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Welcome to the "open" Content-Type resource site!

The intent of this resource is to provide (web-)developers with a centralized resource from which they can obtain Content-Type header information and other resources. If you do not know what a Content-Type declaration is, well - this site probably isn't for you. However, if you are one of the many developers that needs to share content of an ambiguous nature through either your application(s) or website and need to be able to include an accurate Content-Type declaration - this site should suit you well.

This website does not provide you with "every" Content-Type available. Frankly, that's impossible. But I'd like to try. Would you like to help?

You can either download a simple utility here that allows you to export the available Content-Types on your system to a simple text file, or you can download the VB source which does the same thing. The resulting file type is very simple - just the extension, tab, content-type.

I will be adding several links up here to various resources on the web that provide accessory functionality (like as time is available.

If you're interested in the Content-Type database you may view it's contents here.

Notes on database activity:

  1. Duplicate values will increment the "submissions" count - this can be used to guesstimate the validity of a listing
  2. Online updates will be made regularly, if submissions are received.

To submit Content-Type extensions, sites or other reference works (offline media included), please drop me a line...

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