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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

by Laura Diamond

March 31, 2008

Georgia already offers universal pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds and there has been talk about expanding the program to 3-year-olds.

Some argue the state shouldn't teach more children until it can provide quality education to its k-12 students. They question why the state should get involved when part of the problem comes from poor parenting.

by Larken Rose

June 26, 2013

"Without a government, there would be no roads, police, fire department, schools, or any other services (now financed by extortion)." --Anonymous Authoritarian Twit

Who would finance and maintain roads, without taxes? First issue: benefits and obligations: Benefitting from something (directly or indirectly) does not create an obligation. Furthermore, a service being provided in a free market does not require all beneficiaries to pay. Even-further-more, economic transactions are not isolated and independent events.

by Shahe_B

April 17, 2012

The idea of that we would need the Government to provide us even the most essential things like infrastructure or postal services and that without Government nothing would get done is a terrible fallacy.

This is really fascinating. I'v never understood subsidies or the growing dependence on government help. If something can't stand on it's own, it means people aren't willing to pay for it. So why should the gov't force the people to pay for it? Someone will come along and do it better or more efficiently. It's always been the case in history. Look at the US Post Service. It's a joke. We spend $5 billion a year subsidizing its losses, yet FedEx and UPS and DHL and all of the other carriers around the globe are raking in BILLIONS in PROFITS. So why do we still allow this to happen? Why don't we demand that the USPS rebuilds itself to be more efficient and economical instead of demanding that the people cover their losses?

The Cleveland Plain Dealer (OH)

by Bob Paynter, Sandra Livingston and Scott Stephens

May 19, 2006

In the name of reform, $1.4 billion has been re-routed to charters most of which can't get a passing grade

Nearly a decade after David Brennan set out to prove he could out-educate the educators and make money doing it, the godfather of Ohio's charter schools is now at the heart of what looks to many like a bungled experiment " of massive proportions. In the name of reform, Ohio has routed more than $1.4 billion in taxpayers' money away from traditional urban schools " much of it going to profit-seekers like Brennan, the Akron entrepreneur who has dominated the charter scene here.

USA Today

by Greg Toppo

July 16, 2011

When students in Biloxi, Miss., show up this morning for the first day of the new school year, a virtual army of digital cameras will be recording every minute of every lesson in every classroom.

So far, Biloxi is the only school district in the nation to install Webcams in every classroom - nearly 500 so far. But school districts in cities nationwide and in England are experimenting with classroom Webcams for security reasons, installing the affordable cameras in hallways and selected classrooms and planning devices for future schools. One security firm says it's negotiating with an undisclosed urban district to install 15,000 cameras so security personnel can keep an eye on classes, hallways and parking lots.

by Andrew Scott

January 15, 2012

How safe are the people in whose care parents leave their children, and have those people had proper criminal background checks?

The recent case involving a Pocono Summit karate instructor charged with raping a 12-year-old female student raises those questions. Public and private schools, day care centers, children's camps, foster care and other programs working with children are required by law to have prospective employees and volunteers undergo criminal background and child abuse clearance checks with the state Department of Public Welfare or state Department of Public Education, state police and FBI.

CNS News

by Frank Jordans

December 30, 2011

The World Health Organization is warning that dangerous scientific information could fall into the wrong hands after U.S. government-funded researchers engineered a form of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus more easily transmissible between humans.

In a strongly worded statement Friday, WHO said it was "deeply concerned about the potential negative consequences" if the results of the study were used to create biological weapons or the mutated virus was accidentally released. "This is not the kind of research that you would want to have out there," WHO's top influenza expert, Dr. Keiji Fukuda, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.


by Kim Johnson

March 2, 2006

Dr. Dagmar Vitek: "It lasts forever. It lasts for months and it's very contagious. They spread it very easily, person to person very quickly." Utah has a pertussis problem.

Health officials are concerned because it's not getting better, it's getting worse. The incidence of Pertussis, or whooping cough, in Utah is three and half times the national average. Doctor Vitek says, so far this year, 81 cases of whooping cough have been reported in Salt Lake County. The victims are mostly Jr. High and High schoolers who typically cough a lot, but don't get that sick.

by Heidi Stevenson

October 31, 2012

The CDC and NIH keep pushing the pertussis vaccine, in spite of info that it's causing the new whooping cough epidemic that is 10 times more deadly than the old whooping cough.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would prefer that you remain unaware of a couple of highly significant facts about the whooping cough resurgence. It is most likely caused by the pertussis vaccine andit's ten times more deadly than the original variety. To top it all off, they are blaming the unvaccinated for the new more lethal strain of whooping cough, and they are pushing people ever harder to be vaccinated with the same vaccine that's almost certainly responsible for it!

by Jason Kane

August 22, 2012

Whooping cough. Those are among the last words Jennifer Crocker expected to be on her mind during a recent visit to the doctor. But she hasn't been able to shake all the sound bites she's heard lately on the local news.

"I didn't even think about any of this before," Crocker said, immediately before receiving the pertussis booster in early August. "Not until talking with my sister, who is about to have a baby." The confusion is much the same almost anywhere you go in the United States, said Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. When whooping cough is present in a community, people learn the basics of how to protect themselves and others. When it fades, they forget.


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