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Noteworthy Items of Interest

Noteworthy Items of Interest

The Road to Financial Stability
IF I'M SO SMART... WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO? by renowned venture capitalist Doug Warshauer, takes a different approach to getting on solid financial ground in order to achieve lasting wealth.

Feeling The Tap
As we leave what was for many a challenging 2009, it's easy to feel optimistic with hope of a fresh New Year ahead. But we don't want to get caught up in one definition of insanity — 'doing things the same way over and over, and expecting different results.'

Live By The Check Card But Don't Die By It!
heck cards have become ubiquitous in American life. Hardly any American over the age of 18 doesn't have a check card in their wallet or purse. And banks everywhere are smiling as a result.

Lost and Found with Satellite Technology
New satellite technology maps undersea floor and charts GPS locations of lost and sunken treasure ships.

U.S. to Boost Passenger Train Travel Again!
The U.S. government created Amtrak in 1971 to resuscitate train travel, which had dropped significantly since its peak in 1929. But ridership is low compared to that of other developed countries.

A Young Women Comes of Age
As women we have much more power than most of us think we do. A woman can dress like a lady and be treated with the respect she desires, simply by taking control of her circumstances, surroundings and dress. Learn how...

Green Car Rentals?
Rental car companies are offering many more hybrids and other fuel efficient vehicles in response to increased consumer demand for better mileage and lower emissions.

Phonebook Madness! | Earth Talk
Funkeemunkeyland, courtesy Flickr

Why Bad Spending Happens to Good People
There you are basking in the soft, warm glow of department store lighting knowing you should leave. Yet you dont. The next thing you know your bag is a little heavier, your credit debt is a little deeper and you can't help thinking: Ugggh, why did I do that?!?

Learn how to Lower your Carbon Footprint!
How big is your footprint? A number of web-based resources can help you assess the environmental impact of your personal activities and lifestyle and help you make improvements that will positively impact the planet.

Eco-friendly Green Burial
Each year American funerals consume 30 million board feet of casket wood, 90,000 tons of steel, 1.6 million tons of concrete for burial vaults, 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid, and thousands of acres of land. Have you considered a 'Green Burial'?

How to Create the Life You Really Want | Mapping Life's Tomorrows
Wilford D. (Wil) Gower, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and decorated veteran of WWII, is truly a member of the Greatest Generation. At 90, Wil has the kind of wisdom learned by experience, which he shares in his book, Mapping Life's Tomorrows.

Nuclear Waste Storage | Nevada Yucca Mountain
There are plans to build a large repository for nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Where is our nuclear waste kept now and what dangers does it pose?

Carbonated Beverages and Global Warming
Cans and bottles of sodas emit very little CO2 directly when opened, but the production and distribution of single-serving beverages of all kinds generate untold millions of tons of greenhouse gases and other pollutants every year, while also wasting billions of gallons of fresh water. And once the drinks have been consumed, all those cans and plastic bottles have to go somewhere.

Environmental Pollution | Prius v. Hummer
I read that hybrid cars are actually less green-friendly than even Hummers, because they have two motors and very environmentally damaging batteries. Is this true?

How Safe is our Drinking Water?
Bottled water companies would have us all believe that tap water is unsafe to drink. But I've heard that most tap water is actually pretty safe. Is this true?

Cell Phone Proliferation and Recycling
The popularity of cellphones shows no sign of waning anytime soon, and Americans are tossing some 125 million of them yearly. A new breed of electronics recyclers is trying to deal with the 65,000 tons of waste this creates.

Polystyrene-foam Packaging Peanuts
Those little white polystyrene-foam packaging peanuts are nearly ubiquitous in our pack-and-ship culture, but they are no good for the environment, let alone human health.

Telephone Book Recycling Ideas | Earth Talk
Many recyclers won't accept telephone books because the fibers used to make the books' lightweight pages are too short to be reformulated into new paper. So, what do you do with your old telephone books?

