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The Tap

Feeling The Tap

With random acts of kindness

We know in our hearts when we receive 'nudges' from God to do something good — we just don't always respond to those subtle nudges. The Tap (Health Communications, Inc.), by best-selling author Frank McKinney, is all about accepting this responsibility and achieving the confidence to handle the "more" we all pray for — wealth, health, happiness, love, peace, relationships, etc.

Frank McKinney is a man who truly does 'walk the talk.' He has achieved great success, and he attributes this to the fact that he has responded to his own 'tap' moments in life by donating generously to his non-profit Caring House Project Foundation (CHPF) that provides a self-sustaining existence for desperately poor and homeless families around the world.

As we leave what was for many a challenging 2009, it's easy to feel optimistic with hope of a fresh New Year ahead. But we don't want to get caught up in one definition of insanity — 'doing things the same way over and over, and expecting different results.'

The Tap, written by NY Times best-selling author Frank McKinney, shows us a most enlightening way! It is an inspiring guide and compass that demonstrates how to sensitize ourselves to life's great "tap moments" and feel wonderful about acting upon them! As the New Year begins, audiences will love hearing how they can achieve phenomenal success in the business of life by feeling "The Tap,".

This time of year compels us to contemplate what we have to be grateful for and perhaps what we can do in the coming year for those less fortunate. It is about the spirit of giving and how an act of kindness can have a positive two-fold effect. There is the 'feel good' factor for the giver, and more motivation for the recipient to commit their own random act of generosity — just imagine the impact this chain of kindness could have on the whole world!

The inspiration for McKinney's stirring book came from the biblical passage from Luke 12:48 "from those to whom much is entrusted, much will be expected," believing that God repeatedly 'taps' each one of us many times in life, answering prayers and presenting life-changing opportunities, and what determines our success is how we respond to these 'taps.'

By applying this refreshing idea of entrusted time, talent and treasure, he shares with the world how God's great 'tap' moments show that compassionate capitalism and spiritual stewardship can co-exist.

Visit this author's exciting, interactive website where readers are encouraged to post their own 'tap moments' on a special blog.

What other are saying...

Anthony Robbins, best-selling author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power: "Powerfully proves that true fulfillment lies not through accumulating wealth, but through contribution."

Richard DeVos: "I believe a good portion of Frank's success can be attributed to what he does for the poor around the world. The gaining of material wealth means little without responsible stewardship for those blessings. 'The Tap' shows you how to increase your wealth, both in terms of riches and, more important, enrichment. McKinney reveals how responsible stewardship guarantees success in the business of life."

Eric D. Miller, Founder, Rush-Miller Foundation: "I Read 'The Tap' while sitting on a roof in Gonaives, Haiti, overlooking the village Frank's Caring House Project Foundation built using the funds from the book I was reading. McKinney is one whose success would allow him to travel the world in luxury, but he has chosen another the reader a unique look behind the magical curtain McKinney has built around his life creating the world's most opulent real estate masterpieces. The Tap reminds us to pay closer attention to the subtle quiet nudges of our souls. After completing this book I reflected on the many times I had been tapped and missed opportunities and rejoiced in the times I have problems seem to disappear when I follow a 'tap' and look for opportunities to intervene in other people's lives."

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