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Is It Time to Toss Ethics?

How the Book of Ruth Applies to Today's World

Posted June 3, 2006

With self-centeredness and greed dominating today's society, many Americans have given up on ethics. Large numbers of Americans express disbelief and skepticism about the level of ethics and honesty in our government. This lack of ethics seems to carry on down to all levels. Selfishness and greed run rampant in our country, making honest people feel like outsiders. Is there anything we can do to turn things around? Where do we look for answers to this growing problem?

The story of Ruth is a case study in human behavior. Ruth encounters widowhood, displacement to a foreign country and culture, as well as near-poverty conditions. In the face of tragedy, she committed herself to her mother-in-law and to God. Within a few months, her consistent, ethical behavior won the favor of a small, Jewish community and a prestigious blessing from God. Although the events of the story took place more than 3,000 years ago, she remains a role model in synagogues and churches today.

"By looking to the book of Ruth, we can find important lessons relevant today," says Harry L. Brewer, author of Ruth: How an Outsider Gained God's Favor (Winepress Publishing). "Her story serves as a model for a meaningful life and challenges us to adopt spiritual values and practice godly living. Ruth exemplifies character, faithfulness, and devotion to God."

"The story demonstrates that God rewards faithful, ethical behavior," says Brewer. "Struggles form and solidify character. The value of perseverance is lost in today's immediate-gratification craze. Ruth reminds us that we need to work through our difficulties to succeed."

An ardent student of Scripture, Brewer enjoys sharing his findings and insights with other believers. Although he currently works in the software field, Brewer graduated from Biola College with a BA in Biblical Studies and attended seminary. Some of his insights stem from his marriage to a Jewish believer, and the years he spent in Messianic Synagogues-Jewish congregations that believe in Jesus as their Messiah.

He pens a detailed, analytical style that is reader-friendly and personable. His book offers an easy-to-understand, in-depth review of the book of Ruth for study and discussion. It has proven to be popular with Adult Sunday School classes and home groups. It is Brewer's fervent hope that more people will embrace the lessons learned from Ruth. "Ethical behavior benefits us and our children and their children," says Brewer. "Ethics is the oil that keeps our social relationships working."

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