Beating the W-2 Blues
Another year has passed and darned if you can figure out where all your money went. Diane McCurdy explains how to rein in your free-spending habits, cut the fat out of your budget, save for retirement-and yes, have some fun along the way.

Destructive Driftnet Fishing
Considered the most destructive fishing technology ever devised, commercial drift netting involves vertically suspending near-transparent nylon nets in ocean waters with floats attached to the top and weights fixed to the bottom.

Soft Tires and Energy Consumption
Conventional nail polishes dispensed at most drugstores and nail salons contain a veritable witch's brew of chemicals, including toluene, which has been linked to a wide range of health issues.

Life From a Dog's Point of View
Americans are in love with dogs. The current runaway success of John Grogan's Marley and Me demonstrates how much Americans love anything 'dog-related.' Unfortunately, many abandoned dogs and other pets languish in animal shelters, waiting for an owner who may not ever come for them.

Remembering Dad on Fathers Day
Twenty-Eight years ago my father passed away. His memory brings with it a flood of emotion and mixed feelings. He passed away on July 12, 1984, leaving a huge hole in my heart and a longing that would never be satisfied.

Is It Time to Toss Ethics?
With self-centeredness and greed dominating today's society, many Americans have given up on ethics. Large numbers of Americans express disbelief and skepticism about the level of ethics and honesty in our government. This lack of ethics seems to carry on down to all levels.

Online Swapping Big Hit with Small Businesses
As America prepares for another economic slump, businesses are once again looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits. Consumers are looking to keep a lifestyle while pinching pennies. How can they succeed in accomplishing both? American Consumers and small business owners can take advantage of online bartering.

Moving Home After Graduation? Five Tips for Grads and Parents
Once the bags are packed, the diplomas are handed out, and photo ops are long over, most grads expect to move out on their own. But for many college seniors, that's simply not an option.

Tires and Gas Mileage - Technology Can Save $$$
With rising gas prices, smart drivers are boosting mileage by assuring their tires are properly inflated.

Successful Moms in Business
Entrepreneur Mom, Shannon Cherry, Shares Tips for Women in Business Who Have Children. According to Cherry, entrepreneur moms can have success both with raising their kids and bringing home the bacon, but it takes dedication and hard work.

CA: Senate Kills Identity Theft Bill
In spite of the fact that Californians are under siege by identity thieves, our state laws have not kept up with high-tech criminals. As long as the penalties for identity theft amount to a slap-on-the-wrist, we should expect this epidemic to continue.

I'm Offended That You're Offended - Merry Christmas Anyway!
I'm on a 'Merry Christmas' mission and I'm in full throttle. My little yellow VW Beetle has turned into a Christmas billboard with Merry Christmas written across the back window. Yes, I've decided to trek off to work everyday on the public highways with a message that seems to offend people.

Sex Offenders: In my neighborhood?
Taking a few precautions can help insure your child's safety as they make their way to and from school. For those children who still walk to to school, safety is an important factor.

Mother's Day Recall
I've come to the conclusion that it's just wrong to celebrate Mother's Day. Women should feel insulted by the very implication that it gives. The thought of limiting Mother's Day to one day a year is just absurd to me. Did my mother limit showing her love to me, to only those days that were convenient for her?

Income Tax Talk - Finding a Tax Preparer
Did you know that California and Oregon are the only two states in the country, which require tax preparers to actually be licensed? While that fact may give you a feeling of comfort if you live in California or Oregon, in all actuality, it shouldn't.

A Hallmark Moment
My Darling Husband can be romantic when he wants to be, but normally he shuns the Hallmark holidays - not caving in to the retailer's lure. Thus my expectation for Valentine's Day was nill.

