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Reliable Answers started out and continues to be a labor of love. The owner/creators Shawn K. Hall and Annette M. Hall are dedicated to the preservation of the family. This site reflects the individual and collective interests of our family.

Ancient History

Shawn served a stint in the Navy where he served as a Hospital Corpsman. He soon found himself assigned to the technology department, where he cut his teeth in the computer industry.

Shawn met his wife, Annette on AOL in a poetry chat room over 19-years-ago. Together they share a love of the Lord, poetry, computer technology, a variety of movie interests and of course their 27-year-old son, who works hard at keeping them very busy.

Annette served for several years as a community leader on AOL's education forums. Shawn and Annette wrote and published a free E-Zine called The Last Laugh, which had several thousand subscribers, and was distributed on a daily basis for a couple of years before cutting their ties with AOL.

Together they created a website called Diamond in the Rough, which gave them a start on the creation of Reliable Answers.

Annette, born Annette M. Patrick, is a homeschool pioneer and began her homeschooling journey back in the early 1980's in Ohio. She is a strong educational choice advocate and previously served for three years as the Legislative Monitoring Chair for California Homeschool Network.

Her interest in medicine and natural treatment methods stems from more than mere curiosity, she has battled a litany of physical ailments for which the medical community either refuses to address or knows not how to cure. Her research and sheer determination have taken her in some unexpected directions, much of which you will find contained on Reliable Answers.

10-year-old Zachary in the Fall

Zachary Hall - Author of Kidwarp


A recurring theme on Reliable Answers is freedom; From freedom for the family to freedom in education, you will find much of the information provided here aimed toward instilling this love of freedom in others. It is our hope and prayer that you will find helpful advice, inspiration and plenty of tools intended to assist your family in building strong bonds and obtaining the freedom that is rightfully yours.

Original Intent

When Shawn first began working on Reliable Answers, he intended the site to be a computer programmers paradise. It was his wish to help others learn how to use the tools at their disposal and expand their knowledge of technology. He developed many shareware applications, which many enjoy today because of his efforts and a belief that technology should be shared knowledge.

Unfortunately, for all the programmers worldwide who use the tools he has created and given away freely, his time has been eaten away trying to make a living to support our family. Thus ReliableAnswers was intended to be "Reliable Computer Answers" and has turned out to be a hodge podge of information on many topics of interest, which we hope provides you with the tools to find reliable information.

Sandy our Cat at home in Twain Harte, CA

Sandy strikes a pose

After several years of prodding, he finally convinced Annette that she really could learn to write html and about 23 years ago, she began slowly taking over the content management duties on Reliable Answers. Today the site reflects a hodge podge of ideas, news, events and concerns due to her many interests. She also maintains several large client websites, many are associated with the homeschooling community.

Today the family is living their dreams in the beautiful mountain community of Twain Harte, CA, where they provide area technical support to local residents and businesses and operate their web hosting and design business, and of course their newest venture SaferPC Subscription Service. Every day they click their heels and recite, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Ya'll Come Back Now

Shawn and Annette hope that you will explore the resources they have provided and if you find the information useful that you share a link to this site with others. Don't forget to check back often, the content really does change daily.

Shawn and Annette love to get feedback from their visitors, so be sure to drop them a line, include permission if you wish to see your comments added to the site.

The Hall Family thanks our over 28 million visitors, your support is greatly appreciated.

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