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      Applied Propaganda Techniques: The Language of Politics Ages: 16+ Subjects: resource, Elements of Propaganda, economic warfare, currency debasement, counterfeit money, George Orwell, Newspeak, censorship, society, philanthropy, euphemism, gullible, value-free, freedom It is an axiom of economic warfare that the surest way of destroying a country is to debase its currency; for example, by flooding it with counterfeit money. It is no less true that the surest way of destroying a nation's culture and identity is to debase its language. Not surprisingly, therefore, subversive agencies are giving the highest priority to the corruption of the English language.


      Business Applications of Propaganda by The Corporate Partnering Institute Ages: 16+ Subjects: resource, business, methodology, building a joint business plan, partnering, politics, value, Sun Tzu, The Art of War, The Delphi Method "Business Applications of Propaganda" is a 14 page Business Guide. It provides tips for the practical business application of propaganda. Propaganda is nothing more than the exploitation of human foibles - the inherent flaws in the way you, I and other people make decisions. The process of human decision making embraces certain involuntary predispositions and preprogrammed human responses.


      Propaganda Techniques Related to Enviromental Scares by Paul R. Lees-Haley, Ph.D. Ages: 18+ Subjects: article, Propaganda Techniques, confusion, vivid examples, appeals, social, injury, illogical, rhetoric, perception, toxic exposures, manipulators Psychologists have studied several perceptual factors that help explain how reasonable people can conclude that they have suffered toxic exposures and injuries when they have not. These include social proof, repeated affirmations, appeals to authority, vividness, confusion of inverse probabilities, confusion techniques, and distraction techniques.

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