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The author is no longer developing TxtPrint anymore. This site provides a location for this utility to still be available, and to keep interested parties abreast of changes with the application. If there is anyone that would like to continue developing TxtPrint, please do so. If you have questions, mail me at the address provided on the bottom of the page.


TxtPrint is a small application I have written myself. It's function is similar to the Unix enscript application. I needed a Windows application to print source code in an efficient manner using features such as two column printing, page numbering, date/time in the header and so on. Unfortunately there existed no such application that was released as freeware, so I started to write my own application, and here it is!


TxtPrint is a small application designed mainly for one purpose: Printing out text files. By numerous settings, you will have precise control over the output. TxtPrint can be used to print all kinds of text files, but I think programmers printing out source code will appreciate the features most. The main advantage with TxtPrint compared to standard text editors is the ability to divide the page in several columns and rows. This is very useful for saving paper and getting more text on a single paper. An additional feature is to handle files with different file extensions differently. You can for example define that files with a certain file extension always should be printed using a predefined tab spacing.

TxtPrint works with Windows NT, Windows 95 and other Win32 enviroments.


The main window

Settings for file extensions

Example of a printed page

Note: These examples are from the English version of the program.

Download TxtPrint

TxtPrint is released as freeware, so you don't have to pay anything for it. However, this does not mean that free support or anything like that is included. There are two language versions of the program: English and Swedish. In addition to the application, you may also need some or all of the dll files found below. Copy them to your Windows system directory. Version 1.0 is dated May 2, 1998.

TxtPrint ver 1.0, English version

TxtPrint ver 1.0, Swedish version

MFC dlls

Source Code

I have received a lot of requests for new features, and a few requests to at least release the source code to TxtPrint. I will probably not release any new versions of TxtPrint and have therefore decided to release the source code to the public domain. Anyone is free to download and modify the source code, and distribute modified executables.

Source code to TxtPrint 1.0

Source code to the latest (non-released) version of TxtPrint

If have any suggestions, or would like to report bugs, feel free to mail me:
Örjan Råberg

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