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.323 text/h323 54
.3g2 video/3gpp 5
.3g2 video/3gpp2 43
.3gp video/3gp 1
.3gp video/3gpp 47
.3gp2 video/3gpp 5
.3gp2 video/3gpp2 35
.3gpp video/3gpp 40
.a2k application/x-cdk2kaudio 1
.aa audio/audible 14
.aaa application/x-aa0data 1
.aab application/x-authorware-bin 1
.aac audio/aac 38
.aac audio/vnd.dlna.adts 1
.aam application/x-authorware-map 1
.aax audio/ 13
.abdata text/plain 2
.abw application/abiword 2
.ac3 audio/ac3 22
.ac3 audio/vnd.dolby.dd-raw 1
.accda application/msaccess 11
.accda application/msaccess.addin 2
.accdb application/msaccess 20
.accdc application/msaccess 18
.accdc application/ 2
.accde application/msaccess 18
.accde application/msaccess.exec 2
.accdr application/msaccess 18
.accdr application/msaccess.runtime 2
.accdt application/msaccess 18
.accdt application/msaccess.template 2
.accdw application/msaccess.webapplication 2
.accft application/msaccess.ftemplate 2
.accountpicture-ms application/windows-accountpicture 1
.ace application/x-compressed 2
.acp audio/x-mei-aac 6
.acrobatsecuritysettings application/vnd.adobe.acrobat-security-settings 29
.acsm application/vnd.adobe.adept+xml 5
.act text/xml 1
.actions4 text/xml 1
.actproj text/plain 1
.ad text/plain 2
.addin text/xml 25
.ade application/msaccess 31
.adobebridge application/x-bridge-url 10
.adp application/msaccess 31
.adt audio/vnd.dlna.adts 4
.adts audio/aac 34
.adts audio/vnd.dlna.adts 1
.ai application/postscript 66
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