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Lost and Found with Satellite Technology

New satellite technology maps undersea floor and charts GPS locations of lost and sunken treasure ships.

Marco Island, FL, -- Can the new discovery of five ancient shipwrecks deep off the Italian coast and the mysterious metal ingots found onboard be linked to a recently discovered satellite technology? Have all the lost and sunken shipwrecks untouched for centuries been found by an orbiting satellite?

Can the find of the HMS Victory sunk off the coast of England with four tons of gold onboard be linked to a new and highly secret underwater discovery system? Have all the other lost treasure ships around the world already been found and the ultimate treasure map created?

Radio telescope technology has been used for years to determine specific elements on the periodic table by recognizing individual wavelength returns. This ground-based technology launched into space in a satellite and focused upon the world's oceans could possibly reveal all the lost maritime mysteries missing for centuries, especially the shipwrecks with a highly conductible metal such as gold onboard.

"Lost and Found" is an exciting new breakout novel by Tom Williams that has been receiving many incredible reviews and national acclaim, but has someone really hacked into a geological survey satellite and found all the lost shipwrecks that still contain gold? Does the ultimate treasure map now exist? Are all the lost treasure fleets undiscovered for centuries now identified and located with specific GPS coordinates?

"Lost and Found is a novel that quite simply had to be written. With the desperate and insatiable global search for oil and with the incredible price of gold, Lost and Found is a whirlwind adventure experience that must be shared.

Dive into the adventure, meet the unforgettable characters, embrace a new technology, and allow the imagination to explore the possibilities of what was once lost, can now be found."

Tom Williams, Author

Two British scientists pioneer a means of exploring for hidden oil reserves using a geological survey satellite; however, they find a treasure worth much more than black gold—real gold in every lost and sunken treasure ship in the world's oceans.

Together with a beautiful dive master and salvage expert the treasures of antiquity are all there for the taking—if the adventuresome trio can just stay alive long enough, fleeing a madman from the exotic tropical waters of South Florida to the depths of the Black Sea in Europe.

About the Author

Tom Williams is a regular columnist and feature article writer for a series of Scripts newspapers in Southwest Florida. Flight of the Valkyrie, Tom's first novel, is the prequel for Lost and Found and is an epic adventure reaching into the wilds of the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe.

In addition to being an accomplished columnist, Tom Williams is no stranger to underwater adventures. He is a master merchant marine officer licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard for over twenty-two years, specializing in shipwrecks and salvage diving, making Lost and Found enriched with true life experiences that provide the specialized background necessary to write a credible maritime treasure hunt.

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