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A Hallmark Moment

My dear sweet friend shared her special Valentine's Day with me and it was so touching, I thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy!

My Darling Husband can be romantic when he wants to be, but normally he shuns the Hallmark holidays - not caving in to the retailer's lure. Thus my expectation for Valentine's Day was nill.

It was a very busy day in my office. I'm now working out of my house and some time during the day when I was on one my many trips up and down the stairs to the part of my house where my staff is working, I did catch a glimpse of a large envelope on the kitchen table.

I didn't have time to stop to look at it, figuring I'd wait until everyone else went home when he and I were alone.

After 7 p.m. I closed and locked the door for the night. Hubby went into the kitchen and brought the card to me. Now if you knew the clown I'm married to you'd know the card had to be one of those funny ones. He always seems to find a real clever one that fits the occasion, so I was expecting a really good laugh.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and pulled out this beautiful card.

"I Love Everything About you" it said on the front. The border was made by repeating the words, "my friend, my lover, my soul mate". When I opened the card there were two pages of endearing words of love. I couldn't believe the romantic husband of mine... until... in large script it said Happy Birthday. My dear husband had crossed out "birthday" and hand wrote 'Valentine's Day'.

I got my laugh. He explained that the Valentine Day cards had been picked over so he kept reading cards until he found one that said what he wanted. How could I not give him a loving kiss and hug for his thoughtfulness.

I was now feeling very guilty for not having bought him a card. But we were hungry and he decided I shouldn't cook, that he'd go out and pick up Chinese for us.

While he was gone, I remembered in my stash of all occasion cards that I did have a Valentine card. So I flipped through until I found one, but it was so generic, it wasn't one that I wanted to give the love of my life. Surely there was one other. I finally found it.

It had a heart shape arrangement of probably a hundred red roses. Inside it said simply "with all my heart... with all my love"... Happy Mother's Day. I quickly rectified that and crossed out the inappropriate "mother" and substituted it with the hand written word "Valentine". He loved it and we did have a wonderful laugh, a hug and another kiss.


Arleen and her husband Roger have been married for 36 wonderful years.

Do you have a touching story to share? How did you and your special someone celebrate the holidays? Submit Your Valentine's Day Story.

Articles by Rodger and Arleen Mundy

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Updated December 26, 2008

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