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by Wendy McElroy

May 1, 2001

To government, homeschooling resembles a weed that spreads and resists control. To homeschooling parents, it is the flowering of knowledge and values within children who have been abandoned or betrayed by public schools.

A great tension exists between the two perspectives. Homeschooling's continued growth has only heightened it. The federal government has reacted by attempting to increase its control over homeschooling, for example, by pushing for increased regulation of homeschool curricula. But the federal government is hindered by certain factors. For one thing, education is generally the prerogative of individual states. Nevertheless, the federal government can often impose its will by threatening to withhold federal funds from states that do not comply with its measures. But homeschooling parents cannot be threatened by a withdrawal of money they don't receive...

The Atlantic Monthly (MA)

by Christina Hoff Sommers

November 19, 2000

How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men

A look at the sex breakdown of the CDC's suicide statistics reveals that for males aged ten to fourteen, the suicide rate increased 71 percent between 1979 and 1988; for girls the increase was 27 percent.

by Gene Healy

November 19, 2000

"No Putdowns," is being taught in public schools in 40 states.

In public schools today, those who display boyish precociousness are fed Ritalin, and pigtail-pulling is punished with sexual harassment reeducation.

by Lew Rockwell

May 8, 2000

It's getting harder for homeschoolers to fly under the radar screen of US political elites.

More and more students are being educated at home; at 1.25 million, they outnumber public school enrollments in each of 41 states.

The Claremont Institute

by Ben Boychuk and Matthew Robinson

May 5, 2000

Is government-run day care the next great weapon in the fight against crime-

Every part of "quality educational child care" is meant to sound nice, harmless, comforting. It is also meant to subtly demonize the critic, drive media coverage, mobilize legions of activists, and create a sense of crisis on Capitol Hill. In the forked tongue of Beltway speak, "quality education child care" means a taxpayer-funded array of government programs, bureaucracies, agencies and panels to fix social problems.

The Cato Institute

by Darcy Olsen

May 4, 2000

Vice President Al Gore would saturate the department with $115 billion in new spending and add universal preschool to its collection of more than 175 programs.

All told, American taxpayers have pumped $550 billion through the department for no tangible benefit.

Eagle Forum

by Phyllis Schafly

April 19, 2000

Congress is about to pass legislation that will federalize every local school district and spell the end of local and state control of America's public school classrooms.

Mindful of Ronald Reagan's words, "You can't control the economy without controlling the people," Bill and Hillary Clinton have found the way to control the economy by controlling America's schoolchildren.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

by Andrea Tortora

April 8, 2000

Zero tolerance - the idea that one punishment fits all crimes and perpetrators.

The expanding web of zero tolerance policies spreading from schools to the juvenile justice system creates a culture in which children are demonized for being children while increasingly being punished as adults, national children's law experts said Friday.

Reason Online

by Michael W. Lynch

March 2, 2000

School choice has become an issue politicians can't avoid.

School choice has become an issue politicians can't avoid. In 1997, it passed a limited voucher program for residents of the nation's capital, where few students perform to grade level despite per-pupil spending of $9,123.

Cato Institue

by Tom G. Palmer

March 1, 2000

Should parents be able to choose the kind of education their children get-

A number of commentators say yes, but only if the choice is between (A) indoctrination in a vast island prison and (B) school in the United States. But apparently the commentators feel that parents' freedom of choice should not extend to deciding which schools are best for their children within the United States.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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