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Step-by-Step Tool Bar Instructions

If you are having trouble navigating our search bar, you are not alone. My husband assured me when he implimented them that they were obvious and would be easy for people to understand. Well, I guess I'm not the only one who had trouble with them. I've received feedback from others who can't quite seem to navigate our nifty little search tool. For you these instructions are long over due and for that I apologize.

How to use the search function on Reliable Answers.

Record Navigation

Each number on the list represents a new page.

Selecting [Next] will take you forward one page, to the next page in the sequence. Selecting [Last] takes you to the very last page of your search results.

The number of pages are included so you will have some idea where you are on the site, for navigational purposes. This will help you decide whether or not you need to narrow your search a bit by adding more search terms.

The Min, Max, -10 and +10 buttons allow you to select how many records appear on your screen at once. Increasing or decreasing the number of records displayed at one time by increments of 10. The main purpose is to allow those on dial-up to load the pages faster. The more records you choose to view at once, the longer the page takes to load.

Selecting Min gives you the minimum number of records allowable on the page, which is 10. Selecting Max allows you to view the maximum number of records allowable at one time, which is 100.

Ordering Results


Clicking on any of the linked words located before each text box, allows you to sort by that category. For instance, clicking on the link for "Date" orders the list in ascending order according to the date. Clicking the same link again will reverse the sort order.


Clicking on the link for Host will sort the contents of the page alphabetically by article host, clicking again, will reverse the search order.

Filtering Results

The filters are little trickier. They work in conjunction with the text boxes found below them.


To search for an article hosted on a particular site, such as: "Reliable Answers." Simply type the term into the text box next the word "Host", then click on "Filter" or press enter, this will allow you to bring up a list of all articles on the page hosted by "Reliable Answers".

Selecting the "off" button simply turns off any filters you have executed.

Understanding the Display

The article section provides the title of the article in the form of a link to the quoted article. This section includes the name of the company hosting the article, the authors name (when available), the publication date (when available) and a short teaser about the contents of the article.

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