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The Illinois Leader

May 5, 2005

SB 409 lowers the compulsory attendance age from 7 to 5 years of age. It has only been 4 months since the compulsory attendance age rose to 17 from 16 years of age.

In a federally-sponsored analysis of 8,000 early childhood studies, the Moore Foundation states that "From Piagetian specialist David Elkind in Boston to William Rohwer in Berkeley, Calif., top learning and development authorities warn that early formal school is burning out our children".

BBC News (UK)

May 4, 2005

Children who were under performing in class have seen an improvement in concentration and behaviour after taking a cocktail of natural oils.

More than 120 children aged between six and 12 took part in trials, funded by Durham County Council. Half used a combination of omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 evening primrose oil and half an olive oil placebo. The research showed children's learning and behaviour improved significantly when taking the natural fatty acids.

Nevada Policy Research Institute

by John T. Wenders, Ph.D.* and Andrea D. Clements, Ph.D.

May 3, 2005

Homeschool children in the state now make up about 1 percent of all school-age children. Public school advocates have argued that homeschooling "costs" the school system money.

Driven by parents' beliefs that homeschool learning environments can be superior to those of public or private schools, as well as a desire by parents to spend more time together as a family, Nevada homeschooling has undergone remarkable growth during the past decade.

Heartland Institute - School Reform News

by Krista Kafer

May 1, 2005

"Children are not, by default, the property of any school, and public schools cannot 'lose' what they do not own." John T. Wenders, coauthor "Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact"

According to the report, "Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact," by John Wenders, Ph.D. and Andrea Clements, Ph.D., homeschooling saves the state's taxpayers between $24.3 million and $34.6 million a year. Private school students save taxpayers between $101.9 million and $147 million.

Parent Advocates

by The Heartland Institute

May 1, 2005

A new study by the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) finds homeschooled students save Nevada taxpayers millions of dollars, refuting the notion that homeschooling costs school districts funding.

According to the report, "Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact," by John Wenders, Ph.D. and Andrea Clements, Ph.D., homeschooling saves the state's taxpayers between $24.3 million and $34.6 million a year. Private school students save taxpayers between $101.9 million and $147 million.

Kansas City infoZine

April 18, 2005

An outgrowth of the 1960s alternative school movement, homeschooling, is on the upswing in the US, and a Penn State researcher is trying to piece together a snapshot of the movement.

Homeschoolers in fourth through eighth grade are incredibly well represented in the National Geographic Bee. They represent about 2 percent of the students who return qualifying tests - again corresponding to national estimates of the homeschool population - but more than 50 percent of these homeschoolers place in the top 100 students in their states.


by California Joint Education Committee

April 4, 2005

California Master Plan for Education 2002 - Document Index. Joint Committee members: Senator Dede Alpert, Assemblywoman Elaine Alquist, Assemblywoman Virginia Strom-Martin.

Public education is a vital interest of our state in that it provides Californians with the capacity, knowledge, and skills to sustain our system of government, to foster a thriving economy, and to provide the foundation for a harmonious society. As the global technological economy continues to evolve, Californians require additional, enriching educational opportunities throughout their lives.


by Mark S. Dias, MD, FAAP, Kim Smith, RN, Kathy deGuehery, RN, Paula Mazur, MD, FAAP, Veetai Li, MD and Michele L. Shaffer, PhD

April 4, 2005

Abusive head injuries among infants (shaken infant or shaken impact syndrome) represent a devastating form of child abuse; an effective prevention program that reduces the incidence of abusive head injuries could save both lives and money.

We wished to determine whether a comprehensive, regional, hospital-based, parent education program, administered at the time of the child's birth, could be successfully implemented and to examine its impact on the incidence of abusive head injuries among infants 36 months of age.

Rand Corporation

March 31, 2005

Research has shown that well-designed preschool education programs serving disadvantaged children can generate benefits to government and the rest of society that outweigh program costs.

As a result of such evidence, there has been a growing conviction among U.S. business leaders, policymakers, and the public that children benefit from structured programs preparing them for school entry. That conviction has been accompanied by increasing enthusiasm for public-sector investment in preschool.

San Jose Mercury News (CA) - [free subscription required]

by Dana Hull

March 8, 2005

County Survey Identifies Success Factors - Some 5-year-olds enter kindergarten knowing the alphabet, but have trouble following directions. Others can play cooperatively, but can't hold a crayon, have never opened a book, and don't know A from Z.

The new "Ready for School'" study, released today at De Anza College, was sponsored by the Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness, a coalition of more than 20 local organizations and contributors whose focus is early childhood issues. United Way Silicon Valley and the American Leadership Forum-Silicon Valley spearheaded the effort.

Carschooling by Diane Flynn Keith

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