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Live By The Check Card But Don't Die By It!

Live By The Check Card But Don't Die By It!

New $15 Datexx Money Manager Check Card Tracker is the affordable investment in consumer protection.

KENILWORTH, NEW JERSEY — Check cards have become ubiquitous in American life. Hardly any American over the age of 18 doesn't have a check card in their wallet or purse. And banks everywhere are smiling as a result. That's because every time a consumer exceeds the balance in their check card account, they charge a penalty fee. And, unlike a checkbook, how many Americans actually check their check card balances before each purchase? Not many.

Datexx, a world leading developer of smarter living consumer products, has created the answer with the new Money Manager Check Card Tracker. Available for purchase at Datexx for only $15.00, the Datexx Money Manager is like carrying an accountant in your pocket!

Ideal for every consumer, and mandatory for college bound students who face the challenge of managing a budget for the very first time, the Datexx Money Manager is, quite simply, the easiest and least expensive way to manage your daily expenses — so that you never exceed your budget! With Money Manager, consumers can keep tabs on their debit/check card balance. They can track and review up to 100 charges, withdrawals, and deposits with the touch of a button!

Check Your Balance Before Every New Purchase

Every time you turn on the Datexx Money Manager Check Card Tracker, your card balance is automatically displayed. When you make your next purchase, simply enter the purchase amount into the Money Manager Check Card Tracker and press "Pay." You can then recheck your new balance by pressing the "BAL" (for Balance) key.

Datexx Money Manager Check Card Tracker!

What's more, the Datexx Money Manager Check Card Tracker is small enough to carry with you in your wallet or purse, making every day money management even easier because your check card and money tracker are now with you all the time!

Headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey, Datexx is a leading manufacturer and marketer of innovatively designed, affordably priced consumer and business LED lighting solutions, household, travel, mobility, and executive products that are both energy and cost efficient. For more than 15 years, the company has proudly met the needs of smart consumers seeking smarter living solutions. To date, more than 20-million consumers have joined the Datexx family of satisfied customers.

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