the best interests of the children, when the parents are unable to resolve this issue on their own. Often called a "best interests" evaluation, psychologists are ethically obligated to recommend what is best for the children regardless of who requests the evaluation.Subjects: resource, custody evaluations, psychology practice, visitation, emotional, step-family issues, assessment, family courtLocation: New Jersey

    • Win Child Custodyby The Custody Coach Ages: 18+Learn what you need to know about child custody. We tell you ahead of time what your attorney may not tell you. Stay one step ahead in the child custody process to achieve success. You are responsible for every aspect of your child custody case and you know your child better than anyone else. Learning how to win or defend child custody is the key to taking the frustration out of the adversarial court process and getting results.Subjects: resource, custody, strategy, family law, evaluation, parenting time, visitation, custody tracker, tools, custody battle strategy, advice, advocates, attorney, court systemLocation: Nationwide

    • Child Custody & Visitationby Divorce Source Ages: 18+Over the last five years or so, evidence from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs and other social media has been used in all types of family law cases. Social media evidence is now routinely used in divorce cases, alimony reduction/Lepis hearings, child support hearings, and child custody visitation disputes. Sometimes the evidence obtained from social media websites can be critically important...Subjects: articles, parenting issues, family court, social media, divorce, Guardian Ad Litem, parenting plan, visitation order, decisions, shared custodyLocation: Nationwide

    • Divorce Happensby New York Life Insurance Company Ages: 18+Emotionally, divorce turns lives topsy turvy, as the lives of everyone involved - wife, husband, children, family members, even friends - can change dramatically. Even in the most amicable break-up, it is not uncommon for the wounds to take years to heal. On top of the emotional distress that can accompany the end of a marriage, finances are often thrown into disarray. If you have just gone through a divorce, there are some important issues you need to address. Subjects: resource, divorce, marriage, finances, will, attorney, advise, retirement, life insuranceLocation: New York

    • Tips to Prepare for Child Custody Mediationby Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. Ages: 18+Child custody mediation is a process in which parents work together to develop a plan for parenting their children after divorce with the help of a neutral third party. While mediation can be done privately, the use of court-connected mediation has rapidly grown over the last ten years. In many states, the use of such mediation is mandatory before parents can litigate custody issues. Subjects: resource, custody issues, mediation, parenting, plan, litigation, adversarial process, children, solutions, settlement, options, brainstorming, battling parents, conflict resolutionLocation: Nationwide

    • Child Custody in Domestic Violence Casesby California Courts Ages: 18+If you have children with an abusive person, you can ask the court for a restraining order to protect you and your children. You can ask for custody, visitation, and child support orders at the same time. If a judge sends you to mediation to decide on child custody and visitation issues and there's been domestic violence, you can take a support person with you.Subjects: resource, self-help, domestic violence, restraining orders, abuse, custody, visitation, mediation, legal helpLocation: California

    • CourtHelp: Child Custody & Visitationby New York State Unified Court System Ages: 18+There are two parts to custody. One is the right and responsibility to make decisions for a child (legal custody). The other is where a child will live (residential or physical custody). A Law Guardian is an attorney chosen by the court to be the child's lawyer during a custody/visitation case.Subjects: resource, custody, New York courts, domestic violence, visitation, parental rights, sole custody, health issues, employment, emotional healthLocation: New York

    • Divorce and the Childrenby Dr. Mark Robert Banschick Ages: 18+With about two million people getting divorced every year in the United States alone, and one and a half million children affected by these divorces, there's clearly an urgent need to get through this process with dignity, respect and compassion. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and, as a result, children suffer. It's in the news everyday and transcends social class.Subjects: article, child custody, parenting plan, The Intelligent Divorce book, Online Family Stabilization Course, research, divorce with dignity, Taking Care of Your Children, Taking Care of Yourself Location: Nationwide

    • Ontario Child Custodyby Behrendt Law Chambers Ages: 18+If you have custody of your children that means that you have the right to make the important decisions in your children's lives, such as decisions regarding education, religion and medical treatment. Behrendt Law Chambers has represented many parents in bitter child custody battles.Subjects: resource, divorce, child custody, visitation, types of custody, parental rights, mediation, divorce, supervised access, residence, education, welfare, information, health concerns Location: Ontario, Canada

    • Review of ''Win Your Child Custody War''by SPARC Ages: 18+Win Your Child Custody War is almost without question the most comprehensive manual ever assembled on the subject of prevailing in a child custody dispute. At almost 650 pages, Win Your Child Custody War manages to cover everything, and we mean everything. There's a lot of information packed into this book.Subjects: review, child custody dispute, battle plan, information, strategies, techniques, expert witnesses, psychologists, evaluations, attorneys, security concepts and practice, filing pro se motionsLocation: Washington

    • The Developing Law on Cigarette Smoking and Child Custodyby Law Offices of Paone, Zaleski & Brown Ages: 18+New Jersey has yet to see an abundance of custody cases in which cigarette smoking has become an issue. However, the growing recognition of the harm caused by ETS and the increasing unpopularity of cigarette smoking in general suggests that smoking may soon become a greater factor in custody matters. There is no reported case in which the issue of custody was decided solely due to ETS caused by a party other than the natural parent.Subjects: article, custody, law, smoking, tabacco industry, FDA, environmental tobacco smoke, ETS, safety, unfit, health hazardLocation: New Jersey

    • Win Your Child Custody Warby Behrendt Law Chambers Ages: 18+If you are going through a child custody case right now, I've got some bad news for you. Even if you are a loving and caring parent, you may not get custody of your child. Unfortunately, in a contested child custody case, normally only one parent is awarded child custody. That parent may not be you.Subjects: resource, Canadian family law, child custody laws, child support guidelines, custody battle, divorceLocation: Ontario, Canada

    • Divorce, Child Support & Custodyby Nolo Law for All Ages: 18+When you're divorcing, there's a lot to understand. Get the basics on every aspect of divorce, from the different ways you can process your divorce, to how you calculate child support, to the rules of property division. You'll rest easier when you have the facts. Some states will award joint physical custody to both parents when the child spends significant amounts of time with both parents. Joint physical custody works best if parents live relatively near to each other, as it lessens the stress on children and allows them to maintain a somewhat normal routine.Subjects: resource, divorce, child custody, health care, assets, lawyer, religion, taxes, child support, paternity, parenting agreements, family court Location: Nationwide

    • Father Takes DNA Paternity Fraud Case To U.S. Supreme Courtby U.S. Newswire Ages: 18+Carnell A. Smith is a father who is forced by court order to pay child support for another man's child. This child is neither his biological nor adopted child. Smith has tried to get the lower courts to overturn the child support order. They have refused.Subjects: paternity, fraud, U.S. Supreme Court, Jeffery M. Leving

    • Texas Child Custody Issuesby Law Offices of Raggio & Raggio, P.L.L.C. Ages: 18+Joint Managing Conservatorship does not mean that each party will have the children one-half of the time. It also does not mean that child support will not be awarded to one parent. Joint Managing Conservatorship does mean that the parents will either share, allocate, or apportion parental rights and duties. These are the same parental rights and duties that the parents have prior to a divorce being filed; they just may be allocated differently in the divorce.Subjects: article, relocation, child custody, conservatorship, holidays, faith, religion, grandparents rights, parenting plan, parenting coordinator, resourcesLocation: Texas

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