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by Barry Rubin

December 2, 2011

Aided by clueless church members, Occupy Fort Myers sets up on school grounds.

For nine days, Occupiers in Ft. Myers, Florida, took over the grounds of a Unitarian Universalist church and an adjoining preschool, driving out parents, toddlers, and teachers for the week. Unitarian elders originally invited the group to squat on church property after Sheriff Mike Scott ordered them out of the city's Centennial Park for permit issues. But not one of the elders felt obligated to inform the staff of Creative Minds Montessori School, which rents permanent classroom facilities there.

July 24, 2013

The University of Southern California is facing a federal civil rights investigation after students filed a complaint alleging that the school ignored rapes on campus and even failed to prosecute attackers after they confessed.

One USC student, remaining anonymous, involved in the complaint stated that campus police decided the young woman wasn't raped because her attack did not orgasm. "Because he stopped, it was not rape," she was told, according to the complaint. "Even though his penis penetrated your vagina, because he stopped, it was not a crime." Because her attacker did not orgasm, campus police decided not to refer the case to Los Angeles Police. Another student cited a similar occurrence.

Manatee Connects

by Timothy R. Wolfrum

March 4, 2010

The first step in fighting poverty is understanding the struggle of the poor, according to the organization charged with leading that fight in Manatee County.

That's why the Manatee Community Action Agency is starting a program aimed at giving those who want to make a difference a crash course on what it means to be poor. The MCAA will hold a Life on the Edge workshop and panel discussion March 18 at First Baptist Church Family Life Center. It's the starting point of a $20,000 anti-poverty initiative paid for by federal stimulus funds.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)

by Ervin Dyer

July 16, 2011

Damian Metcalf, a home-schooled seventh grade student from Coraopolis, walked away as the winner in a nail-biter of a contest at the 53rd Annual Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Spelling Bee yesterday.

The first prize is an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C., where Damian will represent Western Pennsylyania at the National Spelling Bee in May.

CNS News

by Matt Cover

May 7, 2012

The "real" unemployment rate - a broader, more inclusive measure of the country's jobless picture than the one usually used - remained unchanged at 14.5 percent in April, as the economy created a paltry 115,000 jobs.

Known formally as the U-6 unemployment rate, this measure includes those formally counted as unemployed, those known to be marginally attached to the workforce, and those who are working part-time because they cannot find full-time work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U-6 unemployment rate remained flat in April at 14.5 percent - meaning some 22.8 million people are either unemployed, have stopped looking for work, or need full-time work but can only find part-time employment.

December 26, 2011

For many Republican politicians, being a "conservative" is similar to flying American flags at a used car lot. It's not that used car salesman are extra-patriotic, they just know that such symbolism is good for business. For them, it's mere marketing.

The same is true of many "conservative" Republicans. Every Republican from Sen. Lindsey Graham to Mitt Romney claims to be a "conservative" these days, without having the slightest semblance of a voting record to back up such a claim. Ron Paul has always remembered and represented what it means to be an actual conservative within a Republican Party that has largely forgotten what that term means in any substantive way. NPR's John Nichols elaborates on this important point further: Ron Paul represents the ideology that Republican insiders most fear: conservatism. Not the corrupt, inside-the-beltway construct that goes by that name, but actual conservatism.

CNS News

October 19, 2011

The YouTube channel for "Sesame Street" is expected to be back online shortly after hackers forced its shutdown by loading X-rated material.

Big Hollywood

by Stage Right

November 3, 2009

Add one more soldier to the Left's war on Fox News: Oscar the Grouch.

Last week, in a re-broadcast of an episode that originally aired two years ago, Oscar starts his own news network, GNN (Grouchy News Network). An irate viewer calls in to berate him that the news is not grouchy enough: "I am changing the channel. From now on I am watching 'Pox' News. Now there is a trashy news show."

CNS News

by Derrik J. Lang

November 16, 2011

Link is getting a workout.

Unlike the button-mashing pursuits in previous installments of the popular Nintendo Co. franchise, "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" is asking players to flick their wrists, wave their arms and move their hands with the gesture-recognizing Wii controller in order to guide spritely adventurer Link along an epic quest to find childhood sweetheart Zelda.

The Real Revo

by R.D. Walker

April 15, 2011

Because giving children candy filled plastic eggs is dangerously close to Congress establishing religion... unless you rename them that is.


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