Trojan Horses (Part II)
Americans Blissfully - Hugged Trojan Horses (Part II) How many Americans realize that we are now well into the proving of the idea that old ways cease when no one is left to pass on traditional knowledge and culture -- or, more importantly, to defend it against those who would obliterate it? Those beguiled by the Trojan Horses view the old ways as impediments to their personal profit and power structure -- and they, being for the most part younger than the defenders, are beginning to win by weight of sheer numbers alone.

Trojan Horses (Part I)
Carefree, Apathetic Americans - Hugged Trojan Horses (Part I) Almost all volunteer columnists and some professional commentators are growing weary in the task of trying to inform largely apathetic and carefree Americans about how many insidious batches of undermining termites have been successfully burrowing into the underpinnings of what we all, from various viewpoints and concerns, have seen as a crumbling vestige of the country we thought was rock solid and permanent.

Faith, Hope and Charity
Last year was a very hard time for us, the holiday's were no exception. We were struggling to keep food on the table, while our son was busy making Christmas lists. Our prospects were not looking good and then a miracle happened that changed our lives...

Reliable Answers Hits 10 Million
It's a pleasure to announce that had our 10-millionth page view Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

Noteworthy News
Current news items, which are of interest to citizens and may not be getting much press in normal media forums. Read what is going on behind the scenes around the country. Visit Reliable Answers often for the latests in news of concern to your family, friends and neighbors.

What Happened To The Stars?
Have you seen the greatest show on earth? It boggles the mind and will leave you in awe. You won't see this show in any theater, on any TV, or in any arena. It's a show that has taken billions of years to produce. It will send you through time, and take your imagination to amazing heights. It's a show that is free to us all, yet most of us don't take the time to tune in. It's a huge part of us, and yet we neglect it more and more every passing day. This amazing show is the night sky, and it's more important to you and your child's health than you think.

A Tax Program or a Tax Professional?
Many people today struggle with the question of whether or not to use home tax preparation software readily available from most any retail outlet or to bit the bullet and hire a tax preparer. Arleen Mundy provides some pretty good arguments that just might help make the decision a little easier to make.

Celebrating Fat Tuesday
Many holidays are observed with the creation of special or elaborate dishes and Fat Tuesday is no exception. It's interesting to note that just as families will have their own holiday traditions, many communities and countries will celebrate Fat Tuesday in their own unique way.

A Tax-Time Question: Who's in Control of Your Spending?
If you have little left to show for your annual income figure on your W2 or 1099, it's time to rethink your approach to spending. Financial guru Eric Tyson offers three tips for taking control of your financial destiny.

Review: Star Wars III - The Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars III - The Revenge of the Sith: I just finished watching Star Wars III - The Revenge of the Sith, a movie we passed on seeing in the theaters because we were concerned about our nine-year-old son seeing it on the huge screen; a move I'm glad we made.

Appeal Filed on Behalf of Employee Suspended for Expressing Religious Beliefs
Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute have filed an appeal with the California State Personnel Board.

The Return of the Parents
Students are approaching the final days of this educational year but increasingly parents are heading back to school. Controversies involving schools and social issues will be keeping the adults busy for the foreseeable future.

Income Tax Talk - Missed Deductions
It's that time of year again, time to tackle that dreaded tax return. If you are self-employed, as many homeschoolers are, it's likely you have put off preparing your taxes, delaying the inevitable.

Step-by-Step Tool Bar Instructions
How to use the search function on Reliable Answers.

Operation Rescue Leader Jailed for Littering
As usual for the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Operation Rescue made plans for demonstrations and rallies throughout the weekend.  Those plans were put on hold for Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman, when on the afternoon of January 21, he was arrested outside of a Wichita abortion clinic and jailed for littering.

Trojan Horses (Part III)
Trojan Horses Go To School? -- The Way To Profit & Power; Through School Doors (Part III) No matter how often we come across news of all kinds, somehow the trail inevitably will lead back to school. Adult Americans deserve failing grades for paying attention, just as far too many American students are getting failing grades in basic academics, thanks to the long-in-place, handsomely funded and supported, dumbed-down education.

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