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by Asynchronous Scholars' Fund

September 21, 2011

Earlier this month Peter Gray wrote an excellent series on why we should stop segregating children by age. He makes excellent arguments.

What struck us most about the articles, however, was how a successful removal of age segregation would automatically remove one of the hugest barriers for highly asynchronous kids in having their needs met. A child who reads at a high-school level in kindergarten should never be forced to sit through alphabet lessons and easy readers just because he is five years old.

Atlanta Homeschooling Examiner

by Andrea Hermitt,

January 25, 2009

Back in the days when made the decision to homeschool, existing homeschoolers had a large influence on how and when I started.

The first time I thought about it, I lived in a part of the country that I felt was rather hostile and there seemed to be no one willing to educate me and give me a hand, so I just shelved it as a future possibility.

Atlanta Northside Parenting Examiner

by Danielle Bailey

September 2, 2009

Earlier this year the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia granted permission for state colleges and universities to accept applications for joint enrollment from independent homeschool students.

This change was not a mandate. Each institution must take action to change its own admission policy to allow independent homeschool students to apply. Georgia Tech is one of the institutions that does not permit independent homeschool students to apply for joint enrollment. We have learned that they will be examining their admissions policy this month.

Atlanticville Independent (NJ)

by Josh Davidson

July 16, 2011

Sylvan's staff focus on teaching home-schooled children the educational areas that parents aren't comfortable teaching.

"Basically, they're well-mannered kids who come in here for home schooling."

Auburn Journal (CA)

by Ryan Sabalow

June 17, 2005

The Nevada Joint Union High School District board of trustees voted this week to keep its policy in which students are allowed to leave school for medical treatment without consulting their parents.

However, the trustees voted 4-1 Wednesday night at Bear River High School to change the policy so that parents would have the option of including unsealed envelopes in their child's file at school. These envelopes would be given to the student to read in the event they choose to exercise their rights to leave class for treatment, said Maggie Deetz, Nevada Union superintendent.

Austin American-Statesman

by Patrick George

May 21, 2009

Hays County sheriff's department officials repudiated a radio report Wednesday that claimed an elementary school student was strip-searched by sheriff's deputies.

But Alex Jones, an Austin-based nationally syndicated radio host, said he thinks the alleged search of an 8-year-old girl Tuesday was unlawful. And the family's attorney, whose fees are being paid by Jones, said he is considering taking legal action.

Austin Chronicle (TX)

by Lou DuBose and Molly Ivins

October 3, 2003

Education policy in George Bush's America

Where did this idea come from -- that everybody deserves free education- ... It's like free groceries. It comes from Moscow. From Russia. Straight out of the pit of hell.<br>-- Representative Debbie Riddle, Austin, March 5, 2003

Authors Den

by Anonymous

July 16, 2011

Thank you for your expose on homeschooling! I had no idea that it was so dangerous to raise my own child!

Had I known that my care and time would ultimately prove lethal, I never would have had children in the first place. I now see that children should be taken away from their homes as soon as possible to prevent abuse and that they should be institutionalized in a safe and wholesome government welfare program, perhaps before they even come home from the hospital!

AZ Central (AZ)

by Greg Toppo

May 19, 2005

Inexperienced teachers' difficulties with unruly students prompt state-financed preschools to expel about 5,000 students a year, a rate more than three times higher than that of most K-12 public schools.

The findings, released Monday, put the first solid numbers on what observers say is a worsening behavior problem among very young students. The findings also suggest that while the national debate over pre-kindergarten focuses on how to get more low-income kids into the programs, "there appears to be a back door through which some children - the ones who stand the most to gain from these programs - are sometimes pushed," says Walter Gilliam of Yale's Child Study Center and the author of the report. "These 3- and 4-year olds are barely out of diapers."

AZ Central (CA)

by Jackie Burrell

July 16, 2011

Once the province of frontier families and 1960s crunchy granola types, homeschooling has hit the mainstream. The number of children opting out of traditional school environments jumped 30 percent between 1999 and 2003.

It doesn't get more exclusive than Berkeley, Calif.'s Treehorn School. With an enviable 1:1 teacher-student ratio, this unorthodox private school blends anthropology lessons with math, history and plenty of baseball. It's no use salivating: Unless Lucy Kuntz is your mom, you won't get in. Kuntz homeschools her 7-year-old son, Aaron, using one of four education options allowed under California law.


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