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by David Atkins

September 15, 2012

The wheels of justice are turning at UC Davis in the wake of the pepper spray incident. First Lt. Pike was placed on administrative leave. And now the victims will be receiving damages.

The University of California will be paying damages to the UC Davis students and alumni who were pepper-sprayed by campus police during an otherwise peaceful protest 10 months ago, officials said Thursday. The UC regents met in closed session Thursday to discuss and approve a proposed settlement payment to 21 UC Davis students and alumni who have sued the university and contend their civil rights were violated in the incident.

by Marian Wang

June 14, 2012

Despite the help of a lawyer, he has not been able to determine exactly how much he owes, or even what company holds his loans.

In 2005, after Freddy was accepted to Boston's Berklee College of Music, his father co-signed on his hefty private student loans, making him fully liable should Freddy be unwilling or unable to repay them. It was no small decision for a man who made just over $21,000 in 2011, according to his tax returns.

by Nick Meyer

September 1, 2016

My name is Robert, and I am a Cornell University undergraduate student. However, I'm not sure if I want to be one any more. Allow me to explain.

Cornell, as an institution, appears to be complicit in a shocking amount of ecologically destructive, academically unethical, and scientifically deceitful behavior. Perhaps the most potent example is Cornell's deep ties to industrial GMO agriculture, and the affiliated corporations such as Monsanto. I'd like to share how I became aware of this troubling state of affairs.

by Russ O'Reilly

July 12, 2011

In the wake of a state budget that eliminates reimbursements to school districts for student enrollment in cyber schools outside of their districts, public school officials are planning a campaign to re-attract the students they've lost.

Television advertisements, sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Public School Coalition and the Pennsylvania Association for Rural and Small Schools, will air before the start of the next school year. Blair County school budgets from districts including Spring Cove, Hollidaysburg and Tyrone were each hit for costs to enroll more than 40 students in cyber charter schools last year. Boards from those districts have contributed $4,000 each toward the TV advertisements.

by Mollie Bryant

September 20, 2013

Amarillo Police Department has fired a school liaison officer, subsequently arrested on child sex charges. Donald Ray Sanders Jr., was arrested Tuesday on a warrant of sexual assault of a child, a Randall County news release said.

A complaint said Sanders sexually assaulted a female minor in July 2004 and admitted committing the offense to a Randall County officer during the investigation. On Sept. 14, APD Chief Robert Taylor received word Sanders was the subject of a criminal investigation conducted by the Randall County Sheriff's Office, police said, and Sanders was immediately placed on administrative leave. An internal APD investigation resulted in Sanders' termination on Monday, police said.

Amercian School Board Journal

by Liz Pape

July 8, 2005

The millennial generation has always had access to technology. Surrounded by computers and portable video games, students born between 1982 and 2000 spend more time surfing the Web, than they do watching television.

As school board members and administrators, the challenge is how to reach this generation. How can we provide them with the 21st century learning skills they need -- not just in school, but throughout their lifetime'

In an age in which the amount of published information on the Internet doubles every 54 days, we cannot continue to focus on an educational system that primarily delivers information to students. Teachers no longer can be positioned as the resident gurus and sources for all learning.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

by Entry Deadline: December 9, 2003

September 6, 2003

Just For Kids: Poster Contest

Open to children in grades 1 through 8 who have asthma. Express your asthma control in a colorful poster and you could win great prizes. Your poster might show how you exercise, play team sports, go to camp, participate in band, dance, monitor your breathing, control your asthma triggers, take your medicine, follow your doctor's advice, or use an asthma action plan. [See link for complete contest rules.]

American Chronicle

by Daniel Downs

April 3, 2007

Virtual charter schools offer the best of all worlds. They provide a public-secular curriculum and the benefits of both private and home-schooling.

They allow motivated parents full participation in their children's education, which in turn builds stronger family relations. Because virtual charter school programs are administered by certified teachers, they are a win-win situation for all public-secular concerns, but can it be proved? Do national or state achievement tests validate these claims?

American Chronicle

by Bill Haymin

October 4, 2006

The following questions and comments must be asked and said, even though it might be misunderstood, denied and attacked by many. It has been said in so many different ways already by a multitude of writers, researchers, educators, etc.

It has been said that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat their failures. But if one is to learn the moral lessons and examples that history teaches, that history needs to be taught in the first place!

American Chronicle

by Kim Anderson

December 9, 2005

When I was growing up, my generation was obsessed with personal fulfillment. This led many into self-destructive indulgences: promiscuity, drugs and loud, loutish demands for more of everything.

There were deaths resulting from over-indulgence, but very rarely did the youth of my day seek death for its own sake. That, it seems, has been left to this generation. In Pennsylvania last month, we read of a 18-year-old homeschooled youth, David Ludwig, shooting his girlfriend's parents. And just a few days ago, a second homeschooled youth, Patrick Armstrong, was arrested for killing a 14-year-old neighbor girl.


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