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Online Swapping Big Hit with Small Businesses Enables Easy Distribution for Online Specialty Stores

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Cupertino, California - June 3, 2006 - As America prepares for another economic slump, businesses are once again looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits. Consumers are looking to keep a lifestyle while pinching pennies. How can they succeed in accomplishing both? American Consumers and small business owners can take advantage of online bartering.

As a small business owner our family has discovered the benefits of bartering with friends, family and clients near our home and afar. based in Cupertino, CA now makes it easier than ever, by creating a one-stop barter shop to trade for the unlimited necessities everyone needs. Since Swapthing's formal Grand Opening just over 2 months ago, the company has increased its swapping community by 40 percent.

According to KYW radio in Philly:

" is the place to shop if you're a little short on cash. Created by greenback-challenged shoppers in San Francisco, the site has grown to be one of the most popular swap meets on the Internet. Simply register your name and begin shopping." now has a Partner Program enabling small businesses with a new venue of distribution and quick transactions for inventory. SwapThing makes it easy for the small business owner to get a risk-free presence on the Internet. After announcing its worldwide grand opening last month and adding 3,000 new online swappers, is seeing growth from a new market-online retailers.

Jeff Loos owner of Backtrack Records in Lincoln, Nebraska uses SwapThing to distribute and trade vintage vinyl albums and 45's. "With the new partner program uploading is quick and very easy. It has to be since I have about 8,000 records listed on the site. My customers have noticed how user friendly the site is," he says.

Loos says his customers are collectors who appreciate the warm, analog sound only vinyl records can give. "We move lots of Beatles and classic rock but also jazz, blues, movie soundtracks and country. Our customers can't go to Best Buy and find albums so the albums we trade must be very clean-that's most important." enables the exchange of any combination of items or services between consumers and small businesses, using cash, trades or cash to offset unequal deals. The SwapThing small business distribution program allows swaps for a dollar or less-with discounts for 25 or more swaps a month.

The new SwapThing Partner Program makes it easier for businesses upload items and graphics with a single click of a button. Online stores already using a feed to other sites can reuse the same feed. Partners can also easily upload Excel or other spreadsheet files by converting the file to a .txt format. The new functionality allows pictures for each item, which attracts users and often leads to higher sales. The flexibility of the SwapThing system makes it easy for storeowners to offer their inventory for swap and/or cash.

"It's a natural fit for any businesses with inventory. And our SwapCircles allows retailers with unique products to find the right audiences and build community," Jessica Hardwick SwapThing Founder and CEO says.

The new online service allows users to join SwapCircles, a social network layer, which creates communities within SwapThing based on geography and/or common interests.

"Businesses are discovering new ways to utilize the internet to exchange items and services with or without cash," SwapThing CEO Jessica Hardwick says. "SwapThing brings a whole new era of commerce online."

About SwapThing

SwapThing enables the trade and barter of any combination of items and services between consumers and small businesses, using cash to offset unequal exchanges. SwapThing offers free registration and listing, with transaction fees of $1.00 for each exchange of goods, no matter how many items are in the swap. Unlike competitors, SwapThing is barter-based as opposed auction-based, allowing completely private, one-on-one negotiations.

The SwapThing search engine matches items offered to items wanted, a unique system of direct exchange between users, and a rating system to build trustworthiness. Based in Cupertino, CA SwapThing, also enables the creation and joining of SwapCircles to build strong communities and social networks for traders of like interests.

Contact: Karen Gleason
(949) 702-3409

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