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Reason Foundation [pdf]

by Christopher F. Cardiff and Edward Stringham

May 30, 2006

Almost two-thirds of California families currently choose to send their 4-year-olds to preschool.Of those who do, almost half choose a preschool program operated by the state of California, while the other half choose a privately operated preschool.

If Proposition 82, an initiative on the June ballot, is implemented those figures will radically change. Most family- and other privately owned preschools will vanish, replaced by government-run, taxpayer-funded preschools. This report assesses RAND Corporation's cost benefit analysis and finds that it significantly overestimates the upsides and drastically underestimates the downsides of universal preschool and the California proposal. Using RAND's own data and alternative assumptions based on the studies they reference, it is easy to demonstrate that universal preschool generates losses of 25 to 30 cents for every dollar spent.

by Gina Trapani

April 20, 2006

The New York Times sings the praises of expanding your screen real estate across two monitors, using two video cards or an upgraded card with two outputs.

If a video card upgrade isn't in your future, see also how to set up multiple virtual desktops.

Reason (CA)

by Lisa Snell

April 17, 2006

The Institute for American's Future and the Center for American Progress are calling for $325 billion of added federal education spending over the next decade to create a nationwide, universal preschool program.

Although the coalition has not released a specific plan, typical universal preschool proposals call for replacing the private parentdriven preschool system with a taxpayer-funded system that would likely add one or two years of "voluntary" preschool for all children onto the current K-12 public education system. Nationwide, at least 40 states provide funding for preschool programs, and at least 28 considered legislation to expand state-funded preschool programs in 2005.

National Center for Education Statistics - Executive Summary

February 4, 2006

This report represents the latest survey information from the National Center for Education Statistics on the prevalence of homeschooling in the United States.

Interviews were conducted with the parents of 11,994 students ages 5 through 17 with a grade equivalent of kindergarten through 12th grade. Of these students, 239 were homeschooled. The NHES is designed to collect data on a wide range of educational indicators and types of students, including, but not limited to, homeschooling.

Social Science Research Network

by Charlene Kalenkoski, David Ribar, Leslie Stratton

February 1, 2006

Time Diary Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom

This study uses time diary data from the 2003 American Time Use Survey and the United Kingdom Time Use Survey 2000 to examine the time that single, cohabiting, and married parents devote to caring for their children.

BBC News (UK)

January 11, 2006

Pupils should be encouraged to look away from their teacher when answering a question, scientists have found.

Far from daydreaming, children who avert their gaze when considering their response to a question are more likely to come up with the correct answer. Stirling University psychologists found that, when looking away, five-year-olds answered 72% of questions well.

The Heartland Institute

by Andrew T. LeFevre

December 31, 2005

A report released by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research suggests the state's charter school law, which expressly prohibits the authorization of cyber charters, may be preventing thousands of rural students from improving their education.

According to the report, more than a quarter of Tennessee's population is considered rural by the U.S. Census Bureau. Only 11 percent of the adults living in rural Tennessee areas have graduated from college, compared to 23 percent of those living in urban areas.

The New York Times (DC)

by Michael Janofsky

December 7, 2005

WASHINGTON - The report says nearly half the states are doing a poor job of setting high academic standards for science in public schools.

Nearly half the states are doing a poor job of setting high academic standards for science in public schools, according to a new report that examined science in anticipation of 2007, when states will be required to administer tests in the subject under President Bush's signature education law. The report, released Wednesday by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, appears to support concerns raised by university officials and corporate executives, who say that the failure to produce students well-prepared in science is undermining the country's production of scientists and engineers and putting the nation's economic future in jeopardy.

UC Berkeley News

by Kathleen Maclay

November 1, 2005

While middle-class children benefit modestly from preschool, youngsters from poor families experience two times the gains in early language and mathematics learning, according to a new study of more than 14,000 kindergartners nationwide.

The report - "The Influence of Preschool Centers on Children's Development Nationwide: How Much Is Too Much'" - also examined whether long hours in preschool centers lead to diminishing returns in children's early development. Most surprising, is that the social skills of white, middle-class children suffer- in terms of cooperation, sharing and engagement in classroom tasks - after attending preschool centers for more than six hours a day, compared to similar children who remain at home with a parent prior to starting school.

The Liz Library

by Joint Custody Studies

October 17, 2005

A number of father's rights websites and "position papers" cite the following items to make the claim that "the research" supports joint custody as being either innocuous or actually beneficial for children or women.

Rarely have so many strained arguments and optimistic can-do slants been incorporated into researchers' write-ups as has been the case with findings emanating out of joint custody and father involvement studies.